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Chapter 188: Chapter 188: Can You Clear My Doubts?

“This is the Heavenly Divine Gold. When I first saw it, I felt that it matched you, but at that time you still had the Breaking Dawn Sword, so I didn’t think too much about it. Now it seems that… Maybe it was predestined.”

While Chen Chen spoke, he handed the Heavenly Divine Gold to Xia Xishuang.

“Divine Gold? This is so precious…” Xia Xishuang was stunned and subconsciously wanted to turn him down.

The Haoran Sword Clan also had two or three treasures made of Divine Gold, but they were handed down many years ago and all fell into the hands of top powerhouses who were above the Essence Soul realm.

It was not his personal treasure.

Since the treasures were branded by the powerhouses in the past, they could not be recast.

Chen Chen had now given her a piece of Divine Gold that hadn’t been forged before. This was extremely precious.

The Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan in the sky almost burst into tears in exasperation!

‘Since he’s given it to you, just take it. What are you being so wishy-washy for? You’ve already become his partner, what else can you not take from him?

‘She’s never been so stupid!’

At this moment, she wished she could fly down and collect the piece of Divine Gold on Xia Xishuang’s behalf!

Chen Chen, who was below, frowned in displeasure after hearing those words.

Seeing this, Xia Xishuang finally put the Heavenly Divine Gold away.

There shouldn’t be such a clear divide between partners and Xia Xishuang was indeed being a little too wishy-washy, which made her feel embarrassed.

However, it was because she had never received such an expensive gift since she was a child.

Seeing this, the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that Chen Chen did love her disciple, Xia Xishuang. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given the piece of Heavenly Divine Gold to her, despite knowing what it was.

‘It’s rare for a cultivator born in a small country who does not have much wealth to be so generous.’

The Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan sighed deeply, yet it was the rarity that made her feel even more conflicted.

‘If I let the two of them stick to each other like glue every day, they’d definitely have a baby in a year or two.

‘With so many commitments, how can she continue cultivating immortality?

‘By then, it’d be good enough if she can find time to cultivate, let alone step into the Essence Soul realm.

‘I just don’t know if their child will be an innate spirit body. If they give birth to a truckload of children, won’t the humans prosper?

‘Ah! What am I thinking?!’

After secretly cursing herself, the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan took out a communication token.

The communication token could lead directly to the current clan master of the Haoran Sword Clan, who was the top mighty figure among humans.

Only the clan master could make a decision on such matters.

A few moments later, Chen Chen came to the palace hall.

Xia Xishuang’s expression changed and she became nervous.

“Chen Chen, my master is nearby. She asked me to go see her.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen immediately looked around with a respectful expression, but he couldn’t help but look above him.

“Oh? Saintess? Where is she? I want to see her too!”

“Master doesn’t want to see you… She also asked me not to tell you that she is around… Chen Chen, give me a day! Within a day I will definitely explain clearly to Master what happened between us!” Xia Xishuang said with a pleading gaze.

Seeing this, Chen Chen gently lifted her hair and kissed her forehead before gazing at her affectionately. He then smiled and said, “I understand, go ahead.”

Xia Xishuang nodded with a look of determination in her eyes. She then flew into the distance.

Seeing the direction that she was flying in, Chen Chen was full of disdain towards the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan.

‘You’re obviously sneaking around above my head. Why did you make your disciple travel so far!?!”

Now that Xishuang had told him the truth, he’d probably have to suffer a scolding after seeing the Saintess of the Haoran Sword Clan.

‘This idiotic Saintess is bullshit! Damn it!’

After cursing, Chen Chen looked at the communication token in his storage ring.

Zhou Renlong had similarly lashed out at him.

“Zhang Chen! Where did you go? Damn it, I told Venomous Dragon that I must kill him today. Now that he has run, what am I supposed to do?

“This is what you promised me. From now on you will take his last name because I said I’d take his if I don’t get him killed!

“Hurry back, there is an important matter to discuss.”

Seeing this, Chen Chen was quite helpless, and after greeting the people of the Tianyun Clan, he flew in the direction of the Demon Clan.

Nowadays, his flight speed was extremely fast, so it wouldn’t take him long to arrive at the Demon Clan. Hence, one day was more than enough time for him to return to the Demon Clan to deal with the various affairs.

In less than two hours, Chen Chen had already returned to the Demon Clan headquarters.

All the division masters had gathered in the headquarters, along with some famous experts.

Zhou Renlong was sitting in the position reserved for the Clan Master, a grave expression on his face.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s face also became grim.

He had only been gone for less than half a day, so what had happened to the Demon Clan? What could have happened that caused them all to be so serious?

“Senior Brother, your wine!”

When Yuan Qingtian saw Chen Chen, he hurried over and handed a cup of hot wine to Chen Chen.

It was as if the wine had never gone cold.

Chen Chen was heartened to see this, finishing the wine in one gulp before asking, “Did something happen while I was away? Why does the Clan Master look so sullen?”

Hearing his words, Yuan Qingtian said softly with a disdainful expression, “God knows what’s going on with him. He’s making a big fuss over nothing. He doesn’t act like the Clan Master at all. He should retire earlier and let you take over…”


Before Yuan Qingtian could finish, a massive force seemed to have crashed onto his body, knocking him into the corner.

The surrounding people all couldn’t help but grimace when they saw what had happened.

‘The Clan Master seems to be furious today!’

Seeing that the crowd had quieted down, Zhou Renlong glanced at them before saying coldly, “I just heard from the passing demon clan that the Tianyun Clan’s successor Chen Chen defeated many demon elites, and his strength has even exceeded that of the peak Nascent Soul realm Nine-Tailed Fox. What do you think about that?”

“What? Stronger than a cultivator that’s at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm!?! Is he progressing so quickly?”

“Won’t he be catching up with the Clan Master soon?”

Seeing the shocked reactions of the crowd, Zhou Renlong said indifferently, “That’s not all. Chen Chen has also become Dao partners with the disciple of the Haoran Sword Clan. I reckon that the rise of the Tianyun Clan is already unstoppable.”

“Impossible! No matter how powerful Chen Chen is, he won’t be a match for Senior Brother! Senior Brother is invincible!”

Yuan Qingtian, who was embedded in the wall, broke free, anger written all over his face.

What he couldn’t stand the most was people praising Chen Chen in front of him!


Before he could finish saying his piece, he was slammed into the wall with a loud bang once again.

“The Clan Master seems to have a strong opinion on Yuan Qingtian…”

“Exactly! I wonder what he has done to anger him…”

Hearing this, Chen Chen could not help but frown again.

‘Is this demon that big-mouthed?’

‘How long has it been since this happened? It’s already spread to the Demon Clan?’

Before he could comment, the master of the Poison Division stood out and laughed.

“Clan Master, there is no need to be presumptuous. Junior Clan Master defeated several Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivators by himself the other day. His strength is by no means weaker than that of Chen Chen.”

“Yes. Besides, the Junior Clan Master’s personal treasure was created personally by yours truly. It’s quality… Hah!” the master of the Weapons Division chimed in.

The matter of the Omni Divine Blade was actually known to only a few people in the Demon Clan, so he was rather cryptic with his words.

The Demon Clan members couldn’t help but subconsciously look at Chen Chen, their eyes full of pride.

‘So what if the Tianyun Clan has Chen Chen? We have the Junior Clan Master!’

“Clan Master, why don’t we let Junior Clan Master challenge Chen Chen so as to establish our dominance and build our fame?” the Demon Clan master proposed.

He immediately gained the approval of the crowd.

“This is a good idea!”

“The body refinement lineage is invulnerable to all laws! Chen Chen will never be a match for Junior Clan Master!”

“Great! I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time!” Yuan Qingtian got up again, exclaiming excitedly while ignoring the dust on his face.

On the other hand, Chen Chen was left speechless.

‘How can I challenge myself? Do I create a clone?’

Before he could say something about promoting the humans, Zhou Renlong suddenly chuckled.

“I naturally know Zhang Chen’s strength well, and he’s probably on par with cultivators who are at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm. In fact, I’ve been curious about something.”

“What is it?”

The Demon Clan experts looked at each other in puzzlement.

Zhou Renlong sat up straight, looked at Chen Chen, and said seriously, “At the early stage of Nascent Soul realm, he managed to defeat a cultivator who’s at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm. Such elites are rare in this world. How can there be two of them in both of our states?”

“I don’t even remember this clan, but why did it flourish and become the leader of the State of Jin after the destruction of the Wuxin Clan? Zhang Chen, can you help me solve the problem?”

At this point, Zhou Renlong paused for a moment, his gaze turning sharp.

He paused and asked, “Or… Should I call you…Chen Chen?”

As soon as he said that, silence fell in the entire Demon Clan, and the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

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