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Chapter 19: Arriving at the Wangs

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Chen Chen blushed and helped Zhang Ji up. He asked in bewilderment, “How did you offend the Zhao family? Why do they want to kill you?”

Zhang Ji stood up. His face was full of anger.

“Some time ago, an elder of the Tianyun Clan passed through Shichuan County. He found out that I had the talent to cultivate immortality, so he gave me a token and asked me to go to Ji State on August 1st.

“On that day, the Tianyun Clan would recruit disciples in Ji State, and I was supposed to enter the Tianyun Clan with the token.

“Somehow, this news got leaked.

“The Zhao family and my own family have always been enemies. How could they allow me to go cultivate immortality? So they sent people to assassinate me…

“My father was so furious when he learned this that he went to war with the Zhao family. However, we are weaker than them. After the first battle, I was a little weak, so I went to a nearby village to gather help for my family…

“For some reason, I ran into assassins as soon as I left Shichuan County.”

Chen Chen sighed after hearing this account.

Why did he keep saying “for some reason”? It was obvious that the Zhang family had traitors among them.


However, he didn’t pay attention to that. He was more interested in the Tianyun Clan.

It was apparent that this was a clan for immortality cultivation.


That’s what he wanted to know the most about, he clans for cultivation.


After pondering on it a bit, he gently asked, “Is this Tianyun Clan powerful?”

Hearing Chen Chen’s question, Zhang Ji’s eyes widened in surprise, blurting out, “Of course they’re powerful! The Tianyun Clan is the strongest immortal clan in Ji State! There are more than a dozen affiliated sects under its command!

“Right, Brother Chen. Which clan are you with? How did you have time to come to our tiny Shichuan County?”

Chen Chen calmly replied, “I was learning at home.”



“I learned on my own.”

“What!” Zhang Ji exclaimed. He had never heard of learning cultivation by yourself.

If this was true, Brother Chen must be immensely talented!

If the Tianyun Clan elder met Brother Chen instead of him, he would not leave any tokens but recruit him right away instead.

‘Brother Chen is a man of true temperament; he wouldn’t lie to me!’


Thinking this, Zhang Ji looked at Chen Chen with even more admiration than before. After a while, he suddenly became overjoyed and suggested, “Brother Chen, why don’t you go to the Tianyun Clan with me? With your talent, you can definitely make something of yourself in their clan.”


“That’s a great idea,” Chen Chen said with a smile. Zhang Ji’s words were exactly what he wanted to hear, so he readily agreed.

“Great!” Zhang Ji slapped his thigh, but then he looked despondent.

“Brother Chen is extremely talented, but my own talent is dull. I’m afraid it will be hard for me to reach your level in the future.”


Chen Chen couldn’t say anything. Why was he beating himself up all of a sudden?


After sighing, he comforted Zhang, “Don’t worry, the most important thing for cultivation is luck. Your dumb luck is good, and you are destined to have a bright future.”

“Huh? Luck?” Zhang Ji thought he had misheard.

Chen Chen knew that he had misspoke and quickly changed his words.


“The most important thing in cultivating immortality is perseverance. In fact, my own talent is also average. I reached my current cultivation level through hard work.”

Hearing this, Zhang Ji was energized. Thinking of Chen Chen jumping off the cliff, he was immediately inspired and regained his confidence.


‘Brother Chen is absolutely right, but I have to call in reinforcements now, otherwise my family will suffer. In a few days, I will invite Brother Chen and we can drink and talk all night long!’

Zhang Ji finally remembered his mission. His expression changed as he got up on his horse.

Chen Chen stopped him and said, “It’s not a big deal. I have to go to the county to do something anyway, so I will help you take care of the Zhao family along the way. How much combat power could the villagers have? Letting them participate in the battle will only be sacrificing them.”

Zhang Ji was silent for a moment. His gaze showed how touched he was

This Brother Chen had only met him twice, yet he was willing to help in this way. This kind of loyalty…

Thinking of this, Zhang Ji’s eyes became red, and these words appeared in his mind: A true friend is hard to find!

“Brother Chen… You… I have a younger sister…”


Zhang Ji was so moved he could hardly speak, his words all jumbled up.

“Let’s go to the county. It’s not a big deal,” Chen Chen smiled as he got on the horse.

He did not worry about Zhang Ji’s safety when he offered to help him. This guy was very lucky, so he would probably be fine.

He was more afraid that something would happen to this guy’s parents. Then, like Zhang Wuji, if his parents were sacrificed, Zhang would go hide somewhere to practice magic.

Then who would bring him to Ji State? He didn’t exactly have a GPS.


As for the Zhao family, they were bad people and could be destroyed.

He could raid the family for riches so that when he left, he could provide his parents with a comfortable life, one that was free of farm work.

The villagers in Stone Village should also stop farming and practice martial arts. Lao Hei the pig could also be taken care of by a dedicated person, getting fatter.


Chen Chen started laughing as he thought of his grandiose plans.

The two of them then rushed, reaching Shichuan County in a bit.

There still weren’t many people on the streets, only a few shops with half-closed doors.

“What did Brother Chen come to the county for? Did you want to buy something?” Zhang Ji asked him curiously.

“You will know when you see it,” Chen Chen answered with a smile.

Soon, he arrived in front of a mansion on the east side.

Two stone lions stood at the front of the mansion and a servant was guarding the door.

This was the homestead of the Wang family.

As one of the three major families in Shichuan County, the Wangs had fifty or sixty people in their household.

Chen Chen’s expression suddenly became serious while looking at the figures going back and forth beyond the door.

“Zhang Ji. Let me ask you. How will you deal with the Zhao family?”

“I have to kill the entire family, of course, otherwise I can’t go to the Tianyun Clan safely,” Zhang Ji replied easily.

He may seem a little stupid to Chen Chen, but at least he understood some things.

Chopping the grass without removing the roots meant that the Spring breeze would help them to regrow. Kindness to the enemy was cruelty to oneself.

Chen Chen smiled upon hearing his words.

“Well said. Chopping grass means taking care of the roots as well.”

As soon as he finished talking, the servant at the door seemed to recognize Chen Chen’s white horse. The man’s pupils shrank slightly and he immediately rushed inside.

In a moment, nearly twenty people rushed out of the door, all of them holding steel knives and looking fierce.

After these twenty people filled through the door of the Wang house, Wang Hu and another older man finally walked out.

Seeing the older man, Zhang Ji’s face changed as he shouted out, “The Zhao family’s steward!”


At a time like this, the Zhao family’s steward being at the Wang house meant they were working on an alliance. The target of their alliance was obviously the Zhang family.

At this thought, a cold sweat broke out on Zhang Ji’s forehead.

If these two big families joined forces against the Zhangs, his family would not be able to fight them.

It was good that he had ran into Brother Chen today, or his family would have suffered a terrible fate.

But what was Brother Chen doing at the Wangs?

With his brain circuitry, it was impossible to connect Chen Chen’s statement of doing something to the task of destroying the Wang Family, one of the three major families.

“Who the hell are you? Why do you have my daughter’s horse?” Wang Hu yelled, pointing at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen smiled grimly.

How ridiculous was it that Wang Hu didn’t even know him. He had never taken his family seriously at all.

In Wang Hu’s eyes, Chen Chen’s family was most likely a nest of ants, meant to be killed at his will.

The steward of the Zhao family looked at Zhang Ji, stating with a cold smile, “I don’t know who the kid is, but this is the son of the Zhang family!

“Master Wang, as long as you kill him today, the Zhao family will marry our daughter to your son. We’ll give you ownership of ten shops in town as part of the dowry. What do you think?”


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