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Chapter 20: Destroying the Wang Family

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Wang Hu didn’t want to listen to Chen Chen at this time, only seeing the white horse Chen was riding.

That was his daughter Wang Suqin’s horse!

Before he could ask more, Chen Chen said calmly, “It’s normal for you not to recognize me. My name is Chen Chen; Chen Shan is my dad. Do you understand now?”

When he said this, Wang Hu’s face suddenly became gloomy.

Earlier in the morning, Wang Suqin had said that she would take some people to Stone Village, bringing back the heads of the Chen family with her.

Then why was the Chen kid riding his daughter’s horse to his door?

This really puzzled him.

“You untouchable, did my daughter ask you to come here and beg for mercy? Do you deserve to ride this horse? Come down this instant!”


Wang Hu rolled his eyes, thinking he had understood the situation.

As for everyone in the Wang family being wiped out, it wasn’t something he had even considered.

Who would have expected an immortal to come out of a shabby tenant village?

“Insolent! Wang Hu, how dare you insult my elder brother?! I will fight you to the death!”


Chen Chen didn’t give any reaction, but Zhang Ji became angry. He drew his sword and pointed it at Wang Hu, shouting angrily.

Wang Hu and Steward Zhao looked at each other and then at Zhang Ji as if he was a mentally disabled child.


They thought this kid had become stupid somehow. He was 20 years old and the son of a prominent family. Yet he called a young man dressed in sackcloth, who seemed to be less than 18 years old, his elder brother?


There was surely something wrong with him.

Looking at Zhang Ji, who was more loyal than his Lao Hei, Chen Chen was a little speechless. He pointed and a ray of flame flew out of his finger, turning the guard at the front into ashes.


Ever since he had learned how to control fire, Chen Chen had evolved from close combat to a more distant attack.


And compared to kicking, this fire control technique was much more advanced and elegant, instantly distinguishing him from mortals, which had the added benefit of shocking people.

Seeing this, the scene suddenly became so quiet, a needle dropping able to be heard.


Whether it was a servant, Wang Hu, or Steward Zhao, everyone’s eyes grew as big as copper bells; no one could believe what was happening.

Was the young man riding a white horse in front of them… an immortal?


“If you have killed for the Wang family, end yourself. If you haven’t killed for them, get out of here now and I will spare your life.

“As for the Wangs, they all have to die today.”

Chen Chen drew back his hand. His tone was light and carefree.

The group of servants, who were normally as fierce as wolves, turned into sheep instantly. Their knives were tossed out in fright and they all knelt on the ground, begging Chen Chen for mercy.

In this world, the deterrent power of immortals against mortals was indeed terrifying.

“Everyone who can get out, get out. I don’t want to do more killing karma today,” Chen Chen ordered while seated on the horse, secretly pleased.


He couldn’t help but think of the protagonists in those martial arts dramas from his previous life. As soon as they announced their names, something like “South Murong” or “North Qiaofeng,” people became terrified.


“It’s a pity that I started so late, I haven’t gotten a name yet.”

While he pondered over this, some of the servants had already thrown away their weapons and were about to run.

“System, who among these people deserves to die?” Chen Chen asked in his mind while everyone was preparing to run.


“Five meters on the left, six meters on the right, and eight meters on the right…” The system reported five people in a row.

These five people, without exception, did not intend to end themselves.

Chen Chen sneered, shooting a ray of flame at one of the faster servants, instantly burning him to ashes.

“I hope you know what bad things you have done. If you commit suicide, at least you can leave the body whole. Think about it.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, the few who had killed people fell to the ground with weak legs. After a while, they were so frightened, they lost control of their bowels.

This world believed that being buried upon death was best, and those who died without a whole body would not reincarnate. So, burning into ashes in their eyes was many times more terrifying than death itself.


Earlier, when Chen Chen kicked someone to death in Stone Village, some Wang servants had still dared to fight him to the death, but now, by using the fire control technique, he had scared these servants out of their minds.

“Immortal! I’m wrong! I will be a good person in my next life!” one servant cried and shouted, then slit his own throat.

The remaining few were all scared, lying on the ground like dead dogs, unable to commit suicide.

They had no way out. The immortal in front of them was too terrifying, and they couldn’t even hide if they had killed before. To them, he was like God, unable to be resisted.

As for the servants who had sinned less, they had all run off without a trace.

Wang Hu and Steward Zhao had finally realized what was happening. Both of them were quite scared.

Steward Zhao stopped mentioning the idea of the marriage. He wiped cold sweat off of his forehead and said, “Immortal, I was just passing by. I have nothing to do with this Wang family. Goodbye!”

He had already cursed 18 generations of the Wang family over and over in his mind. He had also figured out why Zhang Ji wanted to recognize this young man as an elder brother.

The man was an immortal. Never mind Zhang Ji calling him elder brother, he could have made Steward Zhao, a man in his 50s, call him grandfather!

“Hm?” Chen Chen glanced at him.

That single look forced Steward Zhao to kneel on the ground.

“Immortal, I really have nothing to do with the Wang family!”

“Keep kneeling.”


“Yes…” Steward Zhao responded. The cold sweat on his face was falling like rain, but he didn’t dare to move an inch.

As for Wang Hu, he was also panting heavily at this moment. He had realized by now what had happened to the Wang family crew who had gone over to Stone Village.

Who would have known that a sudden evil thought would have ruined his whole family?

‘Suqin, you have ruined me!’ Wang Hu cursed in his heart, then picked up a knife on the ground and swiped it at his neck.


Chen Chen’s eyes twitched at this scene.

At this moment, he had also fully realized the terrifying power of immortals in this world.

He was afraid that some immortals had also done some bad things. Why would they scare a group of mortals into such a state otherwise?

“Brother Chen… This…”

The admiration in Zhang Ji’s eyes went beyond words, but his vocabulary was really lacking, and he couldn’t express himself very smoothly.

“Ji Cao, Wu Liu,” Chen Chen said with a smile.


Zhang Ji did not understand, but it did not affect his continued admiration.


Then he seemed to think of something, and volunteered, “Brother Chen, let me take care of the rest. I heard that after starting the path of immortality, it is not appropriate to slaughter many mortals. Otherwise, you will be hit with jealousy when you rise to heaven!


“If you were an ordinary cultivator, it would be fine, but in your case, Brother Chen, you will definitely rise.”

After saying this, Zhang Ji carried his sword and rushed into the Wang compound.

Chen Chen marveled at his retreating shape.

What a competent little brother he was!

He was not only filled with confidence in his elder brother, he was also willing to volunteer and share his worries!

Not only was he concerned for his elder brother, there was no need to worry about him dropping dead one day either.

Even more importantly, he brought opportunities for his elder brother.

This kind of little brother was comparable to a great opportunity; it was incredible to meet and impossible to find!


He had to keep on bamboozling him and make him even more loyal!


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