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Chapter 168: Chapter 168: Haoran Sword Pool

Minutes passed.

The half-demon Nascent Soul realm elder could exert less than half of his strength because he was intimidated by the aura of the divine beast. Eventually, he roared indignantly and self-detonated, sending Chen Chen flying hundreds of meters away.

“What a nuisance!”

Chen Chen cursed and quickly found the storage ring left behind by the Nascent Soul realm elder and then flew towards the distance.

The elder was missing. If others saw him, they might think that he was the robber.

‘I’m so rich, must I do such a lowly thing like robbery?’

Of course, he could not casually flaunt his assets or he would be tempting others to commit a crime.

Once he flew a certain distance away, Chen Chen would take out the elder’s storage ring and easily break the restrictions.

As for the storage ring that the elder gave him, which was claimed to contain 100,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones, was obviously fake.

However, there were indeed many things in the storage ring.

There were about five or six thousand middle-grade Spirit Stones and he was richer than 99% of the cultivators in the State of Jin. There were also lots of things like pills, magic treasures and other things. There were also several skeletons placed at the edge of the storage ring.

There were traces of the skeletons being gnawed on and there were a few identity tokens placed next to them.

Clearly, it was not his first time committing a crime like robbery and those skeletons should have been his victims and the reason he was wealthy.

After taking another careful look, Chen Chen soon also found the old man’s identity token.

This old man was a cultivator of the 72nd city of the Great Wall line of defense, and the 72nd city belonged to a large sect called the Black Immortal Sect.

The fact that it could guard a city alone meant that it must be extremely strong.

In addition to this identity token, there was also a plain token next to it, which seemed ordinary without any words or symbols, but Chen Chen looked at it with a frown.

Without continuing to think about it, Chen Chen sped up and returned to the 16th city.

A few days passed.

It was as if that matter didn’t happen at all. Not only was there no queries from the communication token in the old man’s storage ring, there was no response from the 72nd City either.

It was as if they didn’t care about the disappearance of the Nascent Soul realm powerhouse at all.

That made Chen Chen feel somewhat strange. ‘Could it be that there’s something wrong with the entire Black Immortal Sect? Otherwise, why do they seem to have a guilty conscience?’

Before he could go to the 72nd city to investigate, this day, he suddenly received a piece of shocking news from the front line!

The demons had retreated!

All the demons had withdrawn from the human frontier.

That also meant that the small-scale war was over.

Although the war between the two clans was not as terrible as the astonishing war that happened several thousand of years ago and resulted in the fall of several top experts, it was still considered rare.

After learning of those news, all the forces of the Hundred Cities of the Great Wall rejoiced because that meant that they would be able to return to their homeland soon.

Besides, they would also return with a large number of rewards from the humans because they deserved credit for defending the city.

If there were things like cultivation methods, they would definitely rise soon!

The State of Jin cultivators of the Sixteenth City were in low spirits because they had not yet returned to their capital to redeem themselves.

According to their idea, it was better to fight for a few more months and make a big profit after redeeming their bodies, so that the trip would be worthwhile.

Of course, no one said those things out loud. After all, it was a joyous occasion for the humans and they couldn’t hope for the humans to go to war everyday for the sake of their own selfish interests.

“It seems that I had been overly idealistic for wanting to return to the State of Jin.”

Chen Chen was in a good mood. He didn’t lack any Spirit Stones or other items, and didn’t have to worry about redeeming himself either.

If there was something that he was uncomfortable about…

Chen Chen raised his eyebrows and pulled out a communication token from his storage ring.

“Fellow Daoist, the war is over, I should be returning to the State of Jin within half a month. If fate would have it, you and I will meet again in the future.”

During this period of time, he and Xia Xishuang would chat for a bit with each other through the transmission token everyday.

He would only say a few words and stop.

He kept their friendship extremely platonic.

In fact, Chen Chen did not have any special ideas, he just felt that it was very comfortable that way.

Soon after the news of the end of the war spread, a female disciple of the Haoran Sword Clan soon arrived at the Sixteenth City.

A group of State of Jin cultivators quickly assembled together.

This female disciple of the Haoran Sword Clan looked at the energetic group of State of Jin cultivators and clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth in amazement.

Although the war didn’t last long, which of the cultivators in the other cities were not all wounded?

He arrived at the Sixteenth City to see that not only were there very few people who got injured, they all seemed energized and rejuvenated.

That wasn’t all. The key was that the Sixteenth City was ranked in the first few places among the hundred nations, in terms of merit.

“All cultivators of the State of Jin, listen up!”

After a moment of amazement, the female disciple took out a scroll and said in a deep voice.

The cultivators of the State of Jin immediately stood up straight and were all ears.

That female disciple was obviously there to discuss the merit and rewards. They were of course, very concerned.

“The Sixteenth City is guarded by the State of Jin and there have never been any losses. You have also responded to the requests for support in other cities on several occasions, and made great achievements for our people.”

“We hereby reward the clans of the State of Jin, led by the Tianyun Clan, with 1,000 superior-quality Spirit Stones, 20 Nascent Soul Breakthrough Pills, one Essence Soul realm pill, and 500 kilograms of spiritual gold…”

After reading the announcement for half a minute, the State of Jin cultivators were all so agitated that their faces became flushed. They then looked at Xiao Wuyou with incredible envy.

The right of distribution of all these rewards was given to the head of the Tianyun Clan who had the Human Decree.

If the Tianyun Clan did not share it with them after returning to the State of Jin, there was nothing they could do.

Looking at the eyes of this group of people, Chen Chen was rather glad.

If they returned to the State of Jin, the Tianyun Clan could rightfully become the overlord of the State of Jin and the leader of the 36 clans.

As for the Demon Clan, they probably should not stir trouble in the State of Jin for the time being on account that they had helped them during the war.

In this way, the Tianyun Clan will be able to use the resources to develop rapidly.

He had completely achieved the best situation he imagined at the beginning!

However, at this moment, the female disciple suddenly looked at him.

“Chen Chen the successor of the Tianyun Clan killed a Nascent Soul realm cultivator and when he was faced with the crisis in the Tianyun Clan, he put the humans’ wellbeing as his priority and guarded the Twelfth City against the Immortal Demonic Phoenix without any fear of death. He has done the humans proud. Hence, Chen Chen is rewarded with the chance to enter the Haoran Sword Pool for a month of training.”

Hearing these words, Chen Chen was a bit stunned.

What is the Haoran Sword Pool? If he were to cultivate there, he would have to stay at the front line for a longer period of time.

The female disciple was dumbfounded to see Chen Chen. She smiled and said, “Successor of the Tianyun Clan, the Haoran Sword Clan’s pool is one of the four greatest Treasure Lands of the human race. It’s not a place that ordinary people can enter and only one in a hundred of the disciples of the Haoran Sword Clan are permitted entry.”

“You are the only one among those who participated in the war this time, who is qualified to enter the Haoran Sword Pool to cultivate.”

The surrounding State of Jin cultivators all gasped and looked at Chen Chen with admiration!

What concept is that? Only one person in a hundred cities who fought at the Great Wall?

Even if they were not of the same clan, they were still honored because he was from the State of Jin!

Chen Chen immediately thanked her after hearing that. He naturally could not miss such an opportunity since no one would complain about being too strong.

The female disciple also put away the scroll, and then handed it to Xiao Wuyou. He then turned around and continued to say to Chen Chen, “Fellow Daoist Chen, we weren’t going to give you the slot this time but Senior Sister Xia strongly recommended you. She said that you not only have outstanding talent and a good character, you are also very righteous. She said that your future will definitely be promising and you’d become a top powerhouse among humans.”

“We all trust Senior Sister Xia in the Haoran Sword Clan and hence, we trust who she trusts.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen was dumbfounded but he was very moved.

‘She’s got good judgment!’

‘Seems like Xia Xishuang is not only good-looking, she’s extremely talented too. She seems to have excellent judgment!’

However, after hearing the words of the female disciple, the State of Jin cultivators gradually began to look contemptuous.

However, their contempt soon turned into envy.

‘It’s great being young!’

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