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Chapter 160: Chapter 160: Excuse me! Goodbye!

Chapter 160: Excuse Me! Goodbye!

Some time passed and the majestic sound of trumpets sounded once again, waking up the golden-armored general from his slumber.

Hearing the familiar sound of the trumpet, the golden-armored general wanted to cry, but he had no tears to shed.

The hardships of life had completely exceeded his imagination, and what he had dreaded had really occurred…

The sounds of generals assembling could be heard, so the golden-armored general took a deep breath before struggling to get out of bed.

Since this is fate, he had no choice but to concede!

The Great Xia Dynasty border army would not be afraid of battles! They would at most die at the front line!

“Someone, carry me to the frontline!”

Upon hearing this order, two sergeants entered. When they saw the general’s appearance, one sergeant said, “The cultivators of the State of Jin said that you’re seriously injured and you haven’t recovered yet, so it’s best that you don’t join the battle and leave it to them.”

Upon hearing those words, the golden-armored general was immediately enraged!

He did not want to participate in the battle, but he could not trust the cultivators of Jin Nation! He would leave it to them when pigs could fly!

At the thought of this, he gritted his teeth and said, “Carry me to the front line! Today, I must make those cultivators of the State of Jin see the true abilities of the border army!”

Hearing this, the two soldiers had no choice but to get a chair and carry the general to the front of the assembly at the Sixteenth City.

When he reached the front, the golden-armored general took out his own treasure, a long spear, and drove it into the ground with a resolute expression.

All that was left of him now was that spear and his golden armor

The Canopy Array appeared again.

The cultivators of the State of Jin gathered at the city wall and remained unmoved while staring at the resolute and determined golden-armored general below.

At this juncture, Chen Chen also appeared on the city wall with a distant gaze.

The crowd looked at him with some resentment and sorrow.

At this point, they were almost certain that they had been cheated and taken advantage of by Chen Chen, the successor of the Tianyun Clan.

They were convinced that what he said about the Fifteenth City and Seventeenth City facing more than fifteen Nascent Soul realm cultivators were just lies.

However, now that things had come to this, they could only concede and curse him in their hearts at most.


The familiar sound of the earth shaking spread once again!

At the same time, hundreds of streams of light came surging in from the distance!

Chen Chen looked at the streams of light without any expression on his face, and when they approached, his pupils suddenly constricted.

‘Damn it! Seventeen Nascent Soul realm demons!

‘The leading demon has become an underling this time!’

In addition, there were nearly a hundred Core Formation realm demonic cultivators!

“They are trying to kill us!”

Chen Chen was speechless. The other State of Jin cultivators were already shocked into silence too!

There were really more than fifteen Nascent Soul realm cultivators coming to attack the city!

‘Does this mean that… The successor of the Tianyun Clan, Chen Chen, was right?’

‘Could it be that we had misunderstood him previously?’

Thinking of this, the crowd coincidentally looked at the lone figure at the forefront of the city wall.

For some reason, they always felt that the figure was extremely tall, so much so that they dared not look at it.

Feeling the gazes behind him, Chen Chen did not turn around. Instead, he said indifferently, “If you can’t even trust your fellow soldiers of the State of Jin on this battlefield, who else is trustworthy?”

As soon as he said that, the two Golden Core realm cultivators who had gone around scouting and gathering information, almost burst into tears. They felt really aggrieved, as if they hadn’t lied two days ago.

Seeing this scene, the group of Great Jin cultivators felt incredibly ashamed and took the initiative to come over and say, “Brother, we have wronged you, we shouldn’t have believed the bullshit of those people from the Fifteenth City and Seventeenth City so easily.”

“It’s alright, we’re just running errands and it’s just a minor misunderstanding. Everything will be fine after we clarify things. But Successor… We feel really unjust for you because of the dirty looks that they’ve given you!”

The group of State of Jin cultivators who had signed the indentures felt extremely ashamed. They wanted to say something but could not bring themselves to and hence, turned their apologetic feelings into power as they stared at the hundreds of streams of light in the distance.

However, at this moment, they all felt that they owed Chen Chen an apology.

If it was not for Chen Chen’s foresight, they would have probably died.

Chen Chen had been questioned and doubted for several days, but he didn’t give any explanation or complained about anything. He simply accepted the treatment due to being misunderstood, and even after the misunderstanding was cleared, he didn’t mock or insult them.

He was so magnanimous…

‘He’s worthy of being an elite!’

Seeing that the hundreds of streams of light were getting closer and closer, Chen Chen ordered indifferently, “Start the array.”

As soon as he said that, an endless wall that had rich spiritual power suddenly lit up in front of the wall, blocking the fifty-kilometer line of defense behind it. Even heaven and earth were completely locked!

Under the illumination of the ten Yuan Gang Formations, the light of the Canopy Formation seemed to become dimmer.

Looking at the great array in front of the Sixteenth City, the demonic cultivator who was in the late stage of the Nascent Soul realm and was leading the other demons suddenly said in a hoarse voice and cold expression, “Hu Wei! Is this what you call a weak defense?”

Hu Wei was the leader of the demons who previously attacked the Sixteenth City, and when he saw the light curtain that was thicker than the city wall, he scratched his head with embarrassment. He attempted to explain, “Brother, when I came last time, this place was not like this…”

“Screw you, we had a hard time breaking through the Haoran Sword Clan’s blockade, and you want us to attack this hard brick wall? Hu Wei, I think you’re asking for a beating!”

Hearing the angry rebuke from the other Nascent Soul realm demon cultivators, Hu Wei felt guilty and ashamed.

This time, they had assembled a lot of power there, not to mention the other Golden Core realm Foundation Establishment cultivators. The seventeen Nascent Soul realm demon cultivators alone were already the elites of the Nascent Soul realm. There were very few who were actually weak.

However, he wasn’t lying, because the defense here was really very weak here before…

While the demon cultivators were hesitating in attacking, the berserk demonic beasts below had already rushed to the front of the majestic formation.

Seeing that the group of demonic beasts was about to crash into the formation, a handsome young man on the city wall suddenly waved his hand and fifty thick, hard Spirit Cannons were suddenly neatly arranged on top of the wall!

Boom, boom, boom! Three cannon shots! They were alarming!

That group of demonic beasts had already disappeared without a trace, and there was now only a terrifying crater, with a diameter of over a hundred meters and a depth of tens of meters, left in front of the entire formation.

Seeing this scene, the eyes of the leader of the demon cultivators twitched, frowning. At this point, he had a strong urge to kill Hu Wei too!

Seeing that the fifty Spirit Cannons on the wall were aimed at him, the demon cultivator at the head of the group immediately flew in the other direction without saying a word.

“Sorry to have disturbed! Bye!”

In just a few moments, the hundreds of streams of light disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, the golden-armored general under the city wall had yet to come back to his senses.

Looking at the terrifying battle formation and the astounding crater in front of him, he thought he was dreaming.

‘Is this still the same Sixteenth City as before? Am I hallucinating!?!’


Just as was shocked and bewildered, a tiger demonic beast’s head fell from the sky and landed less than five meters away from him outside the formation. He had obviously just been blasted up into the sky and had only now landed on the ground.

Looking at the panic-stricken tiger demonic beast’s face, the golden-armored general snapped back to his senses!

‘Damn it! This Sixteenth City is not the same Sixteenth City it was a few days ago!

‘If I saw correctly, seventeen Nascent Soul realm demon cultivators were scared away!

‘The entire Great Wall spans kilometers and there are hundreds of cities and towns. Is there a safer place than here?’

Overjoyed, the golden-armored general grinned widely.

However, his smile soon stiffened, and immediately afterwards, he pulled out a messenger token with a swift and fluid action.

“Yang Kai! Where is Yang Kai?! How are things going?”

A moment later, a reply came from the messenger token.

“Lord, don’t worry! I’ve already safely handed over your assets. The transfer order should be issued in a few days! We will no longer have to be scared in the Sixteenth City!”

Hearing his words, the golden-armored general dropped the token with a loud thud while tears welled up in his eyes.


After cursing, the golden-armored general dropped the spear in his hand and lay flat on the ground.

Looking at the vast starry sky above his head, he began to doubt life.

‘What have I done since I came to the Sixteenth City?

‘Why did I go bankrupt? Most importantly, what did I get after going bankrupt?

‘Why is life… So hard?’

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