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Chapter 215: Gift You With A Creation

After spending a day in the Tianyun Clan, Chen Chen prepared to leave.

Before leaving, he gave Xiao Wuyou a lot of pills. Being someone who got shy easily, Xiao Wuyou couldn’t accept taking advantage of his disciple all the time.

However, he had no choice because he really couldn’t offer anything of value now. Even his combat abilities were inferior to his disciples.

At this point, he just wished that he had a daughter… Otherwise, everything would be easier.

‘Huh? Wait, that’s not right, I seem to have a daughter.’

Xiao Wuyou thought about it carefully and realized that something was not right.

You Lanxin, the Saintess of the Youshui Clan, was his daughter. However, she had been raised by her mother ever since she was a child and thus, did not bear his last name… She didn’t quite acknowledge him as her father either.

‘In that case, forget it, I’ll just give him my wishes.’

“Chen Chen, be extra careful along the journey!”

Watching Xiao Wuyou leave, Chen Chen smiled and nodded before flying towards Mount Wufeng.

‘Master is over-worried. I’m merely going to a place that isn’t too far from here, yet he asked me to be extra careful.’

‘What else should I be extra careful about between the two states?’

Nonetheless, soon after he flew away from the Tianyun Clan, Chen Chen felt a palpitating breath.

Some cultivators whose cultivation level had reached the Nascent Soul realm would be able to detect the dangers of the unknown.

Chen Chen might be exceptionally sensitive because he was extremely talented.

At this moment, he had truly sensed the danger, like he was somehow attacked by a menacing beast.

“It’s all because of the crows’ cry, Master!”

Chen Chen secretly cursed while asking the system some questions in his mind.

“System, where is the strongest person in a 100-meter radius?”

“It’s you, Host.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen remained vigilant because it meant that the person who targeted him was very conscientious and was very likely to have not entered the 100-meter radius.

“Could it be an Essence Soul realm expert?”

Chen Chen could not help but wonder.

To be honest, at his current strength, Nascent Soul realm cultivators should be no match for him, but he wasn’t sure if he could defeat an Essence Soul realm cultivator.

His only reliance against an Essence Soul realm expert was his Golden Divine Thunder.

He had checked the ancient books and learned that the Golden Divine Thunder was called the Apocalyptic Divine Thunder that only very talented Nascent Soul realm cultivators or diabolic cultivators could produce.

Such Divine Thunder would commonly occur when a peak Essence Soul realm cultivator transcended the tribulation.

That Divine Thunder was something that would shock all high-level cultivators like it had an intense appearance of destruction. Not only could it destroy one’s physical body, it could also extinguish one’s soul too. Since ancient times, many elites, geniuses, and even expert diabolic cultivators have perished under this Apocalyptic Divine Thunder.

While secretly thinking about his trump cards, Chen Chen flew in another direction towards the State of Zhou.

The Clan Master was at least an Essence Soul realm powerhouse, and if someone wanted to harm him, he should be able to resist.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen took out his communication token. “Clan Master…”

“Commander-in-chief, please just call me Old Zhou.”

Chen Chen sulked. ‘I didn’t expect Old Zhou to still hold a grudge!’

However, it wasn’t the time to talk about this now. Just as he was about to explain the situation, he suddenly felt a massive pressure on his body that was akin to a boulder weighing down on him.

Under this majestic pressure, Chen Chen did not have any means of resisting and simply fell from the sky, landing on the forest below.

Before he could resist, a sinister and chilly power surged into his mind, giving him a huge headache.

Soon after his fall, the scene in front of him turned into a pitch dark room where a wisp of soul essence was floating quietly.

The essence soul had white hair and looked energetic and unique.

“Soul replacement?”

Chen Chen immediately realized what was going on.

The thing that he dreaded and feared the most had still happened after all. Someone was gazing at his physical body!

“System, who is the strongest person within a 100-meter radius?”

“It’s Jiang Wang who is in your sea of consciousness.”

Chen Chen was a bit surprised to hear this answer, but on second thought, it made sense to him.

Jiang Wang was a peak Essence Soul realm powerhouse who wouldn’t want to possess an ordinary physical body. However, among the humans who had innate spirit bodies, his background was not powerful enough.

“Little friend, I’m here to borrow your physical body. If I succeed, I won’t forget your kindness. From now on, I will treat your family well, including your partner Dao.”

Jiang Wang’s essence soul smiled calmly, but based on his expression, Chen Chen felt that he wasn’t there to borrow his physical body but rather, five low-grade Spirit Stones.

“Your Highness Jiang Wang, if you fail, I will have to be the father of your son.”

Chen Chen said coldly.

Jiang Wang was being polite to him, only because he was scrupulous. As the victim, there was no need for Chen Chen to be nice to him.

“I didn’t expect that you would recognize me, it seems that I’m still somewhat famous among the humans.”

Jiang Wang was a bit surprised, but he didn’t appear considerably shocked nor angered by Chen Chen’s words.

Just as when Chen Chen was about to curse a few more times, the essence soul flashed and arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye while an immense soul-strangling power instantly inflicted pain upon his body.

Chen Chen groaned in agony. At the same time, a round pearl suddenly appeared and emitted rays of spiritual light. It looked like a small sun in a dark space.

After the light shone on Jiang Wang’s essence soul, it immediately kept him fixed in place.

When it shone on Chen Chen, he felt like he was bathing comfortably in the warm sunlight.

“Soul Stabilizing Pearl? I didn’t expect that the Saintess of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan would truly give you a treasure to protect your soul.”

Looking at the pearl, Jiang Wang sighed softly, but he didn’t give up.

Although the Soul Stabilizing Pearl was powerful, he was not an ordinary Essence Soul realm expert. He had reached the pinnacle.

Although the Soul Stabilizing Pearl had kept him fixed in place, he could still slowly get closer to Chen Chen’s sea of consciousness.

After moving for an hour, he finally arrived in front of Chen Chen’s sea of consciousness. But when he saw the scene within Chen Chen’s sea of consciousness, he fell silent.

There were 700 to 800 golden threads, each representing one Apocalyptic Divine Thunder.

They intertwined to form a huge net that protected Chen Chen’s sea of consciousness.

Existences like souls and spirits were the most terrified of thunderbolt, let alone him, a diabolic cultivator.

Such an Apocalyptic Divine Thunder that represented the will of heaven and earth was simply his natural nemesis.

“No one can do a soul replacement with this person.”

With that thought, Jiang Wang closed his eyes, and finally sighed despondently. “Little friend, your freaking luck is bewildering. You have the willpower of heaven and earth to protect you, I admit defeat.”

Chen Chen barked furiously, “Who’s betting with you!?!”

Jiang Wang ignored Chen Chen’s anger and continued. “Since I’ve lost, I naturally have to leave something behind. Here is some indulgence as a token of apology.”

After saying that, Jiang Wang’s essence soul suddenly lit up before turning into countless rays of light.

Chen Chen’s sea of consciousness constantly absorbed the light, but Chen Chen’s sea of consciousness quickly expanded countless times.

Half a day later, Chen Chen returned to the State of Jin.

Chen Chen slowly opened his eyes, and a ray of lightning flashed in them.

At this moment, he felt like his soul had undergone a metamorphosis, and the world in front of him seemed different too.

With a single thought, all the movements within a few kilometers were presented in a three-dimensional image in his mind.

“System, is there anything valuable within a 100-meter radius?”

“Yes, there is a spiritual herb, 75 meters to the right, which can increase your spiritual energy after consumption.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen quickly found the spiritual herb referring to the image in his mind. He then turned a wisp of spiritual energy into a hand and grasped the spirit herb.

“My efficiency has increased tremendously, this should be the divine sense, right?”

Chen Chen couldn’t help but marvel.

Unfortunately, the divine sense formed only an outline image in his mind. There was no specific color, and he couldn’t see the internal structure of the substance either.

“Jiang Wang is really interesting. He came all the way to send me this?”

Chen Chen stood up and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

Summing all up, it was a day bombarded with dangers, although eventually was fruitful and rewarding too.

However, the moment he stood up, a storage ring slowly fell from his body.

After sensing it, Chen Chen curled his finger, and the storage ring flew to his hand immediately.

There was a small character ‘Jiang’ engraved on the storage ring which, needless to say, belonged to Jiang Wang.

That made Chen Chen very surprised.

Who would have thought that Jiang Wang had not only handed him some treasures, he even bequeathed him his storage ring…

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