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Chapter 201: I Won’t Be At Ease If You Don’t Go

“It’s not as good as your personal guidance, Senior Brother!” Chen Chen answered solemnly.

The two looked at each other, and both saw the glint in each other’s eyes.

“Let’s not bother choosing a day, we’ll set off today!”

The second Senior Sister who was at the side, couldn’t contain her excitement as she wished she could fly straight to that Cave Abode now and look at the ancient formulas.

The other Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters also felt the same. After all, they were all passionate about alchemy.

They felt just as eager and excited as Chen Chen was when he found out that there was a delicious mussel in a faraway place.

The only difference was that the mussel was too far away and Chen Chen couldn’t leave in a short period of time.

However, the State of Jin was in the human frontier. To the eight honest people, it wasn’t considered too far.

However, Chen Chen seemed to be conflicted after hearing his words.

‘What a joke, there’s no such Cave Abode at all.’

“Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, I’ve come to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan only for a few days. If I leave now, my master will definitely be displeased with the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan… Let’s wait for a while. After a while, I’ll bring you guys there personally!”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the eight honest people were slightly stunned but they soon looked ashamed.

They had indeed failed to consider things properly. Chen Chen had only come to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan for a few days, and he had yet to experience the impressive power of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan. Yet, they were thinking of making him go back. It was indeed too inhumane of them.

“Junior Brother, you’re right. Besides, at our current level, we won’t be able to read those ancient words even if we go to the Cave Abode. It’s only going to feel like a fresh sense of novelty.”

Yu Huo shook his head and then looked at the other seven honest people with a solemn expression.

Seeing this, the seven of them suppressed their excitement.

Time passed like flowing water, and half a month had passed in a flash.

Chen Chen was still sitting by the desk and writing.

As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning.

After he figured out the formula of the Foundation-Building Elixir, refining the other pills were a breeze for him.

For the past two weeks, he would take half of his time every day to deduce the equations of five pill formulas.

Although those five pill formulas were not that advanced, they were much more complicated than the Foundation-Building Elixir as they were all pills that the State of Jin lacked the most now.

“Chen Chen, the ancient Cave Abode that you want has been set up and the stone walls have also been erected. What exactly do you want?”

Xiao Wuyou’s question came from the messenger token.

“Master, you’ll find out in the future that I’m doing this for the good of the two states,” Chen Chen said, deliberately making things up.

“When you go out, cheat less people.Otherwise, I’m worried you might not be able to pass the Essence Soul realm tribulation.”

“Don’t worry, Master, I know, I’m doing it for others’ good.”

After replying, Chen Chen put the messenger token away and shook his head slightly.

‘How is that cheating others?’

He took his eight Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters to the State of Jin to learn the ancient formula, and they would inevitably have to practice a lot. He would then have to provide materials for them to refine elixirs.

Under such circumstances, accepting elixirs wouldn’t be considered overboard.

Chen Chen dare bet that if he told his Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters to refine elixirs for him in exchange for an opportunity to learn the formulas from him, they would definitely agree.

However, that would be too utilitarian and seem impersonal.

By doing that, he would not only allow his eight eight Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters learn alchemy, he could also let them experience the warmth of the human world.

What’s not to like?

Thinking of this, Chen Chen could not help but be moved. He had been really worried sick and gone to great lengths for the eight of them.

However, before he could continue to be moved, he heard Yu Qiong’s voice ringing in his ear.

“Come with me.”

A few moments later, Chen Chen came to the palace hall.

Chen Chen and his few Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters arrived at Yu Qiong’s residence.

Yu Qiong still looked like an expert and there were no changes in her appearance.

However, after seeing the nine disciples, she subconsciously frowned.

She felt that when they looked at her, they seemed less reverent than before.

However, when they looked at Chen Chen, there was lots of concern and admiration.

“Does this kid want to reap the benefits I sowed and take away the disciples I’ve nurtured?”

Yu Qiong was shocked after that thought came to mind.

She felt that she might have caused trouble to herself.

‘This kid is immoral.’

If it wasn’t for the intense war between the two clans, she would have chased him away a long time ago.

“You should know about the situation in the human race now too. There are lots of senior alchemists of the clan who have gone to the other three sects to provide aid.”

“Apart from that, the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan has to refine a large number of pills everyday for the Jade Tripod City. So you guys can’t be idle either. Now, there is an affiliated clan asking for assistance from the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan and the elder in charge of Foreign Affairs has asked me to send three alchemists to that clan to refine pills for a month. Which one of you is willing to go?”

The eight of them looked at each other.

As the disciples of the Saintess, they had high statuses in the clan too, and their alchemy talent was also considered the best of the bunch. Hence, they definitely wouldn’t be sent to another clan.

They were surprised that they had to be sent away now.

That showed how serious the war was.

Faced with such a righteous task, of course they couldn’t turn it down.

Apart from Chen Chen, the other eight of them spoke in unison.

“Master, I’m willing to go!”

Looking at her disciples, Yu Qiong nodded in satisfaction before saying, “Yu Huo, Su Lian, take Chen Chen with you.”

Hearing his name, Chen Chen’s heart skipped a beat.

Second Senior Sister’s name was Su Lian, and he was not surprised that Yu Qiong would send Yu Huo and Su Lian. After all, their alchemy knowledge was the most advanced among the nine disciples.

In particular, Yu Huo could refine the pills that Essence Soul realm powerhouses needed.

‘But why did she send me? That’s creating unnecessary trouble. Am I supposed to refine Foundation-Building Elixirs all day?’

At the thought of this, Chen Chen subconsciously wanted to refuse.

“Master… I’ve been researching pill formulas lately but I don’t quite know how to refine pills…”

Before he could finish his words, Yu Qiong suddenly said sternly, “This is the first time your Senior Brother and Senior Sister are going to other clans, so you must go!”

After he said those words, a subtle and almost unnoticeable voice entered Chen Chen’s mind.

“If you don’t go, I won’t be at ease.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen stopped saying what he wanted to.

If he was Yu Qiong, he would be worried too because it was their first time out and they weren’t very street smart.

‘But what does Yu Qiong mean?’

‘She’s making it sound as if I’m old and experienced!’

‘Mind you I’m only a teenager!’

‘Damn it, why won’t this lousy master worry about me? I’m young too!’

Chen Chen secretly despised Yu Qiong for being biased.

The rest didn’t understand Yu Qiong’s intentions as they looked at Chen Chen with sympathy.

‘What did Junior Brother do to displease Master? He’s only been here for less than a month but she’s already sending him away.’

‘Is Master upset that he’s returning to the State of Jin?’

Thinking of this, they began to feel guilty and indebted to Chen Chen.

“Junior Brother, here are some pills I made. They’re essential for traveling. Take them all.”

“I have some here too.”

The remaining six Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters were generous, and Chen Chen soon had a bunch of pill bottles in his arms.

Yu Huo and Su Lian looked at Yu Qiong and begged, “Master, Junior Brother is still young. If he has done something wrong, please be more understanding…”

Yu Qiong nodded slightly, not surprised by their honesty.

Seeing this situation, the two of them immediately assured, “Master, don’t worry, we’ll definitely take good care of Junior Brother!”

“Yes, Junior Brother is sincere to everyone and he’s prone to suffering a loss but with us around, you don’t have to worry!”

Yu Qiong continued to nod with a straight face. ‘Your Junior Brother can kill all eight of you easily, why would he need you to take care of him?’

“Master, which clan are we going to?”

Chen Chen came over and asked.

Hearing this, Yu Qiong thought about it for a while before answering, “A medium-sized clan called Gray Immortal Sect. They fled from the northern border, and have only been affiliated to the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan for a while.”

“Gray Immortal Sect?”

Hearing this name, Chen Chen’s pupils immediately constricted.

He didn’t expect to hear the name of that sect in the Eastern Border.

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