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Chapter 189: Chapter 189: Junior Clan Master!

“Clan Master, what do you mean by that?”

Chen Chen’s heart skipped a beat but his gaze was calm.

The other people in the Demon Clan also reacted to his words and questioned.

“Clan Master, why did you call Junior Clan Master Chen Chen? Although the two states are small, the world is big, there is nothing too strange about the existence of two elites!”

“Yes, Clan Master, if I remember correctly, when Junior Clan Master came to the Demon Clan, Chen Chen had also appeared in the Tianyun Clan…”

Zhou Shan, who was behind Zhou Renlong, also couldn’t help but interject.

Zhou Renlong was still smiling at his words, though his smile was full of derision.

“What about the other times? Like today, for example. Zhang Chen suddenly left, and Chen Chen from the Tianyun Clan defeated the demon elites one after another.”

“If we pursue further, it’d be the time when Chen Chen appeared at the front line while Zhang Chen vanished.”

“Hah, there are coincidences in this world, but if there are too many coincidences, it only means that it is not a coincidence. Instead, it’s a deliberate act by someone. Think about it, if Chen Chen can disguise himself and enter the Demon Clan, can’t he get someone else to impersonate him?”

Let me ask you, did the Chen Chen you saw that day strike? His appearance can be impersonated, but not his competency.”

The Group of people from the Demon Clan looked at Chen Chen, with a look of expectation in their eyes, hoping that he could give a reasonable explanation for those instances.

‘Zhou Renlong… is not stupid, he saw through my disguise when I merely revealed a little flaw. Since he has already developed suspicions about me, I’m afraid that I can’t hide it anymore.”

Chen Chen sighed.

He knew that since an Essence Soul realm expert had started to doubt him and conducted a thorough investigation, there was no way he could hide no matter how he tried.

He just didn’t know what Zhou Renlong would do after guessing his identity.

‘Will he attack me or kick me out of the Demon Clan?’

“Clan Master! You’re lying!”

Yuan Qingtian jumped out with anger all over his ordinary-looking face.

“Senior Brother risked his life to save me several times but Chen Chen beat me to the point of having my consciousness collapse! If Senior Brother is really Chen Chen, why would he treat me so well? If Senior Brother is really Chen Chen, I would have died long ago!”

“Atrocious! Yuan Qingtian, you must be tired of living!”

Zhou Renlong was furious. He was at least the master of the Demon Clan, and yet, Yuan Qingtian was saying that he was babbling nonsense in front of everyone. That was simply outrageous!

“Clan Master! I know you are jealous of Senior Brother’s talent! Senior Brother has defeated the Wuxin Clan, which is the greatest enemy of my Demon Clan. Now, he has even gotten rid of the danger for the State of Zhou. You’re just afraid that he will outshine you and take over your position as Clan Master! Clan Master, I’m not criticizing you but you’re too jealous! If you really care about the Demon Clan, you shouldn’t have thought of these things to harm Senior Brother!”

Yuan Qingtian hollered furiously, looking as if he was ready to die.

Upon hearing his words, the faces of the Demon Clan members became rather strange because…there was really such a possibility.

After all, the Clan Master had been trapped for a long time and it was normal for him to have psychological problems.

Zhou Renlong was so furious that he almost vomited blood while the terrifying pressure of his body was released. He immediately suppressed Yuan Qingtian and pinned him to the ground, making it impossible for him to move.

“Punk, if you dare to spout nonsense again, don’t blame me for killing me!”

Yuan Qingtian’s face was pinned to the ground but he was still yelling loudly.

“Zhou Renlong is cynical and jealous of a talented disciple. Such a Clan Master is not worthy of our following. Everyone, let’s rebel! Let’s make Senior Brother Zhang Chen the Clan Master! The Clan Master is only in the Essence Soul realm, if we work together, we will be able to destroy him!”

Chen Chen’s cheeks twitched slightly when he saw the way he was behaving.

A rare trace of guilt arose in his heart.

‘This silly guy… He’s really been deceived.’

At this point, Zhou Renlong sprung up while the chair beneath him directly shattered into pieces. He then hollered at Yuan Qingtian, “Yuan Qingtian! If Zhang Chen dares to let me examine and scrutinize his face in detail, I’ll let him take over if I discover that there’s nothing wrong with him.If there’s nothing wrong, I’ll step down now and let Zhang Chen take over me as Clan Master!”

Hearing this, Yuan Qingtian stopped struggling and said to Chen Chen with a miserable smile. “Senior Brother, just let that old fogie check your face. From now on, you’ll become the Clan Master of the Demon Clan.”

All the experts of the Demon Clan present at this time also all looked at Chen Chen.

There were indeed many powerful disguise techniques in the world, but there were almost no Essence Soul realm powerhouses who wouldn’t be able to tell any flaws in someone’s disguise.

Hence, as long as Chen Chen let the Clan Master examine his face, the truth could come to light.

“System, is there anyone within a hundred meters around here who has the intention to kill me?”


Hearing this answer, Chen Chen took a deep breath and slowly walked away. He then took off his bronze mask to reveal his handsome face.

When Zhou Renlong saw this and was about to check, Chen Chen said disappointedly, “Clan Master, that’s not necessary.”

After saying that, Chen Chen waved his hand randomly and revealed his true appearance.

Seeing Chen Chen’s original appearance. Zhou Renlong’s eyes glistened but he didn’t say anything.

The other Demon Clan powerhouses were obviously astonished to see his face. Even those who usually kept straight faces began to grimace.

In an instant, the entire hall fell silent and even the sounds of breathing couldn’t be heard.

Who would have thought that the Junior Clan Master of their Demon Clan was really the successor of the Tianyun Clan, Chen Chen!?!

“Clan Master, why aren’t you going to continue checking? Are you guilty…”

Yuan Qingtian, who was lying on the ground, had been watching Zhou Renlong, and when he saw that Zhou Renlong did not take the next step, he was about to mock him. However, he discovered that the atmosphere seemed to be a bit off, and he immediately looked up at Chen Chen.

After seeing Chen Chen’s face, his expression suddenly froze.

His eyes were full of emotions.

There was shock, dismay, disbelief, sadness, infuriation, and despair.

“No… That’s impossible… This can’t be. How can Senior Brother be that damned Chen Chen…”

Yuan Qingtian’s eyes seemed to have gone out of focus as he muttered incessantly.

At the same time, in his mind, the two figures that left the deepest impression on him began to slowly fuse together before finally completely merging into one!


Yuan Qingtian looked up to the sky and hissed. He finally felt like his brain was about to explode with unbearable pain. Before the crowd could react, he blacked out and lost consciousness.

Yuan Qingtian was not the only one who found it hard to accept. The other junior division masters lowered their heads while muttering something too. Anyway, there was nothing in their eyes except confusion.

“Clan Master, since you guessed my identity, I won’t continue hiding… The time I’ve spent in the Demon Clan is the most unforgettable period of time in my life.”

“However, this cannot erase the fact that I have deceived everyone. Well, it’s fate’s fault for letting me join the Tianyun Clan a few months before meeting you guys.”

“The Tianyun Clan master, Xiao Wuyou, has done me a huge favor and I’m indebted to him. The strength of the Tianyun Clan is not that strong so I have no choice but to find a way out for the Tianyun Clan! Now that the matter has been exposed, I have no choice but to comply with whatever you do to me. Clan Master, kill me or hit me as you please, I will never fight back!”

Chen Chen said righteously with a look of relief.

It was the kind of relief that one would feel after being released from a long period of enduring the pain of having his soul tormented and his conscience eating at him. It was as if he had been living in guilt in the Demon Clan everyday.

Zhou Renlong kept breathing heavily, obviously extremely infuriated.

The other Demon Clan cultivators did not say a single word while various emotions filled their hearts.

“Get lost! Get the hell back to your Tianyun Clan! I don’t want to see you again!”

Zhou Renlong pointed at the door and roared furiously while the pressure from his body swept towards Chen Chen.

However, it touched Chen Chen a little.

Looking at Zhou Renlong’s angry appearance, Chen Chen muttered with some emotions in his eyes. “I didn’t expect this… Clan Master, you chose not to kill me. I’ve really let the Demon Clan down!”

After saying these words, Chen Chen teared up and walked towards Zhou Renlong.

Zhou Renlong subconsciously kept his guard up and hollered furiously, “On the account that you’ve done quite a bit for the Demon Clan, I’ll let you off! What else do you want!?!”

Chen Chen took out a small bottle from the storage ring with tears in his eyes and muttered, “Clan Master… The Tianyun Clan Master has treated me with kindness but so have you. When we were at the front line, I kept asking you about the chain that you’re shackled to…”

“Later, I learned that the thing can hurt one’s Essence Soul. It took me a lot of effort to get you this Soul-Cleansing Divine Spring. I thought that I should give it to you but I didn’t expect you to break free and no longer need this thing.”

“Now that I’m leaving, I’d better give it to you. When the two clans go to war, you’ll have a little more strength if you have this with you… Clan Master, take care!”

Chen Chen wiped the corner of his eyes and stuffed the Soul-Cleansing Divine Spring into Zhou Renlong’s hands. He then turned around to leave while ignoring Zhou Renlong’s expression.

When he walked in front of the master of the Poison Division, he stopped again.

“Senior… When I was still weak, you protected me and I’ll always remember your kindness. I know you like poison, so you pay attention to it all the time. I initially planned to give it to you slowly but since I’m leaving, I’ll give it to you.”

After saying that, Chen Chen wiped his tears and put a storage ring into the hands of the master of the Poison Division.

Feeling the contents of the storage ring, the Poison Division master shuddered.

“Senior, you were the one who built my personal treasure and you even wanted to be my artifact spirit, so I specially collected some fine spiritual gold…”

“Senior, when we were at the Twelfth City, I witnessed you being seriously injured by that Immortal Demonic Phoenix. Before that, I had just defeated that Immortal Demonic Phoenix and took some things from him that might be able to heal your injury. However, I didn’t have time to give it to you! Please take this!”

“Senior… your puppet was quite badly damaged in that battle. I…”

Chen Chen walked past many people and by the time he reached the entrance, he had already left behind a bunch of stuff.

Everyone looked at the things that they were holding onto with complicated gazes.

Those things were extremely rare and precious. If he hadn’t looked out for them specifically, there would be no way to obtain them.

Chen Chen… actually thought about them when he was roaming the world outside. That made them feel touched and upset.

After giving away those things, Chen Chen sped up and came outside the hall where he bowed deeply to the plaque on the hall of the Demon and then said loudly, “I, Chen Chen, may be from the State of Jin, but during my stint in the Demon Clan, I have benefited greatly and I’ll never forget the time I’ve spent fighting alongside all of you!”

“You guys might not approve of me but I’ve already considered myself a member of the Demon Clan! Clan Master, Seniors and Junior Brothers, please let me address you as such for the last time. If you encounter difficulties in the future and are unable to solve them, just go to the Tianyun Clan in the State of Jin to look for me. I’ll help you to my very best if I can!”

After saying this, Chen Chen turned his head abruptly and flew towards the sky.

A wisp of crystalline structure appeared in the air.

Staring at his back while he left, everyone felt depressed and almost suffocated. Their hearts began to get more and more empty.

A moment later, someone shouted loudly.

“Junior Clan Master!”

That voice was like a flame that ignited a volcano.

Chen Chen’s voice, laughter and appearance when he was at the Demon Clan continuously appeared in their minds.

In particular, the scene where the Immortal Demonic Phoenix attacked the Twelfth City and Chen Chen went forward with the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan in hand, which he then defeated to save the entire Demonic Phoenix.

That made many of them burst into tears of agony!

“Junior Clan Master! Stay!”

“Junior Clan Master!”

However, in a moment, the Demon Clan members dashed out of the hall and chased after him.

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