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Chapter 203: Traces and Clues

Chen Chen exhaled a mouthful of turbid air, gradually looking like he had subdued again.

The human frontier had always been relatively tolerant to the half-demons, not driving them to extinction.

As a half-demon, at most, they would face the disdain of the people of the world, even if their identities were exposed.

However, a clan composed of only half-demons was unheard of.

There seemed to really be something wrong with the Dark Immortal Sect.

Looking at Yu Huo, who was chatting and exchanging glasses with several senior members of the Dark Immortal Sect, Chen Chen felt a little sad.

He finally knew what leading an enemy to one’s home ground meant.

‘Why did the Dark Immortal Sect come to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan to ask for aid?’

“You have become an alchemist at such a young age. You’re so talented, it’s really admirable and awe-inspiring!”

A moment later, the two old men of the Dark Immortal Sect focused their attention on Chen Chen.

Those two fools were already flattered to the point of being conceited, but the young man had a calm expression.

He seemed to be determined.

Chen Chen did not say anything and simply bowed while Yuan Qingtian, who was behind him, said, “Of course, my Senior Brother is invincible!”

Hearing this, Chen Chen turned around to glare at him. However, when he turned back again, he had a humble smile on his face.

Today would test his acting skills.

On the one hand, he couldn’t seem overly smart, as that would alarm the enemy.

On the other hand, he could not act like a fool, as that would make all the demons and monsters of the Dark Immortal Sect focus their attention on Yu Huo and Su Lian, which would probably put them in danger.

The slightly drunk Yu Huo also smiled at this moment.

“My Junior Brother is indeed a natural talent, but he came here mainly to learn and observe. As for the matter regarding alchemy, don’t worry. Su Liang and I can handle it.”

“We naturally believe in your abilities!” the surrounding senior members of the Dark Immortal Sect said respectfully.

The guests and hosts enjoyed themselves at the banquet.

Afterwards, Yu Huo went to the Sect Master of the Dark Immortal Sect to talk to him about the matter of refinement while Chen Chen and Su Lian were each arranged to stay in an exquisite courtyard abode.

In addition to two maids, there was also a Nascent Soul realm cultivator who acted as a guard to protect them.

However, in Chen Chen’s opinion, the three of them were there to monitor them.

“I don’t like to be disturbed by others when I’m studying, so please stand down.”

Chen Chen found a random reason and sent the three of them away.

Although they seemed to be conflicted, they had no choice but to retreat out of the courtyard.

“Senior Brother, the cultivators of the Dark Immortal Sect are quite nice. Not only are they enthusiastic and hospitable, they are also very careful. It’s no wonder that they become a medium-sized clan.”

After the three of them left, Yuan Qingtian spoke softly, as if to express that he hadn’t made this trip in vain.

With a sullen expression, Chen Chen cursed, “What do you know?!”

Immediately afterwards, he told Yuan Qingtian about his discovery.

Hearing his words, Yuan Qingtian’s expression changed and he exclaimed in shock, “So that’s what happened! You can never judge a person by their appearance!”

“Do you think everyone is as nice as me?” Chen Chen laughed coldly.

“Senior Brother, what should we do then?”

“Go out and do some reconnaissance for information. Remember to be very careful.”

“Yes, Senior Brother!” Yuan Qingtian answered, his figure gradually disappearing.

Chen Chen took out an illusion stone and, in a moment, another “Yuan Qingtian” appeared behind him.

Although Yuan Qingtian was a little dull, he was very skilled in other technical aspects. Otherwise, Chen Chen wouldn’t have brought this fool over.

Of course, the most important thing was that he had used the system to search inside the residence and learned that there were no Essence Soul realm powerhouses there.

In the afternoon, Yu Huo and Su Lian started running their great alchemy business.

Both of them used precious elixir cauldrons. In particular, Yu Huo’s Nine Dragons Blazing Sun Cauldron could allow him to refine nine pills at the same time, something that was a huge eye-opener for Chen Chen!

The pills required by the Dark Immortal Sect were not unusual either. They were either meant for enhancing one’s cultivation level or healing wounds.

They spent a great deal of time refining, another wave of demons coming from outside the city to provoke them, but they were soon driven away by the two peak Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the Dark Immortal Sect.

Everything seemed normal.

Chen Chen even saw the Dark Immortal Sect cultivators dragging back a bunch of bloodied demon corpses.

In addition, many of the Dark Immortal Sect cultivators were also injured.

Seeing those injured Dark Immortal Sect cultivators, Yu Huo and Su Lian both worked even harder to refine pills. They even decided not to sleep.

Late at night.

Chen Chen remained seated, deep in thought.

He couldn’t figure out what the Dark Immortal Sect had in mind, but he was certain that they were not out to kill him.

It wasn’t worth wasting so much effort on that.

‘Could it be that this group of half-demons doesn’t have ill intentions?’ Chen Chen couldn’t help but suspect.

He was not a headstrong person. If he couldn’t figure something out, he would consider it from another perspective.

At this moment, Yuan Qingtian’s figure gradually appeared from behind him.

“Senior Brother, the cultivation levels of those two Dark Immortal Sect cultivators are too high so I didn’t dare to get too close, but I still vaguely heard some unpleasant things.”

Chen Chen lowered his voice and asked, “What did you hear?”

“Those two old guys mentioned the word lord many times, so I guess there are people above them!

“They also said that they would kill two out of three people and leave one as a witness. They must be talking about the three of you!

“I also heard them mention something about Soul-Devouring and a blood sacrifice, which are obviously diabolic. This Dark Immortal Sect must be an evil sect!”

After saying this, Yuan Qingtian quietly waited to be complimented. After all, he felt that his analysis was very reasonable and justified, thinking that he had picked up a thing or two from Chen Chen.

However, Chen Chen fell into deep thought.

Yuan Qingtian’s analysis meant nothing to him because it was something that even a fool could deduce.

What he was thinking about was the link between the words.

“Witness… I see…”

After a long time, Chen Chen came to a sudden realization.

They, the group of people from the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, had another role besides refining pills.

That was to bear witness.

The Dark Immortal Sect was probably up to something really evil, which didn’t seem to have anything to do with them in the first place.

The presence of this group of people, including Chen Chen, would prove the innocence of the Dark Immortal Sect so that the Dark Immortal Sect would be able to answer to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan and continue staying at the Eastern Border.

In all probability, the heinous scheme they had devised was related to the blood sacrifice and Soul-Devouring.

“Senior Brother, does my conjecture make sense?” Yuan Qingtian couldn’t help but ask when he didn’t get the response he wanted from Chen Chen.

“It makes sense, you’ve become much smarter,” Chen Chen praised him perfunctorily.

He obviously wouldn’t be stingy with his praises for Yuan Qingtian since it didn’t cost any Spirit Stones to give a compliment, and it would also motivate his subordinate.

Yuan Qingtian was overjoyed to hear his words, feeling that he was another step closer to becoming the commander!

“Senior Brother, I think we should keep a low profile now, lest we alarm the enemies. We have to quietly wait for them to give themselves away!”

“Qingtian, you’re really getting smarter and smarter.”

“Senior Brother, should I lower my cultivation a bit more to prevent attracting attention from the Dark Immortal Sect?” Yuan Qingtian asked, flailing his arms about and gleefully doing a happy dance.

“No, you’re already weak enough,” Chen Chen replied distractedly.

Yuan Qingtian’s smile stiffened when he heard that, and immediately afterward, he sulked and returned to the corner to draw circles in the air.

On the following day, Chen Chen left his abode on the pretext of strolling around Fukun City.

To put it nicely, the two Dark Immortal Sect cultivators who accompanied him served as “guides.”

Chen Chen wasn’t bothered. When hovering over Fukun City, he used the system in his mind to track constantly.

“System, where is the strongest being within a hundred-meter radius?”

“It’s you, Host.”

By the time Chen Chen flew over a certain abandoned corner, he finally heard a different answer.

“It’s the Essence Soul realm half-demon 70 meters down on the left.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen kept a straight face, continuing to look around as curiously as he did before. He looked exactly like most ordinary young people would when they arrived at a strange place.

He also saw that abandoned corner.

It was an uninhabited alley that seemed to have been completely wrecked and deserted because of the battle that had taken place.

However, Chen Chen noticed something unusual.

The trees on the land where the alley was situated had withered to the point that only the trunks were left.

He looked over again, only to realize that the area around the alley… It seemed to be devoid of life. There wasn’t a single tuft of grass growing!

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