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Chapter 190: Chapter 190: Nice Name

“Everyone, you don’t have to send me. The path ahead of us is long, we will meet again!”

Chen Chen yelled at the top of his voice when he saw the figures chasing him.

After saying that, he sped up again.

“Junior Clan Master! The Demon Clan needs you!”

“Junior Clan Master, I don’t care about your identity, as long as you have no intentions to harm the Demon Clan, I will recognize you as Junior Clan Master!”

“If it weren’t for you, I would have been defeated and fallen long ago. Junior Clan Master, we can feel how you treat us!”

However, no matter how the people of the Demon Clan shouted, Chen Chen flew farther and farther away.

Seeing this scene, everyone began to panic.

The Junior Clan Master was not acting but rather, he was really leaving, which made them feel heartbroken and sad. It was as if the sky was becoming dim.

It was as if the Demon Clan was about to fall.

In the Demon Clan’s main hall, Zhou Shan looked at Zhou Renlong, feeling hesitant to speak.

On the other hand, Yuan Qingtian was lying on the ground and convulsing.

Looking at the Soul-Cleansing Divine Spring in his hand with a complicated gaze, Zhou Renlong seemed to be struggling whilst stuck in a dilemma. In the end, he cursed ruthlessly before vanishing right on the spot.

A few moments later, Chen Chen came to the palace hall.

Chen Chen returned to the main hall of the Demon Clan and made eye contact with everyone, only to see the emotions in each other’s eyes.

“Senior, why don’t you let me go? I don’t have the cheek to face everyone!”

Zhou Renlong stood at the top and said coldly, “Chen Chen, you kid learned my Demon Clan’s techniques and you want to run away like that? It’s not that easy!”

Chen Chen was a bit speechless.

‘Didn’t you tell me to get lost? Now that I’m leaving, you’re not happy about it?’

Although that was what he thought, he still looked rather guilty and ashamed but his guilt soon turned into relentlessness.

“Senior, in that case, I will abolish my cultivation level!”

After saying that, a bunch of people stopped Chen Chen before he could do anything.

The Demons Division master looked at Zhou Renlong and said, “Clan Master, we should be happy that Junior Clan Master is the successor of the Tianyun Clan because wouldn’t that mean that we can conquer the State of Jin without bloodshed?”

The others nodded after hearing his words, thinking that he made sense.

“Yes, the Junior Clan Master has unified the two states ahead of time, fulfilling the longtime wish of the Demon Clan!”

“Yes, it’s called achieving the same purpose through different means! I just know that the Junior Clan Master of the Demon Clan has become the future leader of the Tianyun Clan!”

Zhou Renlong couldn’t help but have the corners of his eyes twitch when he heard that. In his opinion, his subordinates had really lost their minds!

‘Isn’t this the Tianyun Clan’s attempt in conquering the Demon Clan?’

‘You guys just took some of his gifts, must you be so biased towards him?’

After cursing them and calling them fools in his head, he put the Soul-Cleansing Divine Spring back into his storage ring.

“Chen Chen, if it weren’t for the current war between the two clans, I’d definitely slap you to death!However, now that we are faced with the invasion of a foreign enemy, we have to put aside our hatchet for the time being. Let me ask you, are you a disciple of my Demon Clan’s body refinement lineage?”

Chen Chen answered solemnly, “Of course I am! In my heart, body refinement is as important as Qi Refinement, otherwise I wouldn’t have cultivated the Nascent Soul realm!”

“Which do you think is more important, the State of Zhou or the State of Jin?” Zhou Renlong asked again.

“Be it the State of Zhou or the State of Jin, in my eyes, everyone in both states are all human beings! Seeing the people of the State of Zhou suffer makes my heart ache as if it has been stabbed by a knife!”

Chen Chen had a sincere expression and Zhou Renlong sighed too.

‘This kid is really… impressive.’

Deep down within his heart, there was even a voice that was speaking up for Chen Chen.

In fact, after a battle at the front line, the relationship between the two states had actually eased up and Chen Chen could never return again. Yet, he actually did and not only did he return, he even helped the State of Zhou resolve their crisis.

A few days ago, he wanted to give the position of Clan Master to Chen Chen but the latter turned him down.

No matter what, Chen Chen had done his best for the Demon Clan.

What else could he ask for?

Besides, he had only joined the Tianyun Clan for a few months and if he became a mighty figure in the future, those few months would be insignificant.

As long as the Demon Clan treated him well, he might hand over the Tianyun Clan to them.

Thinking of this, Zhou Renlong said indifferently, “Chen Chen, I can accept everything else except the fact that you fooled all of us! That’s a huge shame and insult to the Demon Clan! But on the account that you infiltrated because you had no choice, I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself. Besides, I don’t know how much longer the war between the two clans will last but if you can save the Demon Clan and the whole State of Zhou, I will let you off the hook.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen was completely relieved and he said seriously, “Senior, you don’t have to tell me, I’ll do it! In my eyes, the Demon Clan is my second home, and the State of Zhou is my second hometown!”

“Hah, you’re calling me Senior?”

“Greetings, Clan Master!”


All the members of the Demon Clan heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that.

Although they felt uneasy, the result was not unacceptable to them.

On the other hand, Chen Chen continued to put the bronze mask on.

When they saw that mask, their conflicted feelings gradually vanished, as if nothing had happened before.

Of course, they were all just trying to convince themselves.

At this moment, Zhou Renlong stopped laughing and his gaze became profound again.

“Chen Chen, I heard that you have found a Dao partner. She’ll naturally become the wife of the Demon Clan’s Junior Clan Master. We mustn’t be impolite, take this as a meeting gift from me to her.”

While speaking, Zhou Renlong took out an ancient jade pendant from his storage ring and handed it to Chen Chen.

Although he seemed nonchalant, his heart was in turmoil.

This jade pendant was handed down by the Clan Master of the previous generation. It contained the powerful power of Qi and Blood of the Clan Master of various generations. It could also enhance one’s constitution.

He had no choice but to start from Chen Chen’s partner since Chen Chen was rich.

The other division masters had an epiphany when they saw that and all took out greeting gifts. Soon, Chen Chen was holding a large bunch of items which were all gifts for Xia Xishuang.

Although these things were not precious to Chen Chen, they were extremely precious to the members of the Demon Clan.

When Chen Chen saw this, he was at a loss for words.

Seeing the sincerity in their eyes, he felt rather perplexed.

Of course he knew what was going through their minds…

What they handed him was not just a meeting gift but their trust.

Even if Chen Chen was from the State of Jin and had lied to them, they still chose to trust him.

Since ancient times, only tricks would work in conquering hearts.

However, there was also another saying.

Sincerity can move all hearts.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen silently put all those things into his storage ring, and then swore with his fingers to the sky. “Everyone! I, Chen Chen, swear that if the Demon Clan does not fail me, then I will not fail the Demon Clan in this life! If I break my oath, my body and soul will be destroyed and I will never be reincarnated!”

The members of the Demon Clan were extremely shocked to hear that but they couldn’t help it since they were not cultured enough. Hence, they could only call out to him to express their agitation.

At this moment…

Yuan Qingtian, who was lying on the ground, suddenly sat up, which startled the people around him.

The crowd looked at the bewildered Yuan Qingtian, his eyes full of sympathy.

Yuan Qingtian should have been the one to be the most hurt by the fact that Chen Chen was the Junior Clan Master.

Who would have thought that the person he hated the most would be the one he loved the most too?

They were so frightened that they lost their rationality.

Seeing this, Dongfang Dang squatted down, patted Yuan Qingtian’s shoulder and said, “Qingtian, life is so unpredictable. Good that you’ve gotten over it, you have to be strong.”

The junior division master of the Division of Illusion could not help but comfort, “Yes, Qingtian, there is no hurdle in life that cannot be overcome. Maybe, this is heaven’s test for you.”

Yuan Qingtian became more and more bewildered at his words, while muttering non-stop.

“What are you talking about? Where is Senior Brother? Where is my Senior Brother?”

Everyone looked at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen had no choice but to bend down and help him up.

Seeing the familiar mask, Yuan Qingtian leapt up as if he had found his pillar of support.

“Senior Brother, I had a nightmare just now and it scared me badly! But I forgot the details. By the way, did the Clan Master make things hard for you? I remember he seemed to find fault with you.”

“No.” Chen Chen shook his head.

Yuan Qingtian patted his head and said helplessly, “Why did the Clan Master want to find trouble with you? How come I’ve forgotten? By the way, Senior Brother, what is your name again? I seem to have forgotten. That nightmare was really too strange!”

“Chen Chen…” Chen Chen answered.

Hearing this name, Yuan Qingtian came to a sudden realization.

“Yes! Yes! I was wondering why I had such a deep impression of this name. So it’s your name, Senior Brother! Chen Chen… nice name!”

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