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Chapter 204:  Battle of Wits

“The Dark Immortal Sect has killed many demons in this place, so much so that the evil aura here is too intense. You’d better not stay here, lest you get bad luck.”

A Dark Immortal Sect guide’s eyes flickered, and his tone was rather nervous.

Chen Chen nodded calmly and did not look any further, but deep down, he utterly despised those two people of the Dark Immortal Sect.

‘These people from the Dark Immortal Sect are really foolish. They gave themselves away.’

They had merely passed by the place, yet they made such a big fuss. They were practically telling him that there was something fishy there.

‘If they were my subordinates, I’d definitely teach them a good lesson!’ Chen Chen sighed.

After all, there were many stupid people in this world, and those who were worthy of fighting with him were few and far between.

After strolling around Fukun City for a while, Chen Chen returned to the residence.

He was glad that the native cultivators in Fukun City were still good-natured and decent humans.

However, after thinking about it, he got worried once again.

If the Dark Immortal Sect wanted to conduct some “blood sacrifice” and “soul-devouring,” there seemed to be no other choice for a victim except the cultivators of Fukun City…

‘How can I deal with this?’

At night, Chen Chen pondered over this, flipping through some books about diabolism while Yuan Qingtian continued to go out and scout for information.

At this moment, a communication token lit up.

“Chen Chen, the Chen Shuang Sword has been built. It suits me very well and I’ve used it to reach the late Nascent Soul realm. But… We haven’t seen each other in a long time, and I miss you.”

Seeing the message from Xia Xishuang, Chen Chen grinned, power immediately emerging from his body.

“What bullshit Dark Immortal Sect? Those who block me shall die!”

A few moments later, Chen Chen came to the palace hall.

Chen Chen finally found out some clues from the books.

Due to the fact that the diabolic cultivators were punished by everyone, they were generally well hidden and were no different from ordinary cultivators.

Otherwise, the diabolic cultivators would have been killed and annihilated before they could grow.

It was obviously abnormal that the Essence Soul realm diabolic cultivator today had affected the surroundings and caused the grass to be unable to grow.

The only explanation was that the evil cultivator of the Essence Soul realm was injured, or his cultivation had met a bottleneck, thus his aura could no longer be concealed.

That was also the reason for the “blood sacrifice” and “Soul-Devouring”.

The targets meant to be used for the blood sacrifice and the Soul-Devouring were definitely the cultivators of Fukun City.

If only a few hundred people were killed, the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan would not spare the time to take care of it. After all, there were nearly a hundred big cities like Fukun City in the entire Eastern Border.

Only when the entire city was in trouble would the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan seriously begin to investigate.

The reason that the Dark Immortal Sect invited them here was to prove that the destruction of the city had nothing to do with the Dark Immortal Sect.

“Everything makes sense. After the Dark Immortal Sect did this, they still want to continue to live in the human race.”

A brilliant light flashed in Chen Chen’s eyes. Although they were just conjectures, he was 80% sure that the truth was exactly the same as he had guessed.

‘Yu Huo, Su Lian, and I are here. Only one of us can stay. If nothing goes wrong, it should be Senior Brother Yu Huo. After all, he’s the most honest and he has the highest status. He should be the most convincing witness,’ Chen Chen sighed softly, the corners of his mouth curled slightly into a smile.

‘If the two old guys of the Dark Immortal Sect had learned of my deduction, they would definitely be shocked, right?

‘They might even exclaim in amazement of my intelligence! Hehehe!’

“Senior Brother, I’m surprised there’s actually such an intelligent person like you in this world!”

In a dark room in the residence, the clan master of the Dark Immortal Sect looked at the Great Elder beside him with reverence.

The Great Elder smiled calmly and said, “Just leave the oldest one behind and lure the demons into the city. Then, knock him out, and when he wakes up, he will only see a large area of ruins and a large number of seriously injured Dark Immortal Sect cultivators.

“In the future, when the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan pursues the matter, he naturally can’t say that the Dark Immortal Sect didn’t do its best. However, you must remember that if you get injured, don’t pretend. If you’re really injured, just make those two alchemists compensate with the pills that they’ve refined.”

“Understood, but how can those two alchemists be killed? The younger one in particular looks like he’s a bit smart. How about we poison them?” the Dark Immortal Sect master asked.

“You want to poison an alchemist? Trust you to come up with such an idea. Those two alchemists have no power in their hands, just use thunderbolts. The key is that there are two attendants who might not be easy to deal with. No matter what, prepare the isolation array in advance to prevent them from spreading the news.”

“Senior Brother, aren’t there three attendants?”

“The one at the Core Formation realm is useless, there’s no point in mentioning him.”

As soon as he said that, the void outside the dark room suddenly trembled.

The following morning, Chen Chen was in a good mood, taking the initiative to go to Yu Huo’s residence to observe the refinement of pills.

Meanwhile, Yuan Qingtian’s face was extremely sullen, and he had been staying silent along the way, as if everyone owed him money.

At this moment, the master and the Great Elder of the Dark Immortal Sect happened to be in the courtyard.

The two praised Yu Huo, who was extremely touched. If he wasn’t busy refining pills, he would have made them his sworn brothers.

‘Senior Brother Yu Huo is silly but blessed!’

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen couldn’t help but sigh.

The Dark Immortal Sect Master and Great Elder were obviously sucking up to Yu Huo and allowing him to live.

On the other hand, Chen Chen, the smart one, was destined to be the target of a slaughter.

At the thought of this, Chen Chen sighed and took the initiative to walk towards them, interrupting their friendly conversation.

“Senior Brother, I have a question.”

“Junior Brother, ask away! I must clear your doubts!”

Yu Huo was in a good mood. At this moment, the furnace was burning and he just had to look at it for a while. Hence, he could completely divide his attention to chat with them.

“Senior Brother, there is a secret method for refining the Essence Soul Condensation Pill that can help increase the chances of breaking through the realm for experts. The main ingredients needed are water-element Essence Soul realm Demon Pills. Can they be substituted with wood-element pills?”

Hearing these words, Yu Huo’s face stiffened.

The Essence Soul Condensation Pill was indeed a secret formula of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan. It was generally not available to the public, so it would be inappropriate for Chen Chen to talk about it here.

With that thought in mind, Yu Huo began to wink at Chen Chen.

The master and Great Elder of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan were all so shocked that their faces began to twitch.

‘You’re such a fool, can you not be so obvious with your hints?! We can’t even pretend if we want to!’

“Ahem, since it involves the secret tradition of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, we’d better leave,” the two coughed lightly, voluntarily leaving the courtyard.

Seeing this scene, Yu Huo smiled faintly, like he was wise and omniscient.

“They are quite smart to have been able to figure out what we meant. Junior Brother, don’t think that I was just winking at you. Actually, I’m doing it for their sake. This is the way to deal with people in the world.”

After sharing some life experience with Chen Chen, Yu Huo lowered his voice and said softly, “Junior Brother, it can’t be replaced by a wooden-attribute pill. Water is the mildest attribute, and the powerful thing about the Essence Soul Condensation Pill is its extremely mild medicinal properties, which can make an Essence Soul realm powerhouse enter a state of ethereality, thus increasing the chances of breakthrough.”

“So that’s how it is.”

Chen Chen revealed a look of sudden realization.

In his mind, however, he was secretly asking the system some questions.

“System, how many half-demons are there around here?”

“Two, located 25 meters away to the west.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen glanced at the courtyard’s fence.

It was about 25 meters away.

‘Hah, those two sly men are indeed eavesdropping. I’m relieved, then.’

At this moment, Yu Huo seemed conflicted.

“Chen Chen, this Essence Soul Condensation Pill is a secret formula of the clan, and it’s hard to refine. It’s better not to mention it in front of others… The two people of the Dark Immortal Sect have reached the peak of the Nascent Soul realm and it might not be useful. The pill has mild properties, and anyone can use it. If they find out, they might ask me for help.

“I can refine it, but it’s too tiring.”

The effort required for refining the Core Formation realm pill and that of the Essence Soul realm pill was worlds apart.

Not to mention that the two people of the Dark Immortal Sect were not his brothers. Even if they were, he wouldn’t be willing to expend enormous energy to refine the Essence Soul Condensation Pill.

After all, he came with the money given by the clan, without additional remunerations.

Hearing this, Chen Chen said apologetically, “Sorry, I was being too reckless. Senior Brother, if they really bring it up in the future, we’ll just say that the medicinal properties of the Essence Soul Condensation Pill are too tyrannical and unsuitable for cultivators who have just entered the Essence Soul realm.”

Yu Huo nodded and chuckled, “Good… Anyway, they’re fools who don’t know a thing about alchemy.”


Outside the fence, the Dark Immortal Sect master and Great Elder looked at each other after hearing the conversation.

Using the diabolic method to enhance cultivation may be fast, but it would easily cause one to go astray.

If there was an Essence Soul Condensation Pill, the risk during the blood sacrifice would be reduced greatly.

With that thought, their eyes were full of excitement.

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