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Chapter 209: Designated Tracking

After they flew for several miles, a stream of light flew in and blasted on top of the trapping array.

A ray of light suddenly lit up between heaven and earth, and the array that trapped tens of thousands of cultivators in Fukun City was broken.

Tens of thousands of cultivators cried tears of joy, but they didn’t know who to thank.

As soon as the Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect entered the darkroom, he was overwhelmed with a pungent stench, but he forced himself to endure the discomfort and quickly delved deeper. Soon, he saw the thin old man who had been sucked dry.

“Lord… Lord!”

Although that scene was within his expectations, he still could not help but feel astounded and be filled with despair when he saw it with his very own eyes!

‘Lord has failed!’

Diabolic cultivators usually progressed very quickly in their cultivation, but breakthroughs were extremely difficult for them. Those who managed to cultivate the Essence Soul realm after enduring perils in small breakthroughs and facing backlashes in major realm breakthroughs were all people with great perseverance.

The Lord had now suffered a backlash because he had gone off the rails, and even his primordial spirit was completely obliterated.

“There’s something wrong with the Essence Soul Condensation Pill!”

The Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect said with a miserable expression.

He had always been a refined and easy-going person who would never speak uncouthly or hurl expletives. However, when he cursed today, everyone across half the city could hear him. He had encountered something intolerable and unacceptable!

Even an ordinary cultivator might slip off the right track if there was an accident during the breakthrough, let alone a diabolic cultivator.

“That scoundrel Yu Huo! I didn’t expect your loyalty and honesty to all be a pretense! It’s all my fault for being careless and causing the Lord to die…”

The Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect was full of self-reproach, and he thought of Yu Huo’s kind and honest smile, which now seemed to be twisted and sinister in his opinion. He perceived Yu Huo as a demon from hell!

“Senior Brother! There’s something wrong with the Essence Soul Condensation Pill refined by that scumbag Yu Huo, which caused Lord to go off the rails and suffered a backlash that resulted in his death. Kill that bastard to avenge our lord!”

The Sect Master took out his communication token and sent that message to many other people. He took away the old man’s storage ring, and then grabbed a torch and set fire on the thin old man’s corpse, turning it into ashes.

Since the matter had been exposed, there was no way he could continue to stay at the Eastern Border, and thus, fleeing was the only option.

With that thought in mind, he quickly flew away from the darkroom.

However, as soon as he left, he saw countless cultivators of Fukun City who had broken free and were all glaring at him with burning anger in their eyes.

The Great Elder of the Dark Immortal Sect had just arrived at the abode. He was dumbfounded when he received the news from his Junior Brother.

Who would have thought that underneath the loyal and honest appearance of Yu Huo, lies a vicious and wicked heart?

“Yu Huo, you scumbag! I must kill you!”

He roared into the sky and then flew straight towards the courtyard where Yu Huo was.

In the courtyard, Yu Huo had just woken up with Chen Chen and Su Lian beside him.

The Dark Immortal Sect Nascent Soul realm cultivators had all been killed by now.

Seeing the corpses on the ground, the Great Elder of the Dark Immortal Sect’s eyes were wide open, and he pointed at Yu Huo while cursing, “Yu Huo! Bastard, you’re so ruthless!”

Yu Huo was dumbfounded because Chen Chen hadn’t had the time to tell him the truth of the matter.

The expression on Yu Huo’s face made the Great Elder even angrier as his chest heaved up and down vigorously.

‘This scumbag is still pretending at this point!’

However, the corpses on the ground made him understand that with his current strength, he wouldn’t be able to kill Yu Huo.

Without hesitation, the Great Elder turned around and left at a much faster speed than that of when he just arrived.

Yu Huo’s escorts subconsciously tried to chase after him, but Chen Chen was one step ahead of them.

“This old bastard is a half-demon who’s at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm. He’s very powerful, let me deal with him.”

Minutes passed.

There was a charred black corpse lying on the ground beneath Chen Chen’s feet, holding onto a storage ring.

The storage space in the storage ring was rather large and it was full of all sorts of resources, especially Demon Pills. There were at least a thousand of them, among which there were five Essence Soul realm Demon Pills!

That was the storage ring belonging to the Great Elder.

“The Dark Immortal Sect is so rich. If that Sect Master and other Essence Soul realm diabolic cultivators are all this rich, they’d have a third of what I have… This is just a medium-sized sect.”

Chen Chen felt that something was wrong.

There were too many Demon Pills, many of which were fresh.

That meant that the people of the Dark Immortal Sect had personally killed many demons in addition to robbing and resorting to other means to get money.

“The demons placed more emphasis on bloodlines than humans do. Besides, the treatment that the half-demons get is not even comparable to that of humans…”

Chen Chen murmured, somewhat suspecting that the Dark Immortal Sect was a double spy that sat on the fence between the humans and the demons while taking benefits from both sides.

It was extremely difficult for a medium-sized sect to be able to do well while snitching on two sects.

After all, everyone couldn’t be as wise as Chen Chen and carry a tracking system.

“Is there a greater force that the Dark Immortal Sect is subservient to?”

That idea flashed through Chen Chen’s mind, and then he carefully searched the storage ring again, only to find that except for a communication token that allowed him to communicate with the demons, there were no other special communication tokens.

“That Essence Soul realm demon should have the answer, but I don’t know if he’s dead or not.”

Thinking of this, Chen Chen summoned Yuan Qingtian.

Yuan Qingtian was attacking a certain corner of Fukun City.

There were fifty to sixty cultivators of the Dark Immortal Sect hidden in this corner, all of whom had revealed their original forms and were already dead. They were lying on the ground. Although the blood on the ground flowed into streams, this group of half-demons had died peacefully. Some were even smiling like they were having a beautiful dream.

Yuan Qingtian collected their storage rings and then received a message from Chen Chen. Without hesitation, he headed straight towards the place where the cultivators of Fukun City were assembled.

Soon, he saw the Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect was charging around furiously near the tens of thousands of cultivators, who were currently in their true forms.

Yuan Qingtian observed quietly in stealth, his vision as sharp as that of a falcon. He had perfectly embodied the qualities of a top assassin.

A few moments later, he lurked into a dark place from a distance based on his observations.

The Dark Immortal Sect Master blew himself up after another 15 minutes, leaving only a single Nascent Soul that darted out and surrounded Yuan Qingtian.

At this moment, he was already severely injured and at a loss for what to do. However, he subconsciously flew towards the place that he felt was the safest. He didn’t expect that others had already predicted his breakout path.

When he was paying full attention to his attackers behind him, a dagger emerged from the void in front of him and was stabbed straight into his Nascent Soul.

All kinds of toxins instantly erupted, and the Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect turned around with horror all over his face. However, he saw nothing but an indifferent, cold, and handsome face.

“How dare you call me good-for-nothing! To hell with you!”

Hearing the shout of a curse, the Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect completely lost consciousness.

Yuan Qingtian took the two storage rings in the hands of the Nascent Soul realm cultivator and once again vanished in the void.

“Senior Brother, everything has been settled.”

Chen Chen smiled in satisfaction when he received the news. At this moment, he was using the system to track within the residence and had obtained some treasures. Although they were far inferior to the contents of the storage ring, they were equivalent to one percent of his assets.

They were sufficient for raising a few Nascent Soul realm cultivators.

He didn’t intend to pocket the treasures to himself this time, especially the materials used for refinement. Hence, he gave most of them to Yu Huo and Su Lian.

He had to nurture his relationship with them slowly.

“Congratulations to the host for using the system 10,000 times and completing the achievement of a professional hack. You are rewarded with a designated tracking opportunity within a realm.”

Chen Chen’s heart skipped a beat when he received the system alert in his head.

‘A new tracking function has appeared!’

“What is the designated tracking opportunity?” Chen Chen asked in his head.

“When tracking a specific item, only a result closest to the host will be displayed.” Chen Chen quickly understood the system’s brief and concise answer.

For example, if he wanted a piece of Omni Divine Gold now, he could use this tracking opportunity to search for a piece of Omni Divine Gold that was the nearest to him within a realm.

The advantage of this function was a large tracking range that would allow one to obtain specifically what he wanted, instead of receiving a bunch of unknown treasures like he would when using a fixed-range tracking opportunity.

The disadvantage was that he could only take one item at a time.

Chen Chen took a deep breath and did not rush to use it. Although he had come up with lots of impressive treasures in his head, some of which would allow him to become immortal right after consuming them, they were all just legendary objects. If there were no such items in this world, he would have suffered a major loss by wasting his tracking opportunity on it.

Hence, he had to plan for the future and use it only when he was at a critical juncture.

While he was pondering about making various deductions in his head…

Somewhere, in a super blessed land distant from him…

An old man with white hair who was sitting cross-legged took out a communication token and looked at the message he received.

“Master, I was tricked by the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan and I’ve already been disgraced. From now on, I can no longer share your burden…but I will watch over you and fight for a place for us half-demons at the borders of the two tribes. Master… take care!”

Seeing this message, the white-haired old man calmly crushed the communication token.

“How hard is it to fight for a place of our own in this world?”

After muttering softly, the white-haired old man closed his eyes and continued to cultivate, as nothing had happened at all.

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