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Chapter 18: Please Accept a Salute from Me!

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“Kid, what’s in that box?” the head servant asked with malice.


“Are you from the Zhao family?”

Chen Chen didn’t reply, instead asking a question in return.

The Zhao family was the largest family in Shichuan County. There were rumors that they had started off as horse bandits. Although they had rebranded themselves, they still occasionally do some robberies.

There were three big families in Shichuan County. The Wang family did not dress in these kinds of clothes. With the Zhang family’s son being hunted, the identity of these people was pretty easy to guess.

“If you know we’re from the Zhao family, leave it and get out!” one servant shouted and took out a knife.

They were in a rush to chase their target and had no time to waste.

Da da da!

He never expected that the young Lord Zhang would turn back at this moment.

“If you want to kill me, hunt me alone. Why are you bothering this young man?” Lord Zhang yelled while holding his sword.


Chen Chen’s eyes twitched when he heard the words. This Lord Zhang was really silly and naive…

What, he wanted to be hunted and killed?!

In fact, Lord Zhang’s mind was in turmoil. He had an extraordinary talent since he was a child: his memory was outstanding.

On the day he was hunted by killers sent by the Zhao family, a young man with a face-covering face had suddenly jumped off of a cliff to distract the killers, allowing him to escape.


He had branded the young man’s voice deeply in his mind, often mourning him.

Just now, when he heard the young man speak, his voice sounded exactly the same as that of the masked man from that day!

This made him subconsciously turn his head.

After a closer look, his figure also matched!

At that moment, he had already determined that this young man was his savior, but he didn’t know how the young man had managed to survive after jumping off of the cliff.


The savior had already saved his life without being thanked yet. How could he bear to endanger this savior once again, especially if he had surprisingly survived?

His conscience wouldn’t allow him to do so, so he turned back.

Seeing Lord Zhang had returned to be caught, the head servant of the Zhao family chuckled so heartily, he almost ran out of breath.

“Haha! It is rumored that Lord Zhang has been extremely smart since he was a child, but… I didn’t expect him to be such a fool!”


The other servants also laughed. Instead of running away, Lord Zhang came back and asked why they didn’t continue chasing him. How was this not stupid?

He was a moron!

“Little bro, leave. I will block them for you!”

Lord Zhang ignored the ridiculing of the crowd and rode in front of Chen Chen.

Chen Chen was completely speechless when he saw this. This guy was like the legendary Zhang Wuji, acting like a hero…

“No way! You wish!” The head servant was in a good mood at the moment, and with a sudden wave of his hand, a few people came out behind him to completely trap Lord Zhang, while he himself rushed toward Chen Chen.

‘Why do you think I want to run? How dare you rob me?! I think you’re looking for trouble!’

Chen Chen cursed to himself and at the same time quietly activated his fire control technique, his fingers soon lighting up.

Lord Zhang was both surprised and angry as he yelled, “Savior, be careful!”

As soon as he spoke, Chen Chen suddenly pointed at the servant who was rushing over, shooting a finger-sized flame towards the man.

In an instant, the servant was burned into a fireball and fell from the horse with a plop.


After a few moments of struggling, he stopped moving. Then there was only a black mark in the shape of a person imprinted on the side of the road, indicating that this servant had once existed in this world.


“This power…” Chen Chen’s pupils shrank slightly. He couldn’t sense the temperature of the flame, so he deliberately wanted to experiment. He didn’t expect the power to be so terrifying.

A person had been burned to ashes in mere seconds.

With this type of efficiency, he could have made a fortune running a crematorium in his past life.


While he was shocked, the Zhao family’s servants who saw this scene were even more shocked and horrified.

They were so scared, they couldn’t even hold their knives steady anymore.

“Fa… Fairy!”


“He’s an immortal!”


Hearing their screams, Chen Chen glanced at them inadvertently, and all the horses, including Lord Zhang’s, raised their heads and neighed, dumping all of the riders to the ground.

Lord Zhang was very skilled. After he landed steadily, without a word, he began killing those frightened servants. It didn’t take long for the entire group to die.


After doing all of this, Lord Zhang looked back at Chen Chen. His gaze was complicated.

Just now, when he had seen from the corner of his eyes how Chen Chen had shot out flames, he knew that the young man in front of him was not a mortal.


He didn’t think the young man would save him again after saving him once before.

The two life-saving graces made him feel as grateful as a surging river.

So, without saying anything, he fell on one knee in front of Chen Chen.

“Yours truly, Zhang Ji. Thank you, big brother, for saving my life twice!”


Zhang Ji…

Hearing this name, Chen Chen felt quite speechless. There was another person called Zhang Wuji, and his name was Zhang Ji.


Why did he call him big brother? He was obviously much older than him!

He didn’t want to say anything. If he wanted him to be an older brother, he couldn’t insist on being younger.


“Please rise. I just did it since it was convenient. It’s no big deal.”

Chen Chen meant what he said.

This Zhang Ji could be an illegitimate son of the heavens. He ran into opportunities everywhere.

Every time Chen Chen took the opportunity from this guy, he would inevitably have to save him to pay for it. He was afraid that all of this was by heavenly arrangement.


Zhang Ji’s expression became serious when he heard the words, and solemnly said, “Although big brother is just casually helping Zhang Ji, you have remade me! This kindness will be remembered by Zhang Ji. If big brother orders me, Zhang Ji will go through fire for him and not hesitate!”


Listening to those words, Chen Chen felt a little embarrassed. He took advantage of other people’s chances, but then they kneeled and thanked him. This was taking it too far…


With this thought, he helped Zhang Ji stand up.

Looking at the handsome man in front of him, who was only slightly less attractive than himself, Chen Chen suddenly had a thought. He asked in his mind, “System, who is the one with the best luck in this 15-meter radius?”

“He is in front of the host. Zhang Ji, with great luck and purple qi coming from the east. He is blessed. He is the son of destiny, rare in thousands of years.”


Hearing the system’s comment, Chen Chen silently cursed.

He soon had another thought after cursing.

If he accepted Zhang Ji as a brother, paired with his own tracking system, wouldn’t he be invincible?


Even if he could only track a few dozen meters, he could have bigger chances…


With this idea, Chen Chen put on a mysterious smile.

“Little brother, this is all meant to be. If it wasn’t fate, how could I have saved you twice?”


Zhang Ji shivered when hearing the title of little brother.


After a few minutes, the two became as close as biological brothers.


Of course, this was partly due to Chen Chen’s bamboozling.

The experience of two lifetimes, coupled with his brainwashing skills, made Zhang Ji dazed. If it weren’t for the limited environment, Zhang would have liked to kneel and become blood brothers immediately.

“Brother Chen, there is something I shouldn’t ask, but since we met so late, I really needed to ask,” Zhang Ji asked after a while, growing serious.

“Go ahead!” Chen Chen waved his hand elegantly.

“Brother Chen, why did you want to commit suicide by jumping off of a cliff that day? Is there anything unspeakable? Although your younger brother is not talented, if Brother Chen has any difficulties, the younger brother is willing to go through fire to share Brother Chen’s worries!”

Zhang Ji’s expression was extremely heartfelt. Looking at his sincere and caring gaze, Chen Chen patted him heavily on the shoulder, and thought to himself,

‘Silly kid, I jumped off the cliff to take your opportunity. You don’t need to share my troubles! Better to reflect on why you’re always being hunted!’


Noting Chen Chen’s solemn look and his silence, Zhang Ji was even more anxious. He almost wanted to kneel again. But then Chen Chen suddenly spoke.

“Brother, have you heard of the story of the baby eagle?”

“Baby eagle? No, I haven’t.” Zhang Ji looked confused.

Chen Chen felt guilty bamboozling someone so stupid. So he turned his head and looked into the distance.


“It is said that if the baby eagles really want to learn to fly, the older eagles must toss them off the cliff.

“The young eagle can only develop its full potential when facing a life or death situation, learning how to navigate between the sky and earth.”

Zhang Ji, as someone who was into cultivation, had never heard this kind of self-help talk before. After hearing this myth, he was excited and emotional.

“Brother Chen, are you saying you jumped off the cliff to bring out your biggest potential… Training for some kind of craft?”

Chen Chen patted Lord Zhang’s shoulder again with a wistful gaze. He looked like someone who had bested countless opponents over the years, his face filled with loneliness.

“Dear brother, as long as you understand.”

Zhang Ji was so shocked by Chen Chen’s answer, he couldn’t think of anything to say.

Now it all made sense!

No wonder Brother Chen looked so young but was already on a journey of cultivation.

Brother Chen had incredible self-discipline!

He jumped off of a thousand-meter cliff without any hesitation. It was not a spirit he could have matched.

At this thought, Zhang Ji admired him even more. He kneeled once again.


“Brother Chen! You really are my role model! Please accept my salute!”


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