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Chapter 210: The Sunlight Is A Little Blinding

“You may know a person, but you will never know a person’s true thoughts of the mind and the intentions of the heart!”

In Fukun City, Yu Huo sighed. At this point, he had learned the truth behind the entire matter. While admiring how intelligent and resourceful Chen Chen was, he also pondered about human nature.

“Senior Brother Yu Huo, I managed to find some clues because I’ve dealt with the Dark Immortal Sect before. Otherwise, I would have been kept in the dark too!”

Chen Chen was filled with decency at indignation.

Yu Huo and Su Lian finally felt relieved after listening to his explanation.

‘It’s not that we’re too stupid! The Dark Immortal Sect is just too cunning! Yes! That’s it!’

“Junior Brother, how are those demons outside the city?” Su Lian asked.

Hearing this, Chen Chen sighed softly with some regrets. “They’ve retreated. That was such a pity, or else, we would have tried to set up a killing array inside the city to lure them out. How clever would that be?”

Yu Huo and Su Lian looked at each other before lowering their heads at once.

‘Why haven’t we thought of that?’

‘It seems that we’re not good at venturing into unknown territories. We’d better stay in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan. There are too many schemes and dangerous traps out there.’

Of course, they still had to go to the ancient Cave Abode in the State of Jin.

Yu Huo suggested, “Junior Brother, we’d better hurry up and head back. I’ve already reported the matter here to the clan. They have arranged with other people to take over the matters here at Fukun City. They should arrive here in the afternoon.”

To be honest, he was intensely hurt after this incident. He intentionally thought of becoming sworn brothers at first with the Sect Master and Great Elder of the Dark Immortal Sec, yet, they turned out to be cheating him.

Hence, he was now a little withdrawn and unwilling to befriend outsiders anymore.

Although Su Lian was less traumatized than Yu Huo, she also had similar thoughts, so she immediately expressed her support for the suggestion.

Of course, Chen Chen naturally didn’t express any objections.

Hence, the three of them soon resumed their journey back to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.

They were on the flying boat.

Chen Chen quietly sensed the two storage rings that Yuan Qingtian gave him.

The storage ring of the Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect contained the same amount of resources and treasures as that of the Great Elder. However, no special communication token was contained.

As for the other storage ring, it contained a divine ability called ‘Bloodthirsty.’ That was in addition to some diabolic cultivation methods and treasures.

Chen Chen did not hesitate to destroy the secret manual.

His cultivation speed was much faster than that of the diabolic cultivators, so he thought those secret manuals and methods were no longer necessary.

There was no communication token in this storage ring also.

Chen Chen didn’t think much of it. Regardless of whether the Dark Immortal Sect was subordinate to an even more powerful force or not, he was in no place to meddle with them.

Only the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan would be held responsible for this incident.

After flying for half a day, he finally arrived at the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.

Chen Chen was pondering many things.

Foremost, he had to continue deducing the “Ancient Pill Formula” upon his return. The more he deduced, the longer his Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters could stay in the State of Jin.

Second, Yuan Qingtian performed well this time, but his cultivation level was too low and had seriously dragged him down. Thus, he decided to find ways in improving Yuan Qingtian’s abilities. Otherwise, it would be an overwhelming disgrace and embarrassment to him, when he brought him out in the future.

Thinking about it, the three of them came to the courtyard where Yu Qiong was.

After returning from a mission, the first thing that he would do was to report to his master, Yu Qiong.

Yu Qiong happened to be sitting outside the courtyard during this time.

However, there was a white-haired and bearded person, seated in front of her and smiling warmly, clad in the Senior Elder uniform of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.

There were seven jade boxes on each side of the stone table between the two of them.

“Master… I have returned.”

Yu Huo lowered his head, surfaced with shame when he saw Yu Qiong.

His performance had been mediocre this time. Although his master was gentle-mannered, and he knew that she wouldn’t blame him, he still felt bad about it.

Yu Qiong’s expression was calm and her posture was as elegant as ever. She said softly, “I already know about what happened. Wait at the side while I gamble with Elder Ouyang.”

Hearing this, Yu Huo immediately took two steps back and waited at the side.

Chen Chen looked at Yu Qiong and the jade boxes on the stone table with some curiosity. He could tell that she liked gambling with others.

Otherwise, Yu Huo wouldn’t have taught the new disciples on her behalf for a hundred years and might continue doing so.

‘Why are they gambling with treasures?’

Before he could figure it out, Yu Qiong and Elder Ouyang had started gambling.

They each selected a jade box from the pile in front of them, pushed them to the middle of the table, and then disclosed them at the same time.

At once, two heavenly auras emerged.

Both Elder Ouyang and Yu Qiong had a gleam of excitement in their eyes.

A moment later, Elder Ouyang chuckled.

“Disciple-Niece Yu Qiong, this 70,000-year-old Water Cloud Ginseng of mine is worth a lot more than your 60,000-year-old Wood Beard Root.”

After saying that, he placed the two jade boxes into his storage ring.

“Uncle-Master, you’re in luck today.”

Yu Qiong’s expression was still calm, but Chen Chen could see the trace of murderous aura on her face when he looked at her from the side.

Her murderous aura was very familiar to him since it had appeared on Yu Qiong’s face on several occasions when she looked him in the eye. An example would be when he took the Soul Stabilizing Pill and the dagger from Yu Qiong…

On the other hand, Elder Ouyang was not an ordinary person either. Although he appeared kindhearted and benevolent, Chen Chen could acutely sense that he was incredibly scheming.

Yu Qiong was already over 200 years old, so her Uncle-Master must be much older! He was extremely intelligent and ingenious!

Looking at the two old and cunning figures who were gambling with the treasures, Chen Chen felt that Yu Huo and Su Lian were just like dimwits in comparison to the former two.

They seemed to be out of place in this high-level battle of wits.

‘I have to impress my master and get into her good books. This happens to be a good opportunity, I won’t have to pay anything either…’

Chen Chen secretly thought to himself before starting to use the system.

“System, where is the most valuable thing within a ten-meter radius?”

“System, where is the second most valuable thing within a ten-meter radius?”

The system results gave him a tremendous fear!

Only after the tenth most valuable thing was tracked that the system began to mention the contents of those boxes. The first nine most valuable treasures were all adorned by Yu Qiong and Elder Ouyang.

Even Yu Qiong’s inner garment and clothing were worth more than the heavenly treasures that were 100,000 years in age!

If not for the fact that he had entered the Cave Abode of the Void Refinement realm powerhouse back then, he probably would have developed an inferiority complex.

Indeed, the assets of an alchemist could not be calculated using normal logic.

Chen Chen secretly sorted the treasures in the remaining twelve jade boxes according to their value. He then stood motionlessly at a spot that was more than ten meters behind Elder Ouyang, looking as if he was admiring the beautiful scenery from the distance.

After a conversation that was full of subtle threats and aggression, Yu Qiong and Elder Ouyang began their second round of gambling.

Seeing that Yu Qiong had chosen another treasure that was less valuable than Elder Ouyang’s, Chen Chen shook his head gently and tied his hair at the same time.

Yu Qiong had a sharp vision and she immediately noticed Chen Chen using her peripheral vision.

However, there were no changes in her expression when she merely placed her hand on the other jade box.

Chen Chen shook his head again and also scratched it a little.

Yu Qiong changed the treasure and seemed to be contemplating which one to choose.

Chen Chen finally nodded again this time.

Yu Qiong pushed the jade box out without saying a word.

She removed the lid of the jade box and won by a close margin.

“Uncle-Master Ouyang, pardon me.”

Yu Qiong smiled calmly and placed the other two jade boxes into her storage ring.

Elder Ouyang merely regarded it as a coincidence and remained calm. Shaking his head slightly, he said, “Disciple-Niece Yu Qiong, I didn’t expect you to bring out a treasure of such a fine grade. My loss is justifiable.”

Yu Qiong smiled without saying much. She knew that he was just hinting to her that the value of the treasure he laid down wasn’t that high.

However, the truth was that the value of the items in this old man’s jade box was even higher than hers!

‘He even took these treasures out and used them as bets. Seems like he values that thing.’

The third round of gambling soon began and Chen Chen was still giving crazy hints to Yu Qiong from afar. However, she was still contemplating.

In the end, she won by a close margin again.

Although Elder Ouyang was smiling, his smile had become a little stiff.

During the fourth time, Elder Ouyang’s face gradually turned pale.

During the fifth round, Elder Ouyang finally won but his face instantly turned sullen because that treasure was the most precious one present. Yet, it only trumped the most inferior treasure that Yu Qiong had!

The results of the sixth and seventh-round were the same and Elder Ouyang continuously lost.

“I’m…not very lucky today…” Elder Ouyang was shivering vigorously and at the same time, he took out a specially made wooden box from his storage ring and handed it to Yu Qiong.

The seven treasures that he had used as a bet for the gamble just now were just add-ons. This treasure was the real stake.

Yu Qiong grabbed it smilingly and placed it into her storage ring without even checking it.

Right from the beginning, she did not take a single glance at Chen Chen.

On the other hand, Chen Chen was now squatting on the ground in the distance and playing with some mud like an ignorant but fidgety and hyperactive young man.

“Thank you so much, Uncle-Master Ouyang, you let me win after all. Otherwise, it’d be a piece of cake for you to defeat me, considering the treasures that you have.” Yu Qiong was very modest and she smiled warmly.

“Haha… Haha… Goodbye!”

Elder Ouyang could no longer force himself to smile because his heart was aching. For some reason, he felt that the sunlight today was a little glaring and harsh on his eyes. He chuckled twice and flew away from the courtyard.

After Elder Ouyang flew away, Yu Qiong finally saw Chen Chen who was playing with the mud from a distance.

At this moment, Chen Chen put down the mud and looked at Yu Qiong.

The two of them made eye contact with a tacit understanding.

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