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Chapter 216: This Person Is Extremely Narrow-minded

When Chen Chen opened the storage ring, he was stunned by the huge variety of treasures in it!

Counting the basic resources such as Spirit Stones and elixirs alone, there were already more than what Chen Chen possessed!

However, there were few immensely valuable treasures, and the items in the storage ring had been carefully curated.

In addition to the basic resources, there was also a note inside.

Although the note wrote only one sentence, Chen Chen fell silent and could barely think of words to say.

“Beware of a certain mighty figure from the Void Spirit Clan whose cultivation is at the Void Refinement realm!”

Looking at this note, Chen Chen could infallibly deduce that Jiang Wang deliberately arranged the providence of his death, so he relinquished the note to him. He understood the perils of returning alive.

‘This person truly imbibed how powerful his opponent is, so he stipulated the early anticipation of the circumstances of the rational events. But what does this mean? Why is he keeping me in great suspense?’

Chen Chen thought about it for a long time, but he still couldn’t figure out anything.

He just bore in mind the message on the note.

‘Jiang Wang probably has no clue as to whom one needs to be careful of. Relationships are vague.’

However, he felt that this sentence between the lines held significant advice, so he decided to regard the note as a reminder to himself.

He had to admit that Jiang Wang was a very genuine person.

‘After realizing that he’s no match for me, he succumbed right away and bestowed me with so many things. He should be worried about plotting revenge on other people who are related to him after he dies, right?’

Every living person in this world, be it a villain or a hero, would be emotionally attached to someone or some people whom they care about.

After a slight sigh, a trace of confusion beamed in Chen Chen’s eyes.

‘Everyone has their network of relationships, and once they’re stained with karma, how can they separate themselves from the network easily?’

Just as he was about to leave and continue flying in the direction towards Mount Wufeng, thirteen streams of light flared in the sky behind him. They quickly appeared before Chen Chen, thus preventing him from leaving.

All thirteen people were the peaks of the Nascent Soul realm, whose leader was Jiang Chu. Chen Chen had dealt with this leader before.

As for the other twelve people, all of them were wearing black robes and masks that hide their faces. However, they all exuded a cold and austere aura that sent chills down Chen Chen’s spine when they looked at him.


Jiang Chu’s eyes were red, and he called out in a voice slightly trembling.

Just as Chen Chen was thinking about pretending to be Jiang Wang, Jiang Chu suddenly shook his head and said coldly, “No, you’re Chen Chen. Master will never look at me with such a gaze in his eyes. Master has failed after all.”

After saying that, Jiang Chu showed a look of resentment on his face, but he quickly concealed it.

Chen Chen questioned haughtily, “Why? Are you trying to trap me here to avenge Jiang Wang?”

Jiang Chu continued to shake his head while his eyes gradually turned glassed over. He then slowly walked towards Chen Chen and knelt on one knee.


He was also holding a black token with the word “Dark” engraved on it.

“Lord, this is a token from the Dark Guards. Master once used a diabolical method to sacrifice and fuse a trace of the soul from each of the Twelve Dark Guards with this token. As long as you control this token, it means that you control the life and death of the twelve peak Nascent Soul realm Dark Guards standing behind me.”

Although a sudden twist shocked Chen Chen, he didn’t reach out for the token and stared at Jiang Chu instead.

‘Is this another valuable treasure that Jiang Wang has bequeathed for me?’

‘But why would I trust Jiang Chu?’

Jiang Chu ignored the look in Chen Chen’s eyes and continued. “The Twelve Dark Guards have been trained to be assassins ever since they were children. The resources they’ve consumed are enough to nurture several Essence Soul realm experts…”

“These are the lifelong efforts of my master and also his secret force. Apart from my master, the Dark Guards will only obey the beholder of the token. They don’t cultivate evil and diabolic cultivation methods, so release your mind from suspicions and use it.”

Jiang Chu wasn’t too surprised seeing Chen Chen hesitant about whether to accept the token or not. He simply left the token beside Chen Chen’s feet.

When Chen Chen witnessed that, he sparingly felt that there seemed to be something wrong with Jiang Chu.

“Lord, the entire Great Xia and the human race have been informed of the Master’s demise. Apart from me and the Dark Guards, no one else knows about this matter. You don’t have to worry that someone will come to seek revenge later. I hope you won’t vent your anger on the Jiangs, on account of the Dark Guards!”

At this point, Jiang Chu pressed his head against the ground in a humble manner.

To be honest, the peak Nascent Soul realm powerhouses were not considered weak in the human race. Even when they met experts, kneeling on one knee would be adequate.

However, Jiang Chu seemed to have no dignity at all, as he kowtowed to a cultivator whose cultivation level was lower than his.

However, even so, Chen Chen wasn’t kind and righteous enough to promise that he wouldn’t hold it against them.

How can such a great feud that involved the death of a person, be settled so easily?

‘You tried to kill me, but you failed, so you are giving me a bunch of things in a bid to just make me forget about this feud. How can there be such marvelous things in this world?’

‘Do you think there’s a cure for regret?’

However, Chen Chen shelved his temper and the thought of lashing out at Jiang Chu.

Otherwise, if Jiang Chu felt humiliated and furious, he might just besiege Chen Chen together with the twelve other Nascent Soul realm Dark Guards. Chen Chen would then have to pay a high price to flee.

That’d be doing himself a disadvantage.

Hence, he merely stayed silent and watched what Jiang Chu would do.

After kneeling on the ground for a moment, Jiang Chu changed his direction and looked into the distant sky while muttering, “Master, I’ve done what you wanted me to… Since I set foot on the path of cultivating immortality, I’ve never disobeyed your orders and even till now, despite your unvarying absence.”

After saying these words, Jiang Chu looked at Chen Chen with a sharp gaze in his eyes.

“Chen Chen, I know you can’t possibly trust me, but you can truly trust the Dark Guards. I hope you will treat them well.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen frowned, and he realized that Jiang Chu’s gaze immediately transformed ambiguous again!

“What are you doing?”

“Now that my master is dead, I am all alone and it’s meaningless to live alone in this world. So, I might as well end my life after a good cause. From now on, the only people in this world who know that Master lived for half a month after his supposed death, will be you and the Dark Guards.”

After murmuring that sentence, Jiang Chu’s gaze became completely despondent as he chose to end his own life.

Looking at Jiang Chu’s corpse that was lying in front of him, Chen Chen couldn’t calm down for a long time.

‘This man is a truly ruthless…but loyal and righteous man.’

“There are people in this world who are not afraid of death.”

Chen Chen sighed.

He understood the first sentence of Jiang Chu’s last words, but there was a profound meaning beneath the second sentence.

Once he died, there would be no evidence of the matter about Jiang Wang taking over his body and doing a soul replacement.

The puppet-like Dark Guards couldn’t testify against anything.

Who would believe Chen Chen’s one-sided statement?

After all, everyone was told that Jiang Wang had died half a month ago while fighting at the front line of the battle against the demons.

Hence, there was no way Chen Chen could take revenge now even if he wanted to.

Neither the Great Xia nor the humans could allow him to harm a meritorious family.

“Hey, I’ve been schemed against.”

Chen Chen couldn’t help but laugh. Although he didn’t have the time to take it out on the Jiangs now, Jiang Chu’s death left him with no means to take revenge.

Everything was through the efforts of Jiang Wang and Jiangchu.

They were both ruthless people, but unfortunately, they did not use their ruthlessness in the right way.

Chen Chen vaguely found it a pity, but he was also a little smug.

He was just a Nascent Soul realm cultivator, but others were truly that scared of him!

It was indeed something to be proud of.

The surrounding Dark Guards were indifferent to Jiang Chu’s death, and they remained standing quietly. Only when Chen Chen put away the Dark Guards’ token which was on the ground, did the Dark Guards slightly react.

Looking at Jiang Chu’s corpse, Chen Chen sighed, and spirit fire darted out to cremate him.

On the other hand, he also worthily stripped out Jiang Chu’s storage ring.

He opened to see that there weren’t many things inside, but a book in the corner caught his attention.

It contained descriptions and narrations of his life, and most of them were compliments. The more Chen Chen read it, the more excited he got.

However, after reading a paragraph, his expression changed drastically and eventually turned hostile!

“During the Ranking Battle at the State of Jin, the successor of a certain clan injured Chen Chen’s chaperon, and Chen Chen not only killed him overnight, but he also killed the two other innocent successors. This clearly shows that Chen Chen is extremely narrow-minded and vengeful. He seeks revenge whenever it’s due and loves to take it out on others. If the soul replacement fails, the consequences are unimaginable.”

“Bullshit! Am I such a person!?”

Chen Chen set all the books on fire in a fit of anger.

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