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Chapter 172: Chapter 172: Pinnacle of a Pig’s Life

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Their pursuit was futile, as expected.

Seeing that the demons were about to disperse, the leading late-stage Nascent Soul realm Gray Bear Spirit immediately roared!


The demons turned their heads to look over in confusion.

“I am the Demon King under the Heavenly Berserk Bear lineage. Are you guys willing to enter the human frontier with me and build a career?”

Hearing these words, the expressions of all the demons and fiends all changed drastically.

To be honest, none of them were the regular army of the demon race. They could only be regarded as demon immigrants.

The demons had broken through the human frontier, but the demon army was far from being able to occupy the huge territory. Hence, they needed those immigrants who pursued their dreams.

There were many famous mountains and rivers in the human frontier, and if they could be the king of a mountain, they might really become a hegemon.

Anyway, no matter what, it was still better than being depressed in the demon territory.

To their surprise, the Grizzly Bear King tried to gather them before they gathered the demons.

“Sorry, I’m not interested in becoming someone else’s vassal!”

A middle-stage Nascent Soul realm demon said in a cold voice before trying to turn around and leave.

However, before he could fly out far, the Grizzly Bear King violently stomped his feet on the ground, and a powerful pressure suddenly descended on the demons.

“Grizzly Bear King, do you really think I’m afraid of you?”

That mid-stage Nascent Soul realm cultivator of the demon clan was also hot-tempered. Seeing that the Grizzly Bear King had struck, he immediately turned around and flew towards the Grizzly Bear King.

“Those who do not obey shall die!” The Grizzly Bear King roared, and a large serrated sword appeared in his hand.

The two Nascent Soul realm demons fought in front of all the other demons.

The Nascent Soul realm demons were fighting hard with aggression while the Core Formation demons shuddered.

Lao Hei also trembled. If Chen Chen hadn’t continuously educated it in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace every day, he would have probably fallen right on the spot.

In fact, Chen Chen, who was in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace, was also a bit shocked.

The demons would resort to violence at every slightest conflict. However, he was even more surprised by the strength of the demons. Nearly 100 demons present were all at the Core Formation realm and above.

Of course, the demons with lower cultivation levels also did not have the courage to chase that far.

“None of the demons are weaklings, but the human race has a large number of mortals.No wonder the humans can only fight passively in the face of the demons…”

As Chen Chen sighed, the battle between demons outside was already coming to an end.

The Grizzly Bear King was not only stronger, but even its genetics were also greater too. Hence, it did not take long for another mid-stage Nascent Soul realm demon to be cut into two halves by his sword.

The Nascent Soul in his body wanted to escape, but the Grizzly Bear King caught up and swallowed it in front of all the demons.

Although the Grizzly Bear King had also suffered some injuries, his eyes were full of menace as he glanced at the demons and questioned coldly, “Which one of you is still not convinced?”

The demons looked at each other, and finally, all fell to the ground on one knee, their eyes full of awe and reverence.

“We are willing to follow Lord Grizzly Bear King!”

Seeing that he had successfully gathered so many subordinates, the Grizzly Bear King was very proud, but the only shame was that he had not caught that powerful human cultivator.

Otherwise, he should be able to give them to the demon army in exchange for an officially recognized identity.

With an official identity, it would be easier for him to gather some small demons.

However, things were much better now. With subordinates, he could get an official identity easily.

With that thought, he yelled, “Everyone, let’s find a good cave first!”

After saying that, he led the group of demons and flew up into the sky. The group of demonic cultivators was large in size. They spread demonic aura everywhere they passed.

After flying for about an hour, the Grizzly King stopped at the foot of a big mountain with all the demons.

This mountain was quite rich in spiritual energy, and it seemed that there used to be a clan occupying the place. However, the people were already gone.

Seeing the complete architecture, the Grizzly Bear King was overjoyed.

They had really prepared a good cave for him just when he needed it!

The Grizzly Bear King wanted to rise and become a hegemon there!

Imagining a bright future, the Grizzly Bear King suddenly felt an urge to do something, and he subconsciously thought of the pig spirit’s human pet.


‘It’s a bit unreasonable that an earth pig spirit has a human pet while I don’t.’

At the thought of this, he turned his head to look at the Lao Hei who was standing at the back of the group of demons. He said calmly, “Pig spirit, come out.”

Lao Hei shuddered. He was just a domestic pig who had never seen such a scene before, especially the one of the Grizzly Bear King swallowing a Nascent Soul realm demon. It truly traumatized him.

“Lao Hei, you can do it. Don’t you want to pretend to be impressive? I’ll give you a chance! I’m your pet now!”

Chen Chen whispered into Lao Hei’s ear, but the latter didn’t quite understand it, though he vaguely felt that it was impressive. Finally, he walked towards the Grizzly Bear King while shuddering.

“Grizzly Bear King… what orders do you have for me?”

Lao Hei was very satisfied with the Grizzly King’s reaction, which meant that the method he just shocked the group with had worked.

“That human pet of yours is quite good, lend it to me for a few days, how about that?”

The Grizzly Bear King emphasized every intonation while his eyes flickered with a malicious glint. Clearly, he didn’t plan on returning Chen Chen.

“Bullshit! My human pet is not something you can get your hands on!”

The voice came from Lao Hei whose face turned flushed as he covered his mouth with his hooves.

‘I did not just say that!’

The demonic cultivators were all silent as they looked at Lao Hei with their eyes full of admiration and respect.

The Grizzly King was also extremely stunned as he couldn’t believe that the earth pig spirit in front of him dared to talk to him like that!

“What did you say?”

“I…” Lao Hei subconsciously tried to say something kind, but another voice similar to his came out again!

“You’re an ugly and stupid Grizzly bear! You’re a fool!”

As soon as he said that, the demons behind turned limp before Lao Hei did.

‘This pig spirit is really defiant!’

“Good! Very good! I didn’t expect a Core Formation realm demonic cultivator to dare to talk to me like that, it seems that you are tired of living!”

The Grizzly Bear King’s eyes were full of menace as he grabbed Lao Hei and tried to wring his head off in front of everyone!

However, at this moment, the situation suddenly changed, and a large spoon suddenly appeared in the hands of the earth pig spirit.

“What kind of a damned weapon is this?”

This thought flashed through the Grizzly Bear King’s mind and he subconsciously raised both arms to resist.

However, during this time, the big spoon exploded with unparalleled pressure.

Seeing this scene, the Grizzly Bear King’s face changed drastically, and just as he was about to retreat and dodge, a burst of powerful pressure emerged from the earth pig spirit in front of him, subduing him for a moment.


However, at that moment, the big spoon struck the top of his head.

With a violent sound, the entire Grizzly Bear King was smashed into pieces.

“You pig! You’re pretending!”

The Nascent Soul of the Grizzly Bear King flew out and hollered in horror.

However, as soon as he said that, he vaguely felt that something was wrong. ‘Pigs will be pigs…’

Without continuing to think about it, the Grizzly Bear King flew into the distance.

“Do you want to run? Have you asked for my permission?”

Lao Hei extended his hoof, and a bolt of violent lightning burst out from between his hooves, instantly striking the Nascent Soul of the Grizzly Bear in the distance.

The Grizzly Bear King shrieked and turned into ashes.

When the demons saw that scene, their jaws dropped in shock.

‘The powerful Grizzly King was killed by the pig in a moment, is this not a dream?’

Lao Hei retracted his hoof and looked back at the crowd of demons. He then let out a stern voice.

“The Grizzly Bear is dead, I’m in charge now, is any one of you unconvinced!?!”

The demons looked at the majestic Lao Hei and once again fell to their knees. “We are willing to follow you, Lord!”

Looking at this scene, Lao Hei’s eyes glistened. Although he wasn’t the one who took the initiative to pretend, he was still pleased at the moment.

He felt that he had reached the pinnacle of his life!

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