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Chapter 185: Chapter 185: I’ll Block It For You

In front of the Tianyun Clan, the wind and clouds changed.

There were lots of powerful demons hidden among the clouds.

He could tell from their peculiar appearances, which would occasionally be revealed, that most of the demons were extraordinary.

“Xia Xishuang, you killed the Essence Soul realm powerhouses of my clan. I can’t let this go so easily. If you can defeat me today, the Heavenly Berserk Bear will leave this place overnight,” a gigantic, terrifying man who was nearly three meters tall said in a deep voice while standing in front of the clan.

Although he deliberately lowered his voice, he was still shockingly loud.

Looking at the Heavenly Berserk Bear and the demons that were about to move in the air, Xia Xishuang slowly walked out of the great array of Tianyun Clan.

At this moment, her face was a little pale and her injuries had obviously yet to heal.

However, there was a sword on her back. It was not her personal treasure but there were not many restrictions on its use.

Seeing that Xia Xishuang did not turn him down, the bear, Han Zhong, sneered.

‘This woman is really intelligent. There are so many demons today… How can she just refute?’

He roared to the sky, and a large square seal appeared in front of him. The seal was filled with runes and looked extremely heavy.


With a loud roar, the square seal suddenly expanded in the sky and suppressed Xia Xishuang.

Xia Xishuang’s gaze turned solemn, and after taking a deep breath, the sword on her back was suddenly unsheathed while a powerful sword intent condensed and emerged, slashing towards the large seal.

After the scuffle, Han Zhong lost the upper hand.

As an innate spirit body, she could exert power that was far beyond that of ordinary elites, even if the sword she was holding was not a personal treasure.

Besides, Xia Xishuang was very talented in the Sword Dao in the first place and each move of hers contained extremely sharp sword intent. After suffering 50 shots, Han Zhong’s body was battered with wounds and bleeding continuously.

“I concede defeat.”

Cursing reluctantly, Han Zhong retreated out of the battlefield.

Xia Xishuang was about to return to the Tianyun Clan’s formation but a demon in the cloud stopped her.

“Wait! I am Jiao Yang of the Southern Divine Flood Dragon Clan. Please teach me!”

Hearing these words, the crowd of human beings within the great formation were all furious. The demonic elites were all going to brazenly fight!

“Senior Sister, ignore him!” Xiao He shouted anxiously from inside the formation.

Xia Xishuang took a look at the demonic shadows in the sky before returning to the formation.

The battle was not just a battle of will. There were two big shots among the two clans who were concerned about this battle and had placed bets that dealt with the lives of nearly ten million people in a certain fallen vassal state.

She had no choice but to accept the battle.

Her master could only send someone to bring her sword to her.

Nevertheless, Xia Xishuang was already satisfied.

She could imagine how disappointed her master must be about the fact that she had used the Breaking Dawn Sword in advance. Despite that, her master was nice enough to have not given up on her.

Jiao Yang of the Divine Flood Dragon Clan ended up retreating after suffering only 60 strikes.

The ability of the innate spirit body to absorb spiritual energy was unbelievable, and the replenishment could be completed within moments. Hence, after experiencing the battles, Xia Xishuang was not too tired.

Seeing this scene, the demons in the clouds had a change of expression.

Xia Xishuang was a famous human elite. Even without Breaking Dawn Sword, she still wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

Just as they were pondering about who was to go down and fight her, a man in white had already arrived near Xia Xishuang.

“I am Hu Bai of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan. I’m here to take revenge against you for killing my sister.”

Upon sight of the white-clothed man, Xia Xishuang suddenly raised her guard.

Hu Bai was at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm, and strictly speaking, he was not of the younger generation.

She didn’t expect him to attack her in the name of revenge.

Before she could continue thinking, Hu Bai’s eyes suddenly turned turquoise and five snowy white tails appeared.

The five tails swayed regularly, and Xia Xishuang felt that the scene in front of her changed again and again. The world seemed to have become surreal.

“Fellow Daoist, the strongest force in the State of Jin today is of course the Tianyun Clan!”

“The successor is so nice, he’s sharing the burden with us.”

“We’re friends in the first place. That’s what friends are for.”


Images of Chen Chen flashed through her mind repeatedly, as well as the words that he had said to her via the communication token before his break every day.

During that time, whenever she heard his brief reply, she would somehow find a moment of peace amidst the brutal reason.

Thinking about it, she couldn’t help but smile.

She soon felt a strong, sharp pain in her head.


After spurting out a mouthful of blood, Xia Xishuang’s face turned pale and she became somewhat depressed.

However, the gaze in her eyes became colder and firmer, making Hu Bai frown.

She came out of his illusion, which he had cast using an illusory trick, in just moments.

Although he had dealt her a huge blow, he dared not attack presumptuously again.

It was not only because of the look in her eyes, but also because she was a fool.

If she wasn’t a fool, his sister wouldn’t have died.

If they fought hard today, he would be confident in destroying her.

However, he probably wouldn’t have a good time. He was about to enter the Essence Soul realm, and if he got affected, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Thinking of this, Hu Bai slowly retreated.

Her mental trauma could not heal in a short period of time and there would definitely be more demons who would deal with her.

The few powerful ones had yet to attack.

As expected, just as he retreated, a female demon with two wings on her back appeared out of the air.

The demoness had a single horn on her head and frosty white eyes. She was from the renowned Wind Divine Bird Clan, which was part of the eight major demonic clans.

Seeing Xia Xishuang’s miserable appearance, the demoness sneered, “Xia Xishuang, I didn’t expect you to end up in this state one day too.”

“Feng Yu, if you want to fight, just fight. Why do you have to say so much?”

Xia Xishuang stood up straight and pointed her sword at the demoness while speaking in a cold, indifferent tone.

Feng Yu was a famous elite among the demons and was far from what Han Zhong and Jiao Yang could compare to.

“You are still as stubborn as before. Great! I hope you’ll be the same later as you are now!”

Feng Yun sneered and flew into the sky, after which the sky immediately turned gloomy.


Raindrops began to fall, the rain becoming heavier. In just a few moments, the rain turned into a heavy downpour.

The people inside the formation could not see what was happening at all. All they could see were the raindrops that would occasionally land on the great formation, which would make the light tremble slightly.

“Wind and Rain Lethal Array!”

The demon elites in the clouds murmured incessantly with wary gazes

The lethal array blocked off all spiritual energy of the outside world and even the innate spirit bodies were not replenished.

More importantly, the rain contained the secret attacking means of the Wind Divine Bird, which could not only block one’s vision but also continuously consume the protective aura of the trapped person. Eventually, the person in the formation would be ground to death.

At this moment, this Wind and Rain Lethal Array was indeed the best means to deal with Xia Xishuang.

Unfortunately, they probably wouldn’t have the chance to strike this time.

There was a shadow hovering above the Wind and Rain Lethal Array. Whenever Xia Xishuang was about to walk out of the lethal array, the shadow would issue a massive attack to blast Xia Xishuang backwards.

After that, the shadow would hide in the rain and wind once again.

The people in the Tian Yun Clan formation could only see the heavy rain that spanned across several kilometers in front of them. Every now and then, there would be some Sword Qi daring outwards and stirring up a large patch of rain. However, Xia Xishuang would still be in the illusory array.

Faced with this situation, they had no choice but to anxiously stay still.

The demon elites in the sky watched the scene coldly.

The Wind and Rain Lethal Array was not that easy to break. Even if Xia Xishuang wasn’t injured, she might not be able to break through it, not to mention she was seriously injured.

Although the Sword Qi seemed to be surging with great power, it was just struggling before death.

An hour passed.

In the lethal array, the Sword Qi was still surging but it had begun to weaken.

The demon elites in the sky all had strange expressions.

The fact that Xia Xishuang could last for such a long time was already far beyond their imagination.

She managed to resist the rain without the replenishment of spiritual energy for such a long time. She was indeed very impressive!

“What are you still holding on for?”

Feng Yu humphed in disdain and immediately afterwards, the rain suddenly became heavier, every raindrop containing the light of spiritual power.

Bang, bang, bang…

The rain had created tiny holes in the ground below.

However, in just a few moments, the land was lowered by half a meter!

At this moment, the Wind and Rain Lethal Array really became an array that would kill, not just trap someone!

“Senior Sister!” Xiao He shrieked from within the Tianyun Clan.

She wanted to rush out but was pulled back by a few Haoran Sword Clan disciples who were behind her.

They continuously scanned their surroundings, in hopes that the experts of their clans would help.

However, to their despair, there was no one.

In the Wind and Rain Lethal Array.

The protective aura on Xia Xishuang’s body was already dull.

Indeed, she couldn’t hold on any longer, and in this Wind and Rain Lethal Array, it was probably impossible to even perish together with Feng Yu.

Every raindrop from above could be the last straw that crushed the camel, bombarding the aura on her body.


Xia Xishuang was incredibly fatigued, soon dropping onto one knee.

At this moment, she suddenly forgot about the wind and rain above her. Instead, she took out a communication token from her storage ring, looking at it with a tender gaze.

“Chen Chen… I might be dying soon… You don’t have to take revenge for me…”

Before she could finish, the rain above her head suddenly vanished.

A large and powerful hand grasped hers tightly while she was still holding onto the communication token.

Sensing the warmth coming from that hand, Xia Xishuang suddenly felt a trace of peace in her mind for some reason.

She looked up in confusion, only to realize that the Wind and Rain Lethal Array was still there.

There was just a familiar figure in front of her who was holding a black umbrella in his hand, shielding her.

There was genuine heartache in that familiar smile of his.

“Chen Chen…” Xia Xishuang murmured.

As soon as she said that, Chen Chen pulled her into his embrace with one arm.

The raindrops landed on his body, emitting metallic, clanging sounds, but none of them touched her body.

Feeling the warmth in his arms, Chen Chen could no longer restrain the feelings in his heart.

With tears in his eyes, he thought, ‘Xishuang… From now on, I will weather all storms in this world for you, protecting you from them.’

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