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Chapter 198: Something In My Eye

“Haha, very interesting.”

Yu Qiong suddenly chuckled.

Suddenly as Chen Chen was about to speak, Yu Qiong stuffed a pill into his mouth at the speed of lightning.

The pill melted in his mouth, and before he could even react, it turned into a mass of spiritual energy that vanished in his body.


Chen Chen was surprised. ‘What does it mean?’

“Disciple, you have consumed too many heavenly treasures and herbs, and your body is full of medicinal toxins. The pill I’ve just fed you is the Heavenly Detoxification Elixir that I took 49 days to refine. Within a few days of taking this pill, all the toxins within your body will be eliminated and you will no longer be plagued with these worries.”

Yu Qiong was earnest and serious.

Chen Chen was speechless.

‘How can there be toxins in my body? Even if there are any, they would have been destroyed by the Thunder Tribulation.’

He had met stingy people before however, this was the first time he had met someone as stingy as her.

‘She gave me a random pill and claimed that she took 49 days to refine it. Does she think I’m a fool like Yuan Qingtian?’

“What? You don’t believe me?” Suddenly, Yu Qiong’s gaze turned stern and threatening.

Unable to voice his concerns, Chen Chen smiled and repeated, “No… No, thank you, Master.”

Hearing his words, Yu Qiong immediately smiled triumphantly.

“Don’t go overboard. Whenever the people from the outer clan asked me to help, they would gift me three or four storage rings of treasures. I decided to feed you the elixir only because you’ve just joined the clan. Otherwise, I would never give you such a precious elixir.”

‘I am the one who lost!’ Chen Chen secretly thought.

‘You stuffed a random elixir into my mouth and forced me to accept your favor… How shameless!’

Thinking about the four heavenly treasures that he gave away, Chen Chen felt anguished and heartbroken.

“No, I must get those things back even if I have to go all out today!”

Chen Chen gritted his teeth and pretended to be touched. “I will never forget your kindness, I’ll remember the Heavenly Detoxification Elixir that you gave me… When I meet outsiders in the future, I will boast about the impressive functions of this expression and emphasize that you had spent 49 days refining this for me. I’ll let outsiders know how much you love and care for your disciple!”

The smile on Yu Qiong’s face instantly froze.

‘What Heavenly Detoxification Elixir? That’s just some bullshit she made up.’

If there were really elixirs in this world that could dispel medicinal poison and toxins, wouldn’t alchemists be able to swallow pills to enhance their cultivation without restraint?

‘This kid… is indeed not on the same level as the other disciples. He’s so smart that I can even empathize with him.’

Thinking of this, she sighed and took out a golden orb-like treasure from her storage ring.

When Chen Chen saw the treasure, he gritted his teeth and thought, ‘This time, I will never let this master act presumptuously.’

When Yu Qiong saw Chen Chen’s expression, she laughed and shook her head while placing the orb-like treasure in his hand.

“This treasure is known as a Soul Stabilizing Pill and it can protect your soul. I’ve heard of your strength, Nascent Soul realm cultivators are your match but there’s a huge difference between you and the Essence Soul realm powerhouses who have divine senses.”

“Besides, this Soul Stabilizing Pill can also fix some external invasion within your Essence Soul, and it will prevent you from being taken over. Your body is actually your greatest treasure, and maybe, there are already some old monsters who are eying you.”

Chen Chen grabbed the Soul Stabilizing Pill and secretly used the system to identify it.

After making sure it was real, he put it away joyfully.

After the encounter, he did not lose.

Of course, it was thanks to the fact that this new master of his was kind enough to not be excessively stingy.

Since they had acknowledged each other as master and disciple respectively, they naturally had to start discussing the issue of teaching.

Yu Qiong looked at Chen Chen and said, “Since you already have a master for helping you with cultivation, I won’t teach you. As for alchemy… learn from your Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters for the time being. I’ll naturally take over and teach you when they have nothing more to teach you.”

Chen Chen nodded after coming to a realization.

Although his master seemed to be stingy, his current alchemy level was indeed not worthy of Saintess Yu Qiong’s teachings.

He had the decency to be self-aware and realize it without being told.

An hour passed.

Chen Chen then met his five Senior Brothers and three Senior Sisters in the courtyard, the strongest of which was only at the late Nascent Soul realm.

Chen Chen felt that he could slap all of them to death in one go.

Of course, he could not do such a thing.

His first Senior Brother was a generous elder.

His Second Senior Sister was a kind lady.

His third Senior Brother was an amicable middle-aged man.

His eighth Senior Sister was a nice lady.

All in all, they seemed similar and were just as kind.

While feeling heartened, Chen Chen grew a little… expectant.

“Greetings, Senior Brothers and Senior Sister.” Chen Chen greeted with respect.

At this moment, he felt out of place again. If Yuan Qingtian joined him and became his Junior Brother, he would be really compatible.

Apart from that, they were all looking at their master with a gaze that seemed familiar to him.

There was enthusiasm and respect in their eyes that resembled that of which in Yuan Qingtian’s eyes when he was looking at Chen Chen.

“These Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters seem to be nice and affable.”

Without waiting for Chen Chen to continue thinking about it, the eight Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters gave him hefty meeting gifts, all of which were pills of great value.

Chen Chen was flattered and he immediately thanked them, thinking to himself that they were much more generous than his stingy master.

Seeing that her disciples were getting along well and harmoniously, Yu Qiong smiled in satisfaction and returned to the courtyard.

In the west of the courtyard, there was a detached house that was neither too large nor small.

“Junior Brother, you are new here, I will teach you some basic general knowledge of alchemy first.”

Inside the large room, Senior Brother Yu Huo looked at Chen Chen with a gentle face.

As for the other Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, they didn’t have the intention to leave either.

After Yu Huo had taught Chen Chen for 15 minutes, he looked at Chen Chen’s eighth Senior Sister again.

“I’ll teach you about the control of fire today.”

Just one after another, half a day later, the eldest Senior Brother taught Chen Chen everything.

Chen Chen, who had listened to the teachings, looked at his eighth Senior Sister and asked, “Eighth Senior Sister, have you been taught personally by Master before?”

Hearing his words, she shook her head and said, “I’m far from learning from her, I haven’t fully learned what Eldest Senior Brother taught me.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen wasn’t surprised and he looked at his seventh Senior Brother.

Along the way, he discovered that even the second Senior Sister who had been in the clan for 80 years had never been taught personally by Yu Qiong before.

Such a fact made him shocked.

‘Is it that easy to be a master?’

‘As long as you teach a disciple well, you can take in unlimited disciples?’

Thinking of this, he subconsciously looked at Eldest Senior Brother.

He too shook his head and said with his eyes full of respect, “99 years ago, I gambled with Master on alchemy, and I lost by a bit. So, I had to help her teach new disciples for a hundred years. Those hundred years are going to be up in a year and Master has already promised me a second bet. I feel that I may not lose this time!”

After he spoke, a fine glint of light flashed in Eldest Senior Brother’s eyes, as if he was full of desire to fight.

Chen Chen became speechless as he choked.

‘Are all alchemists idiots? How can they be so honest?’

‘And that Yu Qiong is really too much!’

‘She accepted nine disciples but she has never taught a single one! How can there be such a lousy master!?!’

“No, I have to hurry to abduct a few alchemists and run away, nobody deserves to be Yu Qiong’s disciple… If I end up like them, that’ll be terrible.”

Chen Chen thought about it silently with a heavy heart.

Without further hesitation, Chen Chen began to use his system.

“System, use a tracking opportunity to track some of the more deceitful alchemists within 500 meters.”

Although the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan was large, a 50-kilometer radius was enough to cover most of the area of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.

The system quickly gave an answer.

“The eldest Senior Brother is one meter in front of the host.”

“The second Senior Sister is two meters to the host’s left.”

“The Third Senior Brother is one meter to the host’s right.”

“The eighth Senior Sister is five meters to the host’s left.”

Seeing this answer, Chen Chen suddenly fell silent.

He slowly raised his head, only to see that the eight Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters were also looking at him, their eyes full of concern. They seemed to be wondering why Chen Chen was displeased.

“Junior Brother, why do you often have tears in your eyes?” asked Yu Huo, the eldest Senior Brother who saw Chen Chen’s watery eyes.

Chen Chen looked to the side and wiped his tears. “It’s nothing… Something got in my eye…”

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