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Chapter 202: Demons’ Mass Dance

When he was guarding the Sixteenth City, he stopped by the ancient battlefield to pick up something but ended up meeting a half-demon who robbed him halfway.

After a battle of wits, he found the identity token of the Gray Immortal Sect from the half-demon’s storage ring.

The half-demon’s cultivation level was not too bad, but there was no movement from the Gray Immortal Sect afterwards.

In Chen Chen’s opinion, he obviously had a guilty conscience.

However, he did not have time to pay much attention to this Gray Immortal Sect because the second line of defense collapsed, and the battlefield also shifted to the human frontier.

He didn’t expect to hear about the Gray Immortal Sect here again.

‘No, I must tell the Master about this,’ Chen Chen secretly made up his mind.

Knowing clearly that there might be a situation there, he couldn’t barge into it aimlessly.

Of course, he was not afraid, but he wasn’t sure if his Senior Brother and Senior Sister would be.

After Yu Huo and Su Lian each went back to prepare, and the other six honest people dispersed, Chen Chen finally had a chance to spend some time alone with Yu Qiong.

“If you have something to say, just get straight to it,” Yu Qiong said when she saw that Chen Chen was hesitant to speak.

Chen Chen didn’t hesitate either, immediately telling her about the incident that happened that day, as well as the doubts within him.

That wasn’t all. He even took out the token of the Gray Immortal Sect from the storage ring in the corner to prove that he wasn’t lying.

Seeing that token, Yu Qiong frowned slightly and said hesitantly, “After coming to the eastern border, the Gray Immortal Sect has won several big victories, killed countless demons, and even offered a large number of demon pills to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan. If not, the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan wouldn’t have sent so many alchemists to the Gray Immortal Sect. Do you suspect that such a clan might have a connection with the demons?”

Chen Chen secretly thought, ‘What’s so strange about that? Didn’t Lao Hei also win repeatedly in the State of Zhou? He even beat Zhou Renlong! But what’s the truth? He’s my pig!’

Although he thought so in his heart, Chen Chen could not possibly say it out loud.

“Master, I just suspect it. We have to keep our guard up!”

Yu Qiong nodded slightly and replied, “It makes sense, but it still has to pass. Also, remember not to spread rumors without concrete evidence. The Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan has unified thousands of large and small clans, and we have to convince others with reason.”

Chen Chen was speechless. After a moment of silence, he muttered softly, “Master, do you know how powerful the Gray Immortal Sect is?”

“There are three peak Nascent Soul realm cultivators, but they’re negligible to you.”

Hearing his words, Chen Chen immediately perked up and said with a worried expression, “That’s just the ones they show on the surface. If they have any hidden Essence Soul realm powerhouses, I will not be able to do anything!”

After saying that, they looked at each other again with an obvious meaning in their eyes.

Seeing this, Yu Qiong said coldly with a trace of suspicion, “Did you badmouth the Gray Immortal Sect because you want to take something from us? Did you rob that token?”

‘To be honest he’s really vile and it won’t be surprising if he does it.’

Hearing those words, Chen Chen was stunned, and he stumbled backwards while looking at his master in disbelief.

He muttered, “Master… Are you doubting my character?”

His disbelief turned into feelings of aggravation, misery, and sadness.

His eyes were completely red.

“I, Chen Chen… I may not be a good person, but I’ll do my best to protect the person I’m sure about. Moreover, as a human, I have a big heart. I can’t frame a good clan for my own selfish desires…”

After saying that, Chen Chen wiped his tears, disappointment in his eyes.

Seeing this scene, Yu Qiong felt that she had gone overboard.

“Master… I thought that I’d earn your trust after joining you. That’s also the reason that I decided to tell you about this without any concrete evidence. Now it seems that I had thought too much. You do not trust me, and we are not at the point where we can be honest with each other. Master, I am going! If I don’t make it back…”

Before Chen Chen could finish his words, another black dagger appeared in his hand.

“This Soul Extinguishing Blade contains a blow from a powerhouse at the peak of the Essence Soul realm. It’s very precious. Take it and don’t try this trick with me again,” Yu Qiong said with a look of disdain because she had nothing better to say to this disciple of hers.

Chen Chen put away the Soul Extinguishing Blade and said solemnly, “Master, don’t worry. I’ll do my best to find out the truth!”

Yu Qiong nodded with a trace of killing intent in her eyes.

“If there is really a problem, remember to get rid of the root of the problem, and don’t leave any trouble behind. Of course, if you gain anything, you’d better…”

“Master, this matter is very important. I still have to go back to make preparations. Goodbye!”

Chen Chen raised his hands and turned around to leave. Before Yu Qiong could react, he had already vanished without a trace.

Yu Qiong was left alone in the wind.

‘I seem to have suffered a loss today, huh? It’s so hard to guard against this kid!’

Half a day later, Chen Chen returned to the State of Jin.

Chen Chen Chen, Yu Huo, and Su Lian flew in a small flying boat towards the place where the Gray Immortal Sect resided.

Chen Chen took Yuan Qingtian along with him while Yu Huo and Su Lian each took a late Nascent Soul realm cultivator with them.

Chen Chen could tell from the sharp gaze in their eyes that they were not weak at all. In terms of combat power, they were definitely stronger than Yu Huo and State of Jin.

He, too, would have to slap them at least twice to kill them.

“Junior Brother, when we reach the Gray Immortal Sect, just leave it to me to deal with those you want to deal with. However, you have to take some time out to learn how to interact with others. You’re so young, after all. Such an opportunity to experience is quite rare for you,” Yu Huo said earnestly with a caring expression.

Chen Chen nodded obediently.

He didn’t tell Yu Huo and Su Lian of the suspicions he had about the Gray Immortal Sect.

Otherwise, they would probably arouse the suspicion of the Gray Immortal Sect, and by then, they wouldn’t be able to even investigate.

They headed all the way South.

After flying for tens of thousands of kilometers, they finally landed in a large city.

It was called Fukun City, which was originally an important city in the Eastern Border. Due to the fact that the Gray Immortal Sect performed well there, they were in charge of the border.

The Gray Immortal Sect was also very competent, defeating several demons together with the tens of thousands of cultivators in the city.

As soon as the flying boat landed, a group of cultivators wearing black and white clothes lined up to greet them.

The two old men at the head of the group were both very kind. When they saw Chen Chen and the others, they immediately grinned like they had seen their father.

“Cultivators of the Gray Immortal Sect, greet the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan’s emissary! It is really a blessing for us!”

“It is rumored that the alchemists of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan are all extraordinary, and now that I see it is true! Your presence here is a great blessing to our clan!

“Please come this way. We have prepared a banquet to welcome you all.”

Yu Huo and Su Lian, both of whom were ordinary looking, grinned widely when they were praised. After saying some pleasantries, he followed behind them.

Chen Chen originally had an extraordinary aura in the first place, and such praises were ordinary to him. Hence, he remained calm and pretended to be glad.


The group of people walked into a large residence in the city, in which there was a luxurious banquet taking place. There were also lots of beautiful female cultivators who were exhibiting their skills.

Feeling valued by the Gray Immortal Sect, Yu Huo and Su Lian felt much better. However, they were alchemists, and could not adapt to such extravagance.

“Clan Master, Great Elder, there’s no need to perform the dance. There’s a war between two clans now, and it’s not suitable,” Yu Huo said indifferently.

He, Su Lian, and Chen Chen sat in the master seats while Yuan Qingtian and two other attendants stood closely behind them.

The two old men of the Gray Immortal Sect answered respectfully after hearing their words, “The Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan is indeed worthy of being a great clan of the human race. You guys are so righteous. We are far inferior and we’re just making fools out of ourselves!”

Yu Huo humbly waved his hand repeatedly.

Su Lian grinned without speaking, but her expression was solemn.

Chen Chen remained silent, an indifferent expression on his face.

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