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Chapter 220: I’ll Be Waiting For Him Here

At sunrise, the civilians in the entire State of Jin started moving out towards Mount Wufeng.

Compared to the countries of the world where he came from during his previous life, the expansive land of the State of Jin was considered rather sparse and less densely populated. There was only one city with a 50-kilometer radius, surrounded by only a few small counties and villages.

The population of the entire state was only tens of millions of people.

According to Chen Chen’s plan, there was enough space around Mount Wufeng to contain considerable people.

If he lost his territory, he could recover it in the future. But if the people died, there was no way he could restore them to life.

Compared to the frontiers of the demon race and other ethnic groups, most of the spiritual energy of the small vassal states was scarce. The Nascent Soul realm cultivators were continuously being suppressed by the experts and the amount of pressure they were bearing was thoughtfully enormous.

Hence, he had to plan every step properly. Otherwise, it would be massive destruction for the entire State of Jin.

“Senior Brother, if the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor and the White Bear Demon Emperor combine force and attack us, I’m afraid we’ll die.”

Yuan Qingtian stared at the giant sand table in front of him, his forehead dripping with cold pore sweat.

‘As the saying goes, you can’t make bricks without straw. My Senior Brother might be powerful, but the truth is that it’s too difficult to be impressive.’

‘The war between cultivators and mortals is different, as water and fire would be enough to cause mass casualties.’

‘If Senior Brother isn’t omnipotent, I would have persuaded him to flee and find another opportunity of returning to avenge in the future.’

Chen Chen looked at the sandbox in front of him with a slight frown. Of course, he understood that.

Since last night, he had been thinking about how to resolve the situation.

After a long silence, Chen Chen suddenly spoke. “I can’t stay in Mount Wufeng, too many people hate me. There are always demons trying to kill me for fame.”

“Yes, Senior Brother, you’re a scourge,” Yuan Qingtian said with a serious nod.


“Uh, I can’t think of many words to describe you, it’s just roughly what I mean,” Yuan Qingtian said awkwardly while scratching his head.

“If you’re so uncultured, you should read more books! Don’t babble nonsense!”

Chen Chen rebuked him angrily and then pointed at the symbol of the State of Jin on the sandbox before saying coldly, “Take me to the Southern region in the afternoon with the Dark Guards. We’ll attack from behind!”


Yuan Qingtian nodded without any fear or hesitation.

After making up his mind, Chen Chen quickly started announcing his orders without delay.

Now, time is more precious than ever. There would be more trouble if he does not strike while the iron is hot.

“Lao Hei, take your subordinates with you and leave quickly. Go to the State of Jin first and occupy the entire area of Mount Wufeng. I will create the conditions for you, as long as you occupy Mount Wufeng and the area around it. The Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor will have no place when he arrives.

After informing Lao Hei, Chen Chen contacted Zhou Renlong again.

“Clan Master, please create some trouble for the Heavenly Wolf Demon Emperor and slow down their entry into the State of Jin.”

Hearing how respectful Chen Chen’s tone was, Zhou Renlong gladly agreed.

After giving his instructions, Chen Chen immediately began to pack his things and prepared to leave.

Before leaving, he made use of his close relations to the eight Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters and sought help from them to guard over Mount Wufeng and the surrounding area.

Although he finds it phantom to admit, without him and the Dark Guards, the forces of the State of Jin defenders would be inferior to the chaperons of the eight Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters.

The three peak Nascent Soul realm escorts of Yu Huo could easily defeat the Tianyun Clan, which was the strongest clan in the State of Jin.

Yu Huo patted his chest and assured. “Junior Brother, don’t worry, the State of Jin has done so much for us. It’s an honor that we contribute.”

The other Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters also pledged.

Chen Chen silently cherished their kindness in his heart. When he was about to leave, he activated the Five-Fold Mountain Protection Arrays of Mount Wufeng to maximum protection.

As the clan residence where Chen Chen devoted his efforts to build, Mount Wufeng possesses strong defensive means besides rich spiritual energy. When the Mountain Protection Arrays were pivoted to the maximum, ordinary Essence Soul realm experts would not be able to invade.

He could leave with the mind at peace only through the provision of the Mountain Protection Arrays.

At this juncture, he was completely untroubled with the Spirit Stone consumption.

After making all the appropriate arrangements, Chen Chen held Yuan Qingtian and the Dark Guards away from Mount Wufeng to enter the southern region of the State of Jin.

Along the way, civilians were migrating everywhere.

Using his divine senses, he got a clear view of everything.

There were tycoons and their families traveling at the forefront in their luxurious carriages.

There were also poor villagers hobbling at the back, all gaunt, jaundiced and emaciated.

Some former big shots had given benefits to the cultivators in exchange for escorting them to Mount Wufeng.

Looking at the procession that stretched across nearly 50 kilometers, Chen Chen had an indifferent expression like he didn’t feel many emotions.

At this moment, he could somehow understand Yu Qiong and Xia Xishuang’s mentality.

As the saying goes, when one stands at greater heights, they will be able to see further. Hence, when he stood above and looked down at the entire State of Jin, he no longer had any time to take into account the sorrow and happiness of the people below.

If he was one of the people below, he might help those in need out of righteousness.

That was the difference in viewpoint that comes with a height difference.

After entering the southern region, they were greeted with another scene.

The death aura that was similar to the ancient battlefield of the northern border began to appear above the ground.

There were large ruins and wrecked cities located some dozens of kilometers apart from each other.

Looking at these scenes, Chen Chen could even recall a scene that happened last night.

Those that had turned into ruins were attacked by demons that were above the Nascent Soul realm, who could destroy an entire city just by flying over it and attacking from above.

On the other hand, the wrecked and crumbled cities were attacked by demons that were below the Nascent Soul realm. They had charged into the city, went on a rampage, and conducted mass killings. Eventually, they destroyed the city but not yet to the extent of turning it into ruins.

However, this scene was much more tragic because there were piles of corpses and vast pools of blood everywhere.

The massacre happened only last night so the corpses were still bleeding, but they all appeared ghastly and horrible.

Chen Chen, tragically heartbroken, decided to fly away because he couldn’t bear the sight of them at all.

Mortals were fragile compared to cultivators and akin to ants in the face of demons.

It must be extremely difficult for mortals to survive during such brutal warfare.

There was no doubt that the four major clans wanted to guard the human borders and form two lines of defense. The people were truly defenseless.

“Senior Brother, I’ve decided that as an assassin, I’ll have to assassinate that Demon God. If he hadn’t unified the eight great Demon clans, this wouldn’t have happened!”

Although Yuan Qingtian was foolish, he was also heartbroken and dismayed to see the tragic scene.

Chen Chen interpreted his words differently.

Honestly, Chen Chen also thought about how he should invade the internal department of the demons and kill them.

Fifteen minutes later…

Chen Chen landed on a mountain range where there were faint sounds of demonic beasts roaring and yelling. There were demons stationed there.

As soon as he landed, a demonic beast flew towards Chen Chen.

Before Chen Chen attacked, Dark Guard severed the demonic beast into two with a scythe.

“Who’s that!?!”

There was a furious curse coming from the distance, and immediately afterward, a demon flew over from the depths of a forest.

That demon was not weak and its cultivation level was roughly in the late-stage of the Core Formation realm. However, after seeing Chen Chen and the others, he was truly frightened even demonstrating loss for words.

Seeing this, Yuan Qingtian wanted to attack, but Chen Chen promptly prevented him.

The two parties stared at each other for an entire minute before the demon shrieked in terror!

“The enemy has attacked! There are human cultivators!”

After yelling, Chen Chen finally nodded in satisfaction before smacking it and crushing it into bits. He then retrieved the Demon Pill and placed it in his storage ring.

A few moments later, a rustling sound came from the surroundings, followed by nearly a hundred demonic beasts that poked their hideous heads out.

In the sky, there were even more demons flying, and it didn’t take long for nearly a hundred demons to assemble.

However, the strongest among them was only the Nascent Soul realm Demon King.

The Nascent Soul realm Demon King looked at the crowd of human cultivators below with his forehead throbbing.

He couldn’t tell what their cultivation levels were, but he vaguely felt that they were dangerous.

“Human cultivator, what is your name?” the Nascent Soul realm Demon King asked coldly, forcing himself to bear with the discomfort.

“Chen Chen.”

Chen Chen answered truthfully without hesitating.

Hearing his name, the Nascent Soul realm Demon King pondered for a moment, but he suddenly became horrified and wanted to flee without hesitation. However, as soon as he turned around, the twelve Dark Guards had already seized him.

“The White Bear Emperor will avenge me!”

The Nascent Soul realm Demon King knew he would die so he tried to self-detonate and kill himself immediately. However, he was interrupted by the Dark Guards before he could finish.

Immediately afterward, the twelve Dark Guards got into some kind of formation and surrounded the demons, keeping them trapped in the middle.

In just a few minutes, nearly a hundred demons were slaughtered, leaving only one of the weakest demons that was at the Foundation Establishment realm, shivering like he was brought to Chen Chen.

“Lord… Lord, please spare me, I’m a local demon that only joined the White Bear Demon Emperor for four hours. I didn’t kill anyone!”

The Foundation Establishment realm demon directly kneeled, his face covered in tears of devastation.

Chen Chen nodded, gently patted the demon’s shoulder, and then said with a faint smile, “I won’t kill you, but you must return and tell that White Bear Demon Emperor or whatever, that I, Chen Chen, will be waiting for him here.

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