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Chapter 196: This Woman Is Extremely Terrifying

“How did he cheat? Do you have any evidence? If you tarnish someone’s innocence without evidence, you will be held responsible!”

The middle-aged alchemist was enraged, prepared to get justice for Chen Chen.

The five people’s expressions changed rapidly, and a moment later, they seemed to have come to a sudden realization.

“It must be you who leaked the content of the examination in advance!”

“That’s right! Who is he to you? Is he your illegitimate son?!”

“If that’s not the case, why are you so anxious when we say he cheated!?!”

The more the five of them talked, the more likely this scenario seemed in their opinion.

The middle-aged alchemist was dumbfounded and speechless after hearing them talk.

‘Damn it, they even framed me! This bunch of rascals are really brazen!’

Seeing this, the old man at the side couldn’t tolerate it any longer as he shook his head and reprimanded them, “My Disciple-Nephew wasn’t aware of the content of the test beforehand, don’t make wild guesses.”

“But Elder… How can this person achieve such an impressive feat? You’re an alchemist yourself, you should also know that such people do not exist in the world.”

The five of them all seemed indignant and furious. No matter what, they wouldn’t believe it.

As soon as he said that, violent coughing came from a spot near them.

Everyone looked over, only to see a pale Chen Chen, who had a bitter look in his eyes.

Seeing this, the middle-aged alchemist, Qing Yuan, hurriedly came over and said, “Chen Chen, you…”

“Senior, I’ve embarrassed myself. I’ve always been weak and laden with ailments since I was a child. My condition only got better after I tried lots of medicinal herbs. However, it’s a little uncomfortable for me to speak when I’m agitated,” Chen Chen answered with a smile.

Qing Yuan’s eyes were full of sympathy.

The five people were rather embarrassed too. Chen Chen was already in such a sorry plight. Yet, they were still being so overbearing towards him. It was indeed very unreasonable of them.

More importantly, they indeed did not have any evidence to prove that he had really cheated.

“Senior Brothers, I’m indeed quite talented in detecting the medicinal properties of herbs. I’ve tasted all kinds of herbs since I was a child, so now I can identify medicinal properties just by smelling them. However, my talent comes with lots of misery… To be honest, I’d rather not have this talent.”

As Chen Chen spoke, he began recalling the past with misery in his eyes as he thought of the hardships he had suffered. The agony he expressed was heartbreaking.

Chen Chen was now only about 20 years old and he had a youthful appearance.

Coupled with his subtle facial expressions, others might easily imagine how tragic his life used to be.

After Chen Chen played the sympathy card, the five of them were in greater self-reproach.

‘Have we really wronged him?’

Just as they were doubting themselves, Chen Chen walked up to the one who first raised the question and extended his hand.

“Senior Brother, you are from a prestigious academy, so you should be carrying medicinal herbs with you, right? Can you give me some so that I can prove myself?”

After hearing this, that person took out a 100-year-old Clear Spirit Herb from his arms and put it into Chen Chen’s hand.

“System, where is the strongest Clear Spirit Herb within a half-meter radius?”

“Host, it is the Clear Spirit Herb that contains 86% of the medicinal properties left in your hand.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen pretended to taste it.

Apart from finding it sweet, he didn’t feel anything else.

“100-year-old Clear Spirit Herb… About 86% of the medicinal properties have been retained. Senior Brother, you’ve been preserving it well.”

Hearing this answer, the man’s face suddenly changed!

Chen Chen actually stated exactly how much of the medicinal properties were left. It was really too terrifying!

Although he had plucked the Clear Spirit Herb and preserved it himself, he could only come up with an estimation of 80% or so…

Just this data is enough to prove that this Chen Chen did not make things up.

Before he could say anything, the old man had already taken the Clear Spirit Herb from Chen Chen’s hand and began to carefully sense it.

After a long time, he sighed and said, “Even I can only come to the conclusion of about 85%. Perhaps there really is a heavenly genius in this world…”

Hearing this, the remaining four people subconsciously took a few steps backwards, as if they had been dealt a huge blow.

Since it was a random herb that he had taken out, he couldn’t accuse Chen Chen of cheating.

Indeed, they had wronged Chen Chen!

Thinking of this, they looked at Chen Chen’s composed face and could not help but be ashamed of themselves.

“Hey… Junior Brother, I was too reckless previously. Please forgive me if I have offended you. I’ll definitely make it up to you in the future and give you an explanation!”

“Us too! Please don’t take it to heart if we caused you some emotional trauma, we won’t be at peace with each other!”

A few moments later, Chen Chen came to the palace hall.

Qing Yuan led Chen Chen, continuing to walk up the mountain.

He liked Chen Chen, the cultivator from a small country, more and more.

‘He’s extremely talented and most importantly, he’s nice and not annoying.’

In addition to natural talent, the most important thing for alchemists was a good state of mind.

Usually, when people get wronged, they would be furious and eager to partake in a tough fight.

However, Chen Chen had not only remained calm, he even responded with kindness.

Such a person was simply a natural alchemist, which made him feel that he had found a treasure.

His Uncle-Master had even asked him to take Chen Chen to see the Saintess, all in the hope that she would accept him as her disciple.

Disciples with good temperament were the Saintess’ favorite.

“Chen Chen, you don’t need to be nervous. The Saintess is kindhearted and mellow, she’s the most affable person in the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan!”

Seeing Chen Chen’s haste, Qing Yuan comforted him.

Chen Chen nodded. Of course, he did not expect to meet a beautiful woman.

The Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan, who was Xishuang’s master, was at the peak of the Essence Soul realm.

He thought that the Saintess of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan should be similar, and he was afraid that he might be seen through by such top powerhouses at a glance.

However, things had come to this point, and there was no turning back for him anymore. He no longer had a choice.


He was brought into an elegant courtyard by Qing Yuan.

There was a large tripod in the middle of the courtyard and the fire was still blazing. However, there was no one around.

Qing Yuan was not surprised to see this, saying respectfully, “Saintess, there is an extraordinarily talented disciple who took part in the assessment this time. He’s excellent, and most importantly, he’s kindhearted. Would you like to see him, Saintess?”

“Let him come in alone,” an ethereal voice came out from the depths of the courtyard.

Hearing this, Qing Yuan shot Chen Chen a glance.

Chen Chen had no choice but to bite the bullet and walk deeper into the courtyard. He soon saw a small, exquisite medicinal herb field.

There were nine heavenly treasures in the medicinal field, all of which had given birth to consciousness and become almost the same as the Ochre Yellow Spirit.

A woman dressed in white was watering them with an elegant posture.

Noticing the movement behind her, the woman turned around and looked at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen also looked at her.

Things turned out to be different from what he imagined, because the Saintess of the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan looked extremely young.

However, she was an extremely ordinary-looking girl.

Of course, the most important thing was that she had a natural and aloof aura, as if she had fused and become one with the world.

Her temperament, coupled with the vicissitude in her eyes, made Chen Chen certain that she was probably a mature woman.

“I- I’m Chen Chen. Greetings, Saintess!”

Chen Chen bowed very formally.

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