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Chapter 205: Clear Arrangement

Half a day later, Chen Chen returned to the State of Jin.

The Dark Immortal Sect Master and the Great Elder appeared in Yu Huo’s courtyard again.

Compared to before, they were more than ten times extra attentive!

It made Yu Huo a bit flattered and surprised.

‘What is going on?’

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen sneered and thought to himself that they were just trying to impress Yu Huo so that he would not turn them down once they ask him for help.

‘Essence Soul Condensation Pill… I finally found a pill that even a diabolic cultivator can take. I refuse to believe you won’t take the bait.’

To be honest, the only threat to him in this city was the Essence Soul realm half-demon evil cultivator.

If he could take care of that guy, then everything would be fine.

Although Yu Qiong had given him the dagger, that treasure was so precious that he could not use it unless it was his last resort.

After all, even Xia Xishuang probably did not have such a treasure.

Otherwise, she could have used seven or eight of them back then instead of touching the Breaking Dawn Sword.

“My alchemist master is really rich. He’s absolutely richer than the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan! However, I just don’t know if he has any children. If he dies, I wonder who’s going to inherit his assets.”

Chen Chen thought about it and then returned to his own courtyard.

He was not interested in hearing the two scheming men brag to Yu Huo.

Upon returning to the courtyard, Chen Chen hesitated for a moment, but he eventually told Yu Qiong about his discovery of the Essence Soul realm half-demon.

He soon received Yu Qiong’s reply through the communication token.

“Once you find a good opportunity, you can use the dagger that I gave you to seriously wound him. Besides, you still have the Soul Stabilizing Pill to protect your body, it is not difficult to destroy him. Of course, I can send someone to help you, but if you gain anything afterwards, you should hand it to…”

Chen Chen hurriedly replied, “Master, I don’t mean that. Nowadays, there are great wars all over the Eastern Border. How can I ask you to send more people over? I told you this just to prove that I wasn’t spouting nonsense. This is all the Dark Immortal Sect is capable of.”

After saying that, Chen Chen put away the communication token.

On the surface, he asked Yu Qiong not to send support, but he did not believe that Yu Qiong would really not worry about him.

Her three adorable and honest disciples were at risk of dying.

“She would probably secretly send someone to our aid, right? After all, she’s not inhumane.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself.

After informing Yu Qiong, he was completely free of worries.

However, whenever he talked to his master, he would have to expend a lot of his intelligence.

The duel between true powerhouses may just remain verbal, but it was just as dangerous as a physical fight.

Each word may determine the ownership of a large number of Spirit Stones and treasures. It was indeed really terrifying.

Three days later.

The Dark Immortal Sect master and the Great Elder finally raised their request to Yu Huo.

For the past three days, they had not only been sucking up to him verbally, but they also had also given lots of substantial gifts. Hence, they reckoned that it should work.

“I may not be smart and talented, but I’ve also wanted to step into the Essence Soul realm and contribute more for the human race. A few days ago, I heard you mentioning the Essence Soul Condensation Pill and since then, I’ve been tempted… However, that incredible heavenly pill is the precious pill of your clan, so I suppressed my desire.”

“However, in the past few days, the demons have been attacking with more and more aggression, and I’m afraid he won’t be able to last long given my current cultivation level. So, I would like to take the liberty of asking you for an Essence Soul Condensation Pill…”

Hearing his coercive words, Yu Huo immediately frowned and sighed.

‘Junior Brother is still too young after all, he doesn’t understand that the more you speak, the more mistake you will make.’

Seeing the changes in Yu Huo, the Great Elder of the Dark Immortal Sect immediately said, “Please rest assured, the Dark Immortal Sect will not only provide original material but also the remuneration you deserve.”

Yu Huo had clearly wavered.

The Dark Immortal Sect had been nice to him in the past few days, and they had already developed some ties with each other. If he turned them down, it would be too callous.

At this moment, Chen Chen suddenly walked over from the distance and stopped, “No, no, no! The Essence Soul Condensation Pill has vigorous medicinal properties, and it’s not suitable for Essence Soul realm cultivators!”

The two members of the Dark Immortal Sect wished they could smack him dead after hearing that.

‘Who are you lying to? Do you think we didn’t hear you?’

Despite being furious, the two members of the Dark Immortal Sect immediately forced a smile.

The Great Elder bowed respectfully and said, “Cultivation goes against the nature of heaven in the first place and I’m willing to take the risk, so please give me a chance.”

Touched by the Great Elder’s sincerity, Yu Huo gritted his teeth and was about to answer.

At this moment, Chen Chen said, “Saintess Yu Huo, before we left, Master once told us that as disciples of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, we have to charge double when refining pills for others, or it’d be a disgrace to her.”

Yu Huo recalled what Yu Qiong said and then nodded solemnly.

Decades ago, it seemed that she had indeed said such a thing to him. ‘How does Junior Brother know? After all, it’s not like he can refine pills for others.’

Seeing that Yu Huo somehow accepted it as the truth, Chen Chen was astonished too.

He was just making things up, and he didn’t expect it to resonate with Yu Qiong.

The two from the Dark Immortal Sect lowered their heads because they were afraid that they couldn’t hide the killing intent in their eyes that were directed at Chen Chen.

‘We must torture this kid to death with the most brutal and cruel means!’

‘After killing him, we must snatch all his things!’

The two men roared in their hearts but eventually took a deep breath, raised their heads, and forced themselves to smile dashingly.

“Doubling the fee is reasonable.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen smiled in satisfaction. If he didn’t make things difficult for the two of them, they would not know how precious they were.

As for the remuneration, he didn’t really care for it.

The reason being, they would belong to him sooner or later, and even if he gave it to his Eldest Senior Brother now, it would belong to him in the future.

“Ahem, this Essence Soul Condensation Pill is so precious! My Senior Brother might need a long time to refine it, you guys have to wait patiently,” Chen Chen added after thinking for a moment.

The master of the Dark Immortal Sect was very straightforward as he immediately said, “That’s fine, of course, as long as it can be successfully refined within five days.”

Hearing these words, the Great Elder next to him immediately said, “In five days, the demon race may move, but Sect Master is afraid that the aftershocks would be too great and affect your refinement process.”

After saying that, he glared at the sect master of the Dark Immortal Sect.

Chen Chen sneered.

‘Five days from now, I think it should be the time for the semi-demon evil cultivator to break through, and also the time for the Dark Immortal Sect’s conspiracy to be commenced.’

‘I’ve exposed your scheme, didn’t I, you two cunning fogies? Hmph, you can’t outsmart me.’

Next, Yu Huo began to refine the Essence Soul Condensation Pill.

In addition to the water attribute Essence Soul realm internal alchemy pills, the Dark Immortal Sect also paid a large number of low-grade Demon Pills.

That made Yu Huo feel a little embarrassed.

The Dark Immortal Sect had fought bravely to kill the enemy, while he was just refining pills, and yet, he was getting nearly all of the spoils,

‘How shameless of me!:’

Despite feeling ashamed, Yu Huo had no reason to return them, so all he could do was to refine pills attentively and repay the Dark Immortal Sect.

The two old guys of the Dark Immortal Sect did not trust Yu Huo either as they would be secretly watching the refining process, afraid that Yu Huo would tamper with the pills.

Seeing how scheming they were in guarding against the honest Yu Huo, Chen Chen could not be bothered to intervene.

He silently hid in his courtyard to formulate a low-grade elixir.

It was called the Painkiller Elixir, but strictly speaking, it should not be considered an elixir because it was too low-grade and could be refined by any alchemist.

Yuan Qingtian watched silently from the side, his face full of amazement.

“Senior Brother, what are you doing poisoning this Painkiller Elixir?”

Chen Chen smiled and answered, “That group of people from the Dark Immortal Sect will definitely hurt themselves in advance when the time comes in order to pretend to be injured. I’m afraid that they will be in too much pain, so I made this Painkiller Elixir.”

“Uh, what if they find out?”

“We’ll give a few real ones to those who are injured so that they can feel the effect. In five days, we’ll give them this batch. This poison was given to me by the Poison Division master, they won’t find it so easily. Don’t worry.”

Hearing this answer, Yuan Qingtian inhaled sharply.

‘This Dark Immortal Sect might be cunning, but Senior Brother schemed against them all the same!’

‘It’s such a torture and an ordeal to be an enemy of Senior Brother! Fortunately, I’ve never been Senior Brother’s enemy!”

Chen Chen added poison to the Painkiller Elixirs while making some calculations in his mind.

Be it the humans or half-demons, they would have an excess of adrenaline in their bodies during fights and battles. Hence, the adrenaline would take away the pain during those moments.

However, self-harm was different and would really induce pain.

He was certain that the Dark Immortal Sect cultivators would not give in to the temptation of using the Painkiller Elixirs.

Of course, strictly speaking, it wasn’t exactly fake.

After all, a dead man can’t feel pain.

While thinking about it, Chen Chen’s smile gradually turned cold.

Seeing this smile, Yuan Qingtian subconsciously sympathized with Chen Chen’s enemies.

‘I wonder what would happen to all those people in the end.’

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