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Chapter 179: Chapter 179: It’s Too Arduous

The light scattered. Hu Lian’s form and spirit had already been destroyed, and even the thousands of demons were also affected by the aftershock.

“Demon Emperor Hu Lian has fallen…”

“She was killed by the sword of that human!”

All the demons looked at the woman who was wielding the sword in the distance, and in the next moment, they were so horrified that they fled in all directions. They left several times faster than when they came.


When all the demons had retreated, 10,000 swords wailed and echoed in front of the Tianyun Clan.

Xia Xishuang looked at the Breaking Dawn Sword in her hand with great reluctance in her eyes.

In the next moment, cracks began to appear on the Breaking Dawn Sword, which shattered and turned into dazzling rays of light that dissipated between heaven and earth, leaving only the hilt and a quarter of the blade intact.

After seventeen years of nurturing, the Breaking Dawn Sword still hadn’t formed completely, and the strike just now had depleted it of all its divinity.

Seeing that her personal treasure had been ruined, Xia Xishuang’s face turned incredibly pale, and her body immediately turned weak.

Xiao He, who was rather far away, had already begun sobbing uncontrollably, hurriedly flying to Xia Xishuang’s side

“Senior Sister… Why are you so silly? How am I supposed to… Explain this to Master? I might as well die!”

Xia Xishuang shook her head slightly and spoke feebly, “Don’t tell Chen Chen about this… Don’t let the people of Tianyun Clan know anything about the Breaking Dawn Sword either. I don’t want anyone… To feel indebted to me.”

Hearing these words, Xiao He cried even louder. She used to think that Xia Xishuang was lofty and out of reach, as she was not only incredibly talented, she was very intelligent too. However, she now felt that Xia Xishuang was the biggest fool in this world.

Seeing that Xia Xishuang had passed out, Xiao He hurriedly picked her up and flew towards the compound on the main peak.

The people of the Tianyun Clan finally recovered from the shock and hurriedly followed after them.

“How can the envoy of the Haoran Sword Clan be so powerful!?!”

“She’s so terrifying, she killed an Essence Soul realm powerhouse with a single slash of the sword!”

“I didn’t expect such a strong person to be willing to talk to us…”

“Why are you so foolish!?!”

Tens of thousands of kilometers away, Lao Hei muttered incessantly while staring at the figure in the spiritual spring.

Chen Chen had been lying in the spiritual spring for several hours, and there had been no response from him. Thus, Lao Hei could not help but suspect that Chen Chen had already died.

“What’s the use of saving up such a huge fortune? You have no children, and in the end, all your savings are just going to go to me. Listen up, if you still don’t wake up, I’ll give all your things to the demons out there! Not a single one of them will be left behind!”

Lao Hei cursed, then gently knocked the figure with his hoof.

Clang! Clang!

The two crisp sounds made Lao Hei gasp in wonder as he felt that he was knocking his hoof against a layer of metal, not flesh.

However, a crack appeared on the figure as his entire body began to slowly crack.

Seeing this scene, Lao Hei was scared to death.

However, Lao Hei was soon over the moon, because the cracked figure actually extended a clean hand.

A day later.

Chen Chen, who had regained consciousness, sat in front of the spiritual spring and looked at the black remains on the ground while thinking about his life.

He did not have a Golden Core, so there was no way he could reach the Nascent Soul realm naturally. Hence, the Nascent Soul formed on the surface of his body, but everything was gone after he was struck by the body refinement tribulation.

However, his cultivation level was now at the Nascent Soul realm for both Qi training and body refinement.

He even felt that his body had metamorphosed.

It also made him feel as if all the impurities in his body had been removed by the Thunder Tribulation.

To be honest, since he embarked on the path of cultivation, he swallowed an unknown number of heavenly treasures, and a large number of impurities must have remained in his body.

Besides, strictly speaking, his Innate Spirit Body was not actually the Innate Spirit Body in the true sense.

However, everything had changed, and things were different now. He had completely shed his mortal body, becoming pure and flawless.

“There can’t be anyone in this world who is purer than me,” Chen Chen muttered, and then happily took out the messenger token to spread the news.

“I have already stepped into the Nascent Soul realm, and everything is going well.”

Naturally, he wouldn’t say that he had almost been struck to death by the Thunder Tribulation, as that would do nothing other than cause the others to worry.

Soon, there was a reply from Xia Xishuang.

“Congratulations, the kind will always be rewarded. By the way, a group of demons came to Tianyun Clan yesterday, but they have already been scared into retreating. There shouldn’t be any demons coming to Tianyun Clan again soon, don’t worry.”

After reading the message, Chen Chen put away the messenger token.

He knew what Xia Xishuang was worried about, just as Xia Xishuang knew what he was worried about.

Although their relationship was platonic, a simple exchange showed the tacit understanding between them.

“Host, congratulations for stepping into the Nascent Soul realm. The tracking range has increased to 100 meters and you are awarded 10 opportunities to track within a range of 50 meters.”

Chen Chen stretched and stood up, but a prompt from the system appeared in his mind.

“Ten chances to track within a range of 50 meters?”

Chen Chen was a little speechless. The rewards were not as good as a single opportunity to track within 5,000 kilometers because the total tracking area was much slower.

Now that his cultivation level had reached the Nascent Soul realm, ordinary tracking opportunities were no longer meaningful to him. How many great opportunities were there? He had to track in a very large area in order to find them.

However, even then, Chen Chen didn’t mind. After all, the system had been very nice to him.

Chen Chen stayed in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace, while Lao Hei stayed outside in the Seven Orifices Armor, being worshipped by all the demons.

“Welcome out of seclusion, Lord!”

The dog spirit took the lead and fell to his knees, his face full of devotion.

God knew how strong Lao Hei had become after that great tribulation. Although he was still in the Core Formation realm, no demon dared to treat Lao Hei as a Core Formation demonic cultivator.

The other demons quickly knelt down too.

They were in awe and full of respect towards Lao Hei because he managed to survive the intense Thunder Tribulation.

They had been accustomed to Lao Hei hiding his cultivation level, and if not for the fact that he would respond to them occasionally, they might have thought that he was a divine dragon disguised as a pig.

“I have successfully transcended the tribulation. Are you willing to go to a small nation with me and then become the hegemon of a land?”

Lao Hei waved his hoof and gave instructions while golden rays of light engulfed him. If they didn’t take a careful look, they wouldn’t be able to tell that an earth pig was talking.

“We are willing to follow you, Lord!”

“Very good! Then let’s set out and head south!”

After issuing that order, Lao Hei flew into the air, going towards the south while hundreds of demons followed behind him.

After a full day of flight, Lao Hei had taken several demons under his wing. In the beginning, he still had to intervene personally, but towards the end, the demons would all surrender and submit to him as soon as he waved his hoof.

By the time they reached the Flame Mountain Range, Lao Hei had thousands of demons under his command, including eight Nascent Soul realm demonic cultivators and one late Nascent Soul realm powerhouse.

The newly joined demonic cultivators were subconsciously in awe of Lao Hei too when they saw other demonic cultivators submitting to Lao Hei.

The dog spirit, who considered himself to be Lao Hei’s veteran subordinate, had the guts to talk to the new demonic cultivator at the late Nascent Soul realm stage on an equal footing, thus making the latter more and more convinced of Lao Hei’s power.

At the same time, he made up his mind to serve Lao Hei well, and once he became a veteran subordinate, he would teach the dog spirit a lesson.

Although there were only a few demons that were inherently powerful, their cultivation levels weren’t too bad. They formed a demon cloud that covered the sky and loomed over the Flame mountain range before flying towards all directions.

More than a thousand demons crossed the flame mountain range, successfully reaching the State of Zhou’s territory.

At this time, there were battles everywhere in the territory of the State of Zhou. Such a large force of terrifying demons suddenly appearing out of nowhere caused the people in the Demon Clan to become stunned.

“Heaven wants the Demon Clan to be destroyed!”

The Clan Master came out to block two Essence Soul realm powerhouses. Who would have expected such a large bunch of demons to come to the State of Zhou? He could tell from their mightiness that the leader must be a Demon Emperor!

The State of Zhou was not like other vassal states, which were supported by major forces. They could only rely on themselves!

After Zhou Renlong, who was somewhere in the battlefield in the middle of the State of Zhou, learned of the news, he couldn’t help but look up to the sky and laugh miserably. He then took out a certain messenger token.

“Kid, you’d better continue to hide. Life in the Demon Clan is too arduous…”

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