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Chapter 225:  Lost Treasure

“Hah, just a motley crowd of losers who can’t take a blow!”

Chen Chen smirked smugly.

At this moment, an angry face was right in front of him. She turned out to be the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan.

“You bastard! How could you do such a thing in public? How can Xishuang face anyone in the future!?! And what were you talking about regarding those 700,000 to 800,000 Spirit Stones? How can you spout nonsense just like that?”

‘What a pleasantry, it’s 700,000 to 800,000 Spirit Stones we’re talking about! I don’t even have Spirit Stones that swell!’

After saying that, she grabbed the storage rings in Xia Xishuang’s hand and sensed them carefully.

She fell silent, and her expression became extremely unnatural.

There were truly 700,000 to 800,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones, which turned out to be the least valuable among all the things in the storage rings.

“Could it be that there is suddenly an excessive supply of Spirit Stones in this world?”

The Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan couldn’t help but suspect.

“Master, it’s just a mere 700,000 to 800,000 Spirit Stones, don’t make such a big fuss out of it. The Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan is not deficient in Spirit Stones.”

Chen Chen smiled calmly, but his heart was full of disdain.

‘Compared to Yu Qiong, this Saintess is too inexperienced. She hasn’t seen much of the world at all. She’s probably poor too. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so shocked by the sight of these Spirit Stones.’

‘Fortunately, this Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan is not the same as Yu Qiong. Otherwise, if she turns Xishuang into naive fools like my eight Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, who should I gripe with?’

The Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan stopped talking and quietly handed the storage rings back to Xia Xishuang. She gradually looked increasingly confused, seemingly doubting life.

Xia Xishuang thought about it and handed over the storage ring that contained the Spirit Stones to her master.

After all, Chen Chen said that they were meant for her Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters.

Chen Chen’s actions won him the favor of many disciples of the Haoran Sword Clan. Many of the young female cultivators even gazed at him with admiration in their eyes.

Xia Xishuang deliberately blocked those gazes and said softly, “It’s too far to travel from the Western Border to the Eastern Border. It’s been hard on you throughout this journey.”

“It’s okay, I might have an interesting encounter on the way.”

Chen Chen said with a hidden meaning.

Chen Chen lingered for a long time since they were both reluctant to part ways, but Chen Chen eventually had no choice but to leave.

On the way back to the Eastern Border, Chen Chen naturally used the tracking system throughout the entire journey, to pick up treasures and make up for all those that he had given away.

However, by the time he got to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, it was a day later than the time limit Yu Qiong warned him.

Yu Qiong was just about to lose her temper, but Chen Chen quickly gave her a few wooden boxes.

“I found some specialties along the way. Please accept them, Master!”

Hearing his words, Yu Qiong finally looked abstemiously angry. She knew it was normal for couples to be wishy-washy about parting ways so she could understand Chen Chen’s delay in arriving back at the clan after sending his Dao partner back.

Besides, traveling from the Western Border to the Eastern Border was the same as crossing over the entire territory of the human race.

“I’m going to bet on treasures with Elder Dongfang tomorrow, come along with me.”

Yu Qiong said indifferently a few moments later.

Surprised to hear this, Chen Chen asked, “Master, could it be that the last ingredient required for the elixir that you want to refine is with Elder Dongfang?”

“No, it’s because Elder Dongfang has taken a fancy to one of my treasures.” Yu Qiong shook her head.

However, she still couldn’t help but have a trace of excitement in her eyes when Chen Chen mentioned the elixir.

Seeing her reaction, Chen Chen became increasingly curious, and he asked in a bid to sound her out, “Master, what kind of elixir are you going to refine? Is it worth going to such great lengths? If you refine more than one elixir, can you give one to me?”

“Get lost!” Yu Qiong didn’t answer him and simply said those words to make him get those ideas out of his head.

Chen Chen wasn’t discouraged, and his desire to become stronger wouldn’t cease there. All people with great perseverance and determination were like that. Hence, he asked again, “Master, I have once cultivated in the Haoran Sword Pool of the Haoran Sword Clan before. Those days… Tsk! My cultivation level soared, and I improved rapidly! Is there such a place in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan?”

“Of course, there are 72 Heaven and Earth Spirit Fires on the peak of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan that constitute the Divine Fire Illusory Realm.”

“Only the most devout alchemists can enter it and have the chance to obtain one of the Spirit Fires. Those who obtain the Spirit Fire of the Divine Fire Illusory Realm will eventually, without exception, all become the top alchemists of the human race.”

Yu Qiong said proudly.

Chen Chen was speechless.

What he wanted the most right now was to become stronger, not refine pills.

Yu Qiong seemed to be able to tell what Chen Chen was thinking since she snickered and said, “If you just want to raise your cultivation level, it’d be simple to do so. I have at least ten elixirs that can help increase the cultivation levels of Nascent Soul realm cultivators! However, you have an innate spirit body, so it won’t be appropriate to enhance your cultivation level with elixirs because it will affect the purity of your constitution.

“However, you can find some top treasures and swallow them as they contain almost no impurities, unlike elixirs. Back then, I just…uh, relied on my great perseverance to cultivate this realm.”

Chen Chen nodded. He had such treasures too, though not many. Currently, they were only enough to increase his cultivation level to the mid-stage Nascent Soul realm. However, he was about to reach the Essence Soul realm, and thus, consuming them now would be quite a waste.

What he was most worried about at the end of the day was the Thunder Tribulation.

The increase in strength from cultivation alone was not enough for him to deal with the Thunder Tribulation and reach the Essence Soul realm.

What he needed was a qualitative change, such as the birth of divine senses and a change in the constitution.

After a long silence, Chen Chen thought of the designated tracking opportunity he had, and he reckoned that Yu Qiong should know more about the secrets and treasures of this world than he did.

Chen Chen continued. “Master, are there any lost treasures in this world that haven’t been found?”

“Or is there any bigwig who declared that the person who finds something he left behind before his death, would be able to inherit his legacy and have everything?”

Yu Qiong was a little amused by his words. ‘Instead of thinking about cultivating, he thinks about these surreal things all day.’

‘Of course, there are treasures, but it’s not that easy to find them. Otherwise, if it was that easy to find, there wouldn’t be any legends.’

However, she still answered Chen Chen’s question eventually.

“Of course there are. More than five thousand years ago, the devil of the Seven Lethal Demon Clan and the chiefs of two of the top eight demons went missing together. It’s said that they died together, but the place of their death is unknown. The demon that brings supreme heretical treasure, the Demon Halberd, every day has also vanished.

“More than three thousand years ago, the Haoran Sword Clan’s Supreme Elder who was at the peak of the Void Refinement realm, also broke through and ascended. Before he did, he left his legacy casually in the human frontier, but no one has found it so far.”

After talking about almost all the other three major clans, Yu Qiong finally sighed softly.

“Of course, the most unfortunate thing is…that the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan lost a supreme treasure 4,300 years ago.”

“What happened?” Chen Chen was interested.

He had already been coveting the treasures that she mentioned, and he wished he could use the designated tracking opportunity to find some on the spot. However, seeing the way Yu Qiong was now, he was extremely curious. It seemed that the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan’s treasure was more valuable than the other treasures.

“So 4,300 years ago, the previous clan master of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan had just retired and was ready to transcend the tribulation, then broke through the peak of the Void Refinement realm to ascend.”

“To do so, he prepared a supreme divine elixir, but unfortunately, it fell short of a single herb. Later on, rumor had it that the herb was available elsewhere, so he went to search for it alone. At that time, the old clan master was full of vigor, and his cultivation level reached the peak of the Void Refinement realm. With the treasure on him, he roamed in an unbridled manner. However, he never came back again after he left. We sent many people to search for him but to no avail…”

“What treasure is it?” Chen Chen swallowed his saliva.

Yu Qiong glanced at Chen Chen before sighing.

“It’s the treasure that the predecessors of the human race used to ascend. It’s called the Divine Condensation Pearl, which is an extremely rare treasure that attacks the divine senses.”

“Apart from that, bringing this Divine Condensation Pearl will also allow you to continuously enhance the power of your soul and protect it. When the alchemists reach the Essence Soul realm and above, we rely mostly on our divine senses. So, this supreme treasure has been given to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan. Unfortunately, it had only stayed with us for a thousand years…”

“Divine Condensation Pearl…”

Chen Chen immediately decided in his heart when he heard the name of the treasure.

He was bent on searching for this treasure!

Now that nothing was cultivating both Qi Refinement and Body Refinement, he was deficient in divine senses. If he could obtain a treasure, he would be able to make up for his last flaw!

Chen Chen was a decisive person. If the Divine Condensation Pearl was not in this world, he would admit defeat.

“System, use that one designated tracking opportunity to find the Divine Condensation Pearl, which is a divine sense treasure.”

The system paused for a moment and gave him an answer.

“The Divine Condensation Pearl is located 170,000kilometers to the east…”

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