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Chapter 212: Please Accept A Bow From Us!

All eight of Chen Chen’s Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters were excited to know that Chen Chen would soon return to the State of Jin. Although there were still seven days to go before he set off, they were so eager to embark on early preparations.

After all, the purpose of their trip to the State of Jin this time was not only to study the Ancient Pill Formula but also to dedicate a pilgrimage in honor of the ancient alchemists who were gifted with exemplary abilities.

Hence, they began to cleanse themselves and fast three days in advance, to seek spiritual peace and solemnity.

Before Chen Chen’s departure, Yu Qiong again asked him to go to her courtyard alone.

“Chen Chen, you have a month. I hope you’ll know your limits and not go overboard. Within a month, you must bring them back to me intact. Don’t wait until I send someone to look for you, or else, you’ll get it from me!”

Yu Qiong warned with a stern expression.

“Yes, I got it… One month is enough,” Chen Chen said with an awkward smile.

To be honest, he felt slightly abominable for taking Yu Qiong’s disciples away.

“Good to hear. Also, remember to bring me a copy of that Ancient Pill Formula too. Okay, now leave.”

After saying that, Yu Qiong waved her hand, and Chen Chen flew out of the courtyard.

“I thought you were really smart. Turns out you want the Ancient Pill Formula too.”

Chen Chen got up from the ground and humphed in disdain before leaving.

Compared to their trip to the Dark Immortal Sect a month ago, the team had expanded by nearly ten times this time!

In particular, Yu Huo seemed to have learned his lesson since he had not only brought three Nascent Soul realm cultivators as chaperons this time, he also brought seven or eight alchemy apprentices. He even brought along a wise and intelligent adviser who seemed to be fawning over Yu Huo all the time.

Su Lian should not be underestimated either. Apart from two chaperons and a few alchemy apprentices, she also brought three or four of her best friends who were all alchemists too.

Although the other Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters were a bit less exaggerated than them, they also traveled in small cliques of their own, each consisting of four to five people.

“Junior Brother, where is your chaperon?”

His Eight Senior Sister, Zhou Shu, looked around and asked Chen Chen with some curiosity.

“Qingtian has returned early to make preparations. After all, we are expecting a large number of guests at the State of Jin, so we can’t be oblivious to the hospitality.”

Chen Chen said half-truthfully.

However, as soon as he said that, Zhou Shu surprisingly flashed a trace of frustration in her eyes.

Her reaction made Chen Chen slightly stunned, and he inhaled sharply.

Candid people like them tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves, so how could he not be able to tell?

‘What’s up with Eight Senior Sister’s expression? Does she have a crush on Yuan Qingtian?’

Chen Chen was shocked, but he couldn’t help but make that mischievous impression…

‘Yuan Qingtian’s looks are mediocre, and he’s remarkably slow-witted. Even his cultivation level is only at the Core Formation realm. Yet, someone fancies him?’

However, when he observed Zhou Shu’s similarly mediocre appearance and figure, Chen Chen seemed to have figured out something.

‘Maybe this is the mutual attraction between average-looking people.’

‘It’s just like how an elite like me is attracted to an outstanding girl like Xia Xishuang…’

Thinking of this, Chen Chen asked in a bid to test the waters, “Senior Sister, you seem unhappy. Did that chaperon of mine commit something to upset you? If he has, I’ll skin him alive when I return!”

Hearing his words, Zhou Shu panicked and explained. “No, not at all! He just looks sincerely honest and interesting. Moreover, he seems to have suffered some kind of trauma, I find him sparingly pitiful.”

Seeing how defensive Zhou Shu was getting, Chen Chen was speechless.

‘Seems like I can trade Yuan Qingtian out.’

They reached the border of the State of Jin.

Chen Chen was already thinking about asking Yuan Qingtian how much money he should ask for as a betrothal gift then marrying him afterwards.

A few moments later…

The giant boat was guided to space above a large mountain where it slowly fell.

The mountain was called Mount Wufeng, which was located at the border between the State of Zhou and the State of Jin. It was incredibly beautiful, and Chen Chen selected it for a Cultivators’ Abode. It signified peace between the two states in the future.

The original level of spiritual energy in this mountain was mediocre, but after some drastic transformations, the standards of the spiritual energy in it had far surpassed the Tianyun Clan and other clans in the State of Jin. It had reached the level of the Haoran Sword Clan.

Although it was still a little inferior to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, it was an amazing feat for such an excellent cultivators’ abode in a tiny state like the State of Jin.

The daily consumption of Spirit Stones each day was extremely horrifying. Even with Chen Chen’s current wealth, he could only maintain the Spirit Gathering Array of the clan for 3,000 years.

That contributed only a small part to the consumption of the clan.

“Senior Brother, everything has been settled.”

Yuan Qingtian was the first to appear beside Chen Chen. He spoke frankly without hiding anything because he knew that the other people around weren’t aware of what he was referring to.

Chen Chen had received a message from him previously, and after getting his confirmation again, his eyes were full of affirmation.

Noticing that Chen Chen seemed to be looking at him with some admiration in his eyes, which was different from before, Yuan Qingtian was overjoyed!

He had never seen such a gaze in Chen Chen’s eyes before!

“My efforts and conscientiousness were not in vain. Finally, I’ve lived up to my Senior Brother’s expectations!”

Yuan Qingtian felt emotional when Chen Chen suddenly patted his shoulder.

“Qingtian, my Eight Senior Sister, is having some trouble adapting to a foreign environment. Do look after her.”

Yuan Qingtian immediately looked more solemn, and he said seriously, “Rest assured, Senior Brother! I promise that the task will be completed!”

Hearing his words, Chen Chen nodded and turned around to leave quietly without explaining his plans.

Since his eight Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters were fasting, Chen Chen chose not to host a banquet.

“Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, that ancient Cave Abode is within the boundaries of Mount Wufeng. I believe you guys can tell that Mount Wufeng is newly built, and it’s set up for the sake of protecting that ancient Cave Abode.”

Chen Chen explained to his honest Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters.

Yu Huo’s adviser nodded with a respectful expression after hearing his words.

“How thoughtful of you to build a cave to protect that ancient Cave Abode, Your Excellency. Only someone who truly loves alchemy would be willing to go to such extents!”

Chen Chen smiled modestly and said, “You flatter me, Sir. The relics left behind by the ancient alchemists are too precious, and they must be protected in the best way possible. Senior Brothers, Senior Sisters, I shall stop keeping you in suspense and bring you guys there now.”

Chen Chen then walked to the front to lead the way.

Chen Chen didn’t deliberately dismiss the chaperons.

On the first hand, they wouldn’t be able to understand ancient handwriting. On the other hand, his eight Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters did not intend to monopolize the formula in the long run either.

After all, the human race was suffering a great calamity at this time, and the development of the entire community should be the priority concern at all times.

Chen Chen led them on a journey of several turns, and they entered the depths of Mount Wufeng where they traversed in a narrow crevice for a long time before finally seeing a paradise.

Beautiful sceneries and rich spiritual energy surrounded a small lake. They could also see the entrance of a Cave Abode on the mountain wall at the edge of the lake from afar.

“That’s the place, everyone, please!”

Chen Chen pointed at the cave with his eyes full of excitement.

The eight honest people were not only excited, but they were also carefully fixing their clothes and hair with pious expressions.

By the time they were done, Chen Chen flew towards the ancient Cave Abode, taking them along with him.

The cave was very deep, and there were traces of ancient vicissitudes everywhere. The eight honest people marveled in awe and amazement as they walked. Many times, they wanted to touch something but didn’t dare to. They feared that they might accidentally damage something in the Cave Abode.

By the time they were about a hundred meters deeper into the cave, a huge stone room appeared in front of them.

The twelve-sided stone room covered an area of hundreds of square meters, with each wall about dozens of square meters in size. They were painted with all sorts of symbols like “+ – × ÷ xyz” that seemed profound and enigmatic.

It was Chen Chen’s first time to reach the place too. When he saw the stone wall for the first time, he was flabbergasted.

This place is simply the nightmare of some struggling math students in his previous life!

Despite being an academically-inclined student, Chen Chen couldn’t stand it!

This place was piercing great pressure in his soul!

However, the eight honest people were reverent and in awe, like they had been brought to heaven.

Yu Huo’s adviser even seemed a little despondent, and he muttered, “Yes, those are ancient texts that have appeared in many ancient books I studied. Unfortunately, I’m not educated enough so I can only understand a little bit of them…”


The eight of them dropped to their knees consecutively!

Kneeling on the ground with their robes flung to the side, they bowed to the stone wall that was covered in “ancient writings” and symbols.

Yu Huo even got all worked up and exclaimed agitatedly, “Senior, pardon us for taking the liberty of coming here to see the amazing pill formula left behind by you. Our hearts are full of gratitude that cannot be expressed in words. Senior, please accept our obeisance!”

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