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Chapter 186: Chapter 186: Sins

Lying in his arms, Xia Xishuang was shivering slightly, but Chen Chen hugged her even tighter.

They did not speak, and instead started warming each other up using their bodies. Everything was tacit.

“Who are you? How did you barge into my thunderstorm killing array?!”

A cold voice resounded in the surroundings and Xia Xishuang subconsciously gripped the sword tightly.

“It’s alright, I’m here,” Chen Chen said as he hugged Xia Xishuang tightly.

At this time, the wind and rain suddenly changed, and a dark figure shot towards the two of them like an arrow.

Chen Chen’s pupils constricted tightly, and at the same time, the black umbrella in his hand instantly turned into a cold sword that darted towards the figure.


The black figure was holding some kind of ring-shaped magic treasure with extremely sharp edges, yet it was instantly knocked back after colliding with the Omni Divine Blade.

“Hey!” The figure exclaimed in shock before vanishing into the wind and the rain.

“System, where is that demoness?”

“75 meters above.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen immediately slashed in that direction using the Omni Divine Blade. Another bolt of Golden Divine Thunder darted out and disappeared into the wind and rain.



The sounds of an explosion and someone shrieking emerged from the rain almost simultaneously. Gradually, the falling raindrops mixed with blood.

Soon, the wind and the rain calmed down.

Feng Yu of the Wind Divine Bird Clan had half her body blown away without a trace. She was now floating in midair, continuously swallowing all sorts of pills.

The demons in the sky were all astonished to see how miserable she looked, and at this moment, they finally noticed that there was a man beside Xia Xishuang, one who was holding her in his embrace.

Watching this scene from the great array of the Tianyun Clan, Xiao He covered her mouth, shocked speechless.

The sight of her aloof Senior Sister being held in the arms of a man in public made her feel extremely complicated.

However, in the blink of an eye, all her complicated emotions turned into joy, because Xia Xishuang had been rescued and was laying in the arms of the man she loved.

The scene was so beautiful that she could not help but blush.

Bang! Bang!

Xiao He secretly scanned her surroundings, feeling as if she had heard the sounds of hearts breaking.

Those who were heartbroken were the disciples of the Haoran Sword Clan who had a crush on Xia Xishuang, as well as a large bunch of female disciples from the Tianyun Clan.

“Who are you?”

Feng Yu swallowed half of her assets’ worth of pills to repel the terrifying destructive force in her body.

The amount of anger within her after suffering such a heavy blow was unimaginable

There were barely any Nascent Soul realm cultivators who could deal such a strong blow, and the young man in the distance was definitely not one of them. Hence, she desperately wanted to know who he was.

Chen Chen slowly let go of Xia Xishuang, quietly exchanging glances for a long time.

“Xishuang, go back to the big formation. Leave the rest to me.”


Xia Xishuang did not continue when she saw the look of determination in Chen Chen’s eyes.

Nodding obediently, Xia Xishuang slowly retreated to the Tianyun Clan’s great array, while Xiao He immediately walked over to hold Xia Xishuang.

However, Xia Xishuang only had eyes for Chen Chen.

Seeing this, Chen Chen turned around and looked at the heavily wounded Feng Yu.

He then said seriously, “I’m a human cultivator.”

Feng Yun was speechless when she heard his words.

‘How could I have been unable to tell that he’s a human?’

However, the other demon elites began to speak coldly.

“We are here today to challenge Xia Xishuang. Those who are not involved, back away quickly. A nobody is not worth my effort.”

Their purpose was clear, and that was to defeat Xia Xishuang so as to become famous.

However, the human cultivator in front of them was not only not famous, but also very powerful. Even if they went to great lengths to defeat him, those who were not there would not think that they were strong.

It would be a thankless task.

Chen Chen laughed coldly at this and looked at those demons in the sky.

He then said loudly, “Could it be that you so-called demon elites will only take advantage of people’s danger and bully an injured woman to show off your strength!?! If that’s the case, you’re not worthy of being an elite! If not, then fight me. I am Xia Xishuang’s Dao partner. I’ll fight anyone who wants to challenge her today!”

Chen Chen said those words without feeling embarrassed at all, as if it was a matter of course.

In the formation, Xia Xishuang’s cheeks turned red, and for some reason, she suddenly felt that there were countless eyes staring at her. She could not help but want to hide.

The large group of demons in the air were furious!

‘This human cultivator is too boastful! Not only did he insult us,he even threatened to challenge us!’

‘This is outrageous!’

Hence, as soon as Chen Chen finished his sentence, a demonic cultivator from a large clan flew from the sky and began attacking Chen Chen without hesitation.

After ten rounds, the demonic cultivator was slashed and flung hundreds of meters away by Chen Chen, so much so that he started vomiting blood and retreating.

The members of the Tianyun Clan were in awe, and the pressure within Xiao Wuyou’s heart vanished at this instant, smiling in relief.

“My disciple… He has finally surpassed me…”

At this moment, he was even more relieved.

There was a large number of cultivators in the sky who became depressed after seeing that scene.

They felt that Chen Chen was extremely strong and that he probably wasn’t inferior to Xia Xishuang during her peak.

However, now that things had come to this, there was no means for them to retreat.

Otherwise, Chen Chen would be using them for fame instead of them using Xia Xishuang for fame.

With that thought in mind, countless demons subconsciously looked at the strongest few among them.

Before they could decide who would step forth, Hu Bai, who was at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm, appeared in front of Chen Chen.

“Chen Chen… Be careful of his illusions!”

Inside the big array, Xia Xishuang couldn’t help but warn him.

As she spoke, Hu Bai’s eyes had once again turned turquoise.

Chen Chen closed his eyes. However, despite this, a large number of illusions appeared in his mind and disturbed him.

In the end, he simply closed his five senses and calmed down.

“The demonic cultivator of the Nine Tailed Heavenly Fox Clan… Is probably here for revenge. I have to think of a way to kill him.”

Chen Chen made up his mind, then began to use the system to track Hu Bai’s location.

Hence, everyone saw the strange scene immediately.

The human cultivator below had his eyes closed, but he was able to close in on Hu Bai and fight him.

“Is this… Divine sense?”

Hu Bai’s pupils constricted slightly while his heart was full of shock.

Essence Soul realm powerhouses cultivated divine senses that would allow them to sense everything that was going on within miles, even without using the five basic senses!

Chen Chen, who was in front of him, was only at the Essence Soul realm. Yet, he already had divine sense!

That meant that he would almost have no bottleneck when he stepped into the Essence Soul realm in the future!

When did such an elite appear among humans?

“Before stepping into the Essence Soul realm, my illusion cannot affect a powerhouse with divine sense…”

Hu Bai was indignant. Without his forte, the battle was probably going to be hard to fight.

Without hesitation, Hu Bai transformed into his main body, which was a five-tailed demon fox that was dozens of meters long. His body was firm, like metal, and his movements could make mountains crumble!

However, when faced with such an attack, Chen Chen didn’t dodge it at all. Instead, he blocked it with his physical body!

In a few moments, Chen Chen grabbed one of its tails and hollered loudly. Immediately afterwards, he grabbed the fox’s body and slammed it hard on the ground!

Before Hu Bai could break free, a golden thunderbolt emerged from Chen Chen’s palm and blasted at its tail.


With the sound of an explosion, its tail, which was more than ten meters long, became charred and eventually turned into ashes!

Hu Bai roared in pain and slammed Chen Chen hard into a nearby mountain. He then looked at Chen Chen before turning around to fly away.

He had long detected the strong killing intent of this human cultivator.

He was about to step into the Essence Soul realm, so there was really no need to fight for his life, not to mention that he had also had his tail docked and suffered very severe injuries.

Hence, in just a few moments, he flew more than five kilometers away from the battlefield.

Chen Chen’s body, which was embedded in the mountain, began flashing with a golden light. He then broke free, only to see that Hu Bai had vanished without a trace. He was furious and decided to be ruthless.

“System, I’d like to use a 50-kilometer tracking opportunity. Where is Hu Bai?”

“35 degrees southwest, 15 kilometers away.”

Hearing the specific direction, Chen Chen reached out a finger, and immediately afterwards, a bolt of golden lightning darted in various directions.

Hu Bai, who had already flown dozens of kilometers away, was slightly relieved. He was about to turn into his human form again to swallow some healing pills when a Golden Divine Thunder suddenly approached him!


There was a thunderous explosion!

A huge hole that was several meters wide in radius formed in his long body, which was dozens of meters long!

Hu Bai seethed in misery before plunging straight into the ground.

In front of Tianyun Clan.

The group of demons felt that Chen Chen was very vengeful when they saw him strike the void.

‘There’s no one but he still attacked to vent out his anger.’

However, at this moment, they heard a loud shriek coming from afar that made their scalps tingle

‘That attack hit? How is that possible?!’

Looking at the sword-wielding figure below, many demons had a trace of fear within them.

Chen Chen was indifferent to this. He took a deep breath and began devouring the spiritual energy around him. In an instant, the spiritual energy that he had depleted was recovered.

In the void above the Tianyun Clan.

A middle-aged woman had a complicated gaze in her eyes when she saw this scene.

“I wanted to use this matter to let Xishuang develop a firm heart… I didn’t expect this person… To have an innate spirit body!”

“Innate spirit body, Destructive Divine Thunder, divine senses… This is really…”

At this point, the middle-aged woman was speechless. After staying silent for a long time, she sighed and looked into the distance.

“This is really… Atrocious…”

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