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Chapter 181: Chapter 181: Ultimate Double Elites

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Yuan Qingtian froze in the mud.

‘Could it be… Is it?!’

When he thought of some kind of possibility, Yuan Qingtian began convulsing vigorously.

He subconsciously wanted to eat a mouthful of dirt.

Enduring the severe pain that was spreading throughout his body, he struggled to turn over and finally discovered that figure.

The figure was dressed in black, with a mask on his face. However, his back was like a majestic mountain that gave them an unparalleled sense of security.

Yuan Qingtian spat out the dirt in his mouth, his eyes filled with hot tears.

There was only one person whom the Demon Clan disciples would address as Senior Brother in unison.

He would never be able to reach that level…

Chen Chen also looked at Yuan Qingtian, who was lying on the ground in the distance, sighing and thinking to himself that he was built tough.

‘How many times has it been?’

He could not even remember anymore.

Ever since that rascal escaped from his hands, he felt that he had a really tough body, but he never thought that it would be so tough that he would not die despite facing so many dangerous encounters, all of which should have been fatal.

When he thought about how he almost got struck dead by the thunderbolt, Chen Chen couldn’t help but be jealous.

Seeing that his Senior Brother was looking at him, Yuan Qingtian crawled out of the mud with a complicated gaze that was full of complex emotions. All of a sudden, he was at a loss for words and all he could say was ‘Senior Brother.’

Chen Chen smiled at him and gestured.

At the same time, the dark cloud in the distance swarmed towards him. Its power and intensity were quite similar to that of the previous attack on Yuan Qingtian.

Chen Chen did not pay attention to that, simply letting the energy attack him.


With a muffled sound, the energy was shaken away, but Chen Chen’s body did not move an inch.

When the group of junior division masters saw this, they fell silent. Some of them even subconsciously looked at the disheveled Yuan Qingtian.

‘Now this is what you call a gap in strength!’

Even a few of the division masters subconsciously constricted their pupils when they saw that scene.

The blow just now was launched by the Nascent Soul realm demons. Even they had to deal with it carefully, but the blows couldn’t shake the Junior Clan Master.

‘Could it be that the Junior Clan Master has broken through to the Nascent Soul realm?’ Thinking of that possibility, the few division masters could not help but be agitated.

‘Finally, another real expert has emerged from the body refining lineage!’

Chen Chen turned around, the Omni Divine Blade in his hand emitting astonishing fluctuations.

That demonic cloud also stopped at this moment.

That masked person was not like the fool who previously appeared. That fool insisted on pretending and bragging despite being incompetent.

Seven or eight Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivators appeared from the demon cloud, looking at Chen Chen with a serious expression.

The four Nascent Soul realm demons flew over from all directions and surrounded him.

Seeing this scene, the division masters of the Demon Clan began to look nervous.

Only three of the nine Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the Demon Clan were present. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been chased by the demons today.

Although they now had an expert like the Junior Clan Master, they still might not be a match for the demons.

They subconsciously still wanted to escape.

There were four Nascent Soul realm demons, and even the invincible Chen Chen might not be their match…

Although they do not want to admit it in their hearts, they still felt that Chen Chen of the Tianyun Clan was the top elite of the two nations.

After all, he was really invincible, able to face the Immortal Demonic Phoenix that was in the middle of the Nascent Soul realm. Perhaps only Xia Xishuang, who managed to kill an Essence Soul realm cultivator with a single slash of her sword, could contend with it.

Thinking of this, the division master of the Poison Division spoke in a hoarse voice, “Junior Clan Master, there will be plenty of chances to get back at them in the future, as long as you stay alive. Our rescue army is right up ahead…”

There was no rescue army. Of course, they were just making things up… There were no reinforcements ahead at all.

Chen Chen came from the front, so of course he knew that there were no reinforcements.

Looking at the group of Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivators in front, he laughed loudly, a condescending aura emanating from his body!

“No need to say more. Some time ago, the Demon Clan was transferred by the human race to rush to the front line. I couldn’t share the hardships with everyone, and that makes me feel really guilty. If I can’t fight for everyone now, I will regret it for the rest of my life. So today, even if I die…”

Before Chen Chen could finish his words, a Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivator launched an attack on him.

That infuriated Chen Chen!

‘I haven’t gotten into the somber and sorrowful mood yet, why are you so eager to attack?!’

After cursing in his heart, Chen Chen swug his hand downwards furiously!

A majestic golden Qi and Blood force erupted!


With a massive explosive sound, the early Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivator was severed into two!

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen continued, “Today, even if I die, I must block these demons. You guys, retreat quickly!”

The eyelids of the Poison Division master twitched when he saw that.

‘You’re so strong… It seems I had been thinking too much.’

‘These two are supreme elites.’

“The strength of the Junior Clan Master is on par with the successor of the Tianyun Clan.”

“I told you. If Senior Brother is alive, he definitely won’t be weaker than Chen Chen. Yet, you refuse to believe me. See!”

The injured Yuan Qingtian, who was below, grabbed the junior division master of the Division of Illusion and shook him continuously in excitement, as if they were celebrating a festival.

Feng Huan did not struggle, instead wearing a guilty expression as he regretted suspecting that his Senior Brother’s strength was inferior to that of Chen Chen, the successor of the Tianyun Clan.

The Demon Clan and the demonic cultivators were engaged in an intense battle in the State of Zhou.

If it was in the human frontier, it would only be like a small ripple in a large river. It wouldn’t be too eye-catching.

However, Xia Xishuang had killed the Demon Emperor Hu Lian with a single slash of her sword in front of the Tianyun Clan, and that was a major event that soon spread to both humans and demons.

On one hand, both Xia Xishuang and Hu Lian were famous figures of their respective clans.

On the other hand, the fact that she had killed an Essence Soul realm cultivator while she was in the middle of the Nascent Soul realm herself was a remarkable feat.

Be it human or demon, once one reached the Essence Soul realm, they would develop divine senses, and even if their bodies were destroyed, they might not die.

As long as one could find a good body, they could continue cultivating.

However, such a powerhouse that could not die easily, actually dying at the hands of a young junior?

That news boosted the morale of people everywhere, as if they saw the hope of the future of the human race.

Only the real top echelons of the two clans knew what was going on.

Somewhere on the battlefield of the Western Frontier, the successor of the Haoran Sword Clan frowned when she heard of the news. She even crushed a teacup on the spot, sighing deeply.

On the clan compound of the Immortal Demonic Phoenix clan at the Western border, a young Immortal Demonic Phoenix’s eyes lit up when she heard the news.

“That damned woman Xia Xishuang has finally unsheathed the Breaking Dawn Sword! She must be severely injured now. No, I must take revenge!”

On the land of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan at the Western Border.

A male fox stared in the direction of the State of Jin, his eyes full of grief, muttering, “Sister, I told you not to go there, but you insisted on going. You died because of your own jealousy after all…”

After saying that, he flew directly in the direction of the State of Jin.

Although his sister was not a good demon, he had to avenge her since he was her brother.

Now that Xia Xishuang had used the Breaking Dawn Sword, she was just a Nascent Soul realm cultivator who was slightly better than average. There was nothing that he had to be afraid of.

The situation in other major clans was also similar. Many demon elites were eager to go to the State of Jin to attack Xia Xishuang, using that to impress others.

In a remote mountain in the State of Zhou.

A certain Demon King was conversing with a fox spirit with a sullen face.

“Miss… Madam has just arrived in the territory of the two nations, but she has already been slashed by the human elite, Xia Xishuang. My condolences!”

The fox spirit covered her mouth when she heard those words.

“Miss! Don’t be too sad! Who would have thought that Xia Xishuang would have given up the Essence Soul realm Dao…”

Before the Demon King finished speaking, the fox spirit flew out like she was fleeing, only stopping after having flown dozens of kilometers.

“Hahaha! This stepmother of mine is finally dead! Haha, I almost burst into laughter just now!”

As she laughed, she started crying again as she looked up into the sky.

“Mother, that homewrecker is finally dead. Do you see it from Heaven, where you are now? She died at the hands of a Nascent Soul realm cultivator and has become the laughingstock of both clans.”

After crying for a while, she once again returned to that mountain.

Since Hu Lian’s stepmother died, she could rightfully return to the demons and take over their affairs in the State of Zhou.

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