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Chapter 192: Gaining Fame

After Xia Xishuang left, Chen Chen was sad for a few days, but he soon began to seriously cultivate. At the same time, he also planned how to enhance the strength of the two countries.

The geographical location of the two states was the main source of their weakness.

Compared to the four human frontiers, the two countries’ spiritual energy was much less dense.

According to Zhou Renlong, it was because the Flame Mountain Range had blocked the earth’s spiritual veins, which was why the spiritual energy of the two countries was sparse.

In order to make the spiritual energy of the two countries similar to that of Great Xia, the Flame Mountain Range would have to be destroyed.

However, that wasn’t easy at all. There were rumors that the Flame Mountain Range had been formed by the fall of the Vermilion Bird. There were also some who said that the Flame Mountain Range was formed by the divine fire that fell from the world.

In short, with the power of cultivators in this world, there was no way to get rid of the Flame mountain range.

“If only there really was such a thing as an Iron Fan that can fan out the flames, “Chen Chen sighed.

However, he was not discouraged.

If he couldn’t destroy the Flame Mountain Range, he could still have the next best thing.

The Haoran Sword Clan was built atop a mountain. The spiritual energy within it was also extremely dense.

Hence, a top blessed land could be built with minimal manpower.

According to his plan, it would be better to set up a special cultivation place at the border of the two countries, and the spiritual energy inside must reach the level of the Haoran Sword Clan.

The cultivators of the two states would then cultivate in it.

Owning the blessed land would be akin to having a say. By then, it wouldn’t matter if he was the Clan Master or not.

Maybe, just maybe, a new clan might emerge, and he would be the ancestor of the new clan!

‘I just don’t know how much it would cost to create such a place.’

Chen Chen suddenly felt poor again.

If he merely wanted to improve himself, his assets would be more than enough, but if he wanted to develop a clan, it would be too difficult.

He could easily find resources by using the tracking system. What he lacked most was manpower.

He couldn’t expect a fool like Yuan Qingtian to help him develop the clan, right?

“I’m really worried about the development of the two states. I wonder how many people can understand me?”

While thinking about it, Chen Chen suddenly felt sorry for himself.

In the following period of time, Chen Chen cultivated during the day and went out to the famous mountains and rivers at night.

In less than a month, he left traces in the various famous mountains and rivers within the two states, while the storage ring got fuller and fuller.

Near the border of the two states, there was a nameless mountain that was rising quietly. Every single moment, there were many cultivators of the two states constructing buildings, and a large number of Spirit Gathering Arrays.

Outside the two states.

Chen Chen’s name gradually spread with the return of that group of demons.

He was known as “Innate spirit body,” “Xia Xishuang’s Dao partner,” “human cultivator who defeated Nine-Tailed Fox Hu Bai,” and so on…

Those were all the things that Chen Chen was labeled as.

Gradually, Chen Chen evolved from an unknown cultivator to someone who was slightly heard of. Although no one had seen him in real life, many were beginning to pay attention to his name.

On a certain battlefield of the Western Border.

Looking at the information in his hand, the human elite could not help but tremble.

An elder at the side immediately held onto him.

“Xia Xishuang actually has a Dao partner… No! I must kill that man!”

After roaring into the sky, the human elite wanted to fly in the other direction, but before he could leave the ground, he was held down by the old man next to him.

“Chen Chen is also a human elite. During the great battle, you must not act against a fellow human! Junior Clan Master, my condolences!”

That human race elite cried bitterly with misery after hearing those words

Such a scene happened among many humans, and overnight, Chen Chen made countless enemies.

In the Western Border.

A stunningly handsome male fox who was cuddling two demonesses was zoning out.

“Why do human elites like trampling on the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan to rise to fame? Damn it, they’re bullying us! Atrocious!”

Despite cursing, the male demon laughed out loud.

The old vixen at the side could not stop her face from twitching.

The lord’s wife had just passed, and he was still overjoyed. Hence, despite hearing the bad news, he could not help but laugh.

“Lord, I think we should teach Chen Chen a lesson. After all, he has ruined Lord Hu Bai’s foundation. She will probably have to cultivate for an additional fifty years in order to reach the Essence Soul realm.”

“Oh, then who is responsible for the land of the two states?” the male fox asked nonchalantly.

“Your daughter, Hu Xian’er. She grew up there, so she is familiar with it. You asked me to take care of her, so I asked the Demon Courts to let her take charge of the two states,” the old vixen said respectfully.

“Oh, it’s that girl. I’ve really let her down. Forget it, send more people to assist her. Give her some resources too. Let her find a chance to teach Chen Chen a lesson.”


The old vixen immediately retreated after responding respectfully. When she turned around, a glint of excitement flashed in her eyes.

“Missy, I dare not forget Madam’s kindness to me, but unfortunately, this is all I can help you with.”

At the Northern Border.

In the underground palace of a certain large hall.

An old man who looked frail and extremely aged was staring ahead, with eyes that were glassed over.


Looking at the state that he was in, a disciple at the side could not help but ask with concern.

“Jiang Chu, where is your brother Jiang Ran? Call him over.”

When Jiang Chu heard Jiang Ran’s name, a trace of grief appeared in his eyes and he said in a deep voice, “Master, Jiang Ran went to the State of Zhou to deal with this matter, but he never returned. I reckon… He should have encountered a mishap and fallen.”

“Fallen? That’s a shame. By the way, how’s the matter near the border of Great Xia?”

“After the demons invaded, the item went missing,” Jiang Chu said helplessly.

The old man smiled, and in a flash, the turbidity in his eyes disappeared without a trace. He spoke coldly, “In this case, forget it. Prepare some physical bodies for me. I can only make do now.”

Hearing these words, Jiang Chu sighed.

He had failed to break through to the Void Refinement realm for a hundred years, so he had no choice but to take the path of diabolism in a bid to force his way to the Void Refinement realm.

Who would have thought that there would be a series of consecutive changes? A few Yin Fiend Corpse Puppets that had been painstakingly refined were ruined completely. His master had also suffered the backlash of the heretical power, so much that his body was on the verge of falling.

Now, he had no choice but to get a few physical bodies as replacement and forcefully revive his body.

At the mention of the physical body, Jiang Chu suddenly thought of a name that had just recently emerged in the human race.

“Master, the human race has produced another innate spirit body, which is not from the four clans but the State of Jin. The State of Jin is the small vassal state where the Wuxin Clan is located. So… He probably doesn’t come from a powerful background.”

“Oh? Innate spirit body? Is it real?” The elder immediately straightened his back, agitation in his eyes.

“The news is from the demons, so it should be true.”

“Take the Dark Guards along. Don’t let things get out of hand.”


Chen Chen, who was far away in the State of Jin, still trying to cultivate at this time, was clueless to the fact that many people in the outside world were coveting him.

In the past month, the newly built clan had gradually come to life. It seemed like it would be ready in another two weeks.

However, when the time came, he would have probably spent all the Spirit Stones he owned.

Although the Spirit Stones only accounted for a small part of his assets, losing so much in one go still made him feel insecure.

Staying in a small place for a long time was definitely a waste of the tracking system. That gave him the idea to leave the two states again.

Hence, a few days ago, he began to pay attention to such news.

“Senior Brother, this is the news coming from the eastern border! It might be useful to you!”

At this time, Yuan Qingtian appeared from behind him and put a silk book in front of Chen Chen.

Chen Chen took the book and frowned.

It was the cultivator recruitment letter written by the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan.

As one of the four major clans of the human race, the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan was the best in alchemy, but they lacked combat power, so it had many affiliated clans under its command.

Now that it was time for war between the two clans, the affiliated clans were probably insufficient, so they were recruiting some cultivators.

“Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan…”

Chen Chen took a deep breath. He could not help but think about the cultivation enhancing pills at the supply points during the time when he was guarding the Great Wall.

“If only I could abduct some alchemists and bring them back…”

Thinking about it, Chen Chen suddenly smiled.

“Qingtian, come with me to the eastern border.”

Yuan Qingtian’s eyes lit up when he heard that. He laughed too, his smile becoming extremely lewd.

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