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Chapter 16: Returning One’s Deeds to Oneself

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The ashes dissipated in a moment, a mess left behind in front of the stone stele.


Several unlucky servants were crushed in a stampede by the horses and were now lying dead. Many others had suffered severe injuries in the fall and could only moan. Less than half of them could sit up on the ground in confusion, taking their time to understand the situation.

Chen Che looked down at them, just like how they had done earlier.


“System, who’s the strongest person within the 15-meter radius?”

“Most definitely the inhibitor,” the System gave a definite response. Chen Chen smiled upon hearing this.


The group of villagers looked at each other, their eyes filled with confusion.

What was going on? Was there some invisible wall in front of the stele of the village? How could the Wangs’ servants fall like this otherwise?

Before anyone got a solid grip on the situation, Chen Chen slowly walked to the front, plainly saying, “If you wish to negotiate, then so will we. If you wish to play the fist game, then so will I.”


The area surrounding him was quiet. Wang Suqin, who had not joined the charge, finally got her horse to rest. As she heard his words, her eyes finally showed some signs of worry.

Did the lad cause all these incidents?

But how could a boy from a tenant’s family have such abilities?

She didn’t even think about immortality cultivation.


Immortality cultivation was her ultimate dream. Deep down, she refused to recognize that a tenant’s son could achieve her dream.

“You untouchable! Die now!”


The servant that had just led the charge suddenly jumped up, his machete swinging towards Chen Chen.

Chen Chen doesn’t even bother to look towards him. He simply kicked the servant’s stomach.


The kick was too fast to be fully viewed with the human eye; the momentum was astonishing.



That servant flew into the air with a muffled sound.

Quite literally, he “flew.” He stayed in midair, flying over 20 meters, landing, and finally rolling several meters before stopping.


The consequence of such a severe hit can be imagined with ease. The servant died midair.


Looking at the corpse in the distance, which looked like a broken bag, the scene only became quieter.

Even those servants that were moaning previously didn’t dare to make a sound.

One moment later.

The farming tools in the villagers’ hands started falling to the ground.

The surprise on their faces as they looked at the back of the youth in front of them was unparalleled.

They had all seen Chen Chen grow up. Having seen how harmless he was, it was reasonable for them to be surprised when he kicked a man like a ball.

“He… He is a fairy!” one of the servants shouted suddenly, breaking the silence.


His words, like an asteroid striking a calm ocean, created massive waves.

“Fa… Fairy!”


“How can it be… He is a fairy!”


Other servants crawled behind nonstop as they whispered.

In this world, fairies were the most revered!


In countless places, tales of fairies circulated.


Being able to manipulate mountains and seas and being invincible were characteristics of a fairy, constituting the average person’s impression of a fairy.


If the youth in front of them was a potential fairy, how dare they organize further attacks?


Wang Suqin was equally frightened at this point. Without the status of cultivation, there was no justification for the youth’s ability to stun a group of horses and kick a man into flying.

But if this youth had actual cultivation status, the Wang family…

Wang Suqin didn’t dare to think any further, her eyes turning red immediately. Pointing her sword towards Chen Chen, she ordered, “He only started cultivation recently and is not of much status! By moving together, we may be able to kill him!”


However, no servants follow her orders.

These servants were already out of their guts by this point, their legs shivering—-all they wanted were two more legs to assist them in fleeing. How dare they gamble their lives in this circumstance?

“That’s a bunch of garbage!”


Wang Suqin was very infuriated. She jumped down from the horse, chopping off the head of a fleeing servant.

Her clothes were rapidly dyed red as blood splashed out. With a twisted face, she looked as ferocious as a demon, straight from the inferno.

“Any person attempting to run will have his household eliminated!

“But if anybody here kills this evil being, I shall marry that person and bear children for him. This lucky person will enjoy all the riches of the Wang family!”


Following her statements, many servants become hesitant.


The second lady was not only a beauty from a household of riches, but also a fine martial artist; in the eyes of the servants, she had long since been a goddess.

They had likely tortured her countless times in their dreams. With this promise coming, it was impossible that they weren’t moved at all.


“We are dying anyway! Move!” a less severely injured servant groaned as he dragged his machete towards Chen Chen, his eyes insane.

Other servants also picked up their machetes and prepared for another charge.

At that point, Chen Chen kicked once again. This time, a hand-sized rock flew out, destroying the lunatic servant’s head.

Recalling how Wang Suqin had attempted to flirt the hearts of the villagers of the Stone Village, Chen Chen suddenly smiled an evil smile.

Speaking to the frightened servants, he said, “Kill her for your life. Of course, if you can seize her alive, you are welcome to do with her as you please—-I just want her dead.


“As for consequences, worry not, for the Wangs will be no more afterwards.

“Think carefully. Do you think you have better odds against me, a fairy, or her, a regular lady?”


Chen Chen’s words circulated throughout the entire area.

Unparalleled fear appears on Wang Suqin’s face. She couldn’t believe this all came from a teenager who looks about 16 years old.


Other servants halted their steps, their heads staring at the ground, their thoughts unknown.

Then, Chen Chen added one sentence.

“I need not lie as a fairy.”



Servants started turning their heads.


Soon, the 11 remaining servants all turned back, looking at Wang Suqin and her sword with cold eyes, their machetes reflecting the light.


“What are you doing? You are the dogs of the Wangs!” Wang Suqin exclaimed in fear.


“Yeah! The Wang’s never treated you like humans. This lady had no hesitation in chopping down that servant’s head just now. Why should you have any mercy on the Wangs?” Chen Chen calmly asked them in front of the stone stele.


In terms of heart manipulation, he was exponentially better as a time traveler who had been a human for two lives and had experienced modern society, especially when compared to the underqualified Wang Suqin.


As expected, upon hearing those words, the servants were free of any mental load and started roaring at Wang Suqin.

“You cheap lady! Die!”

“I will kill you today!”

Arms clash…

In no time, the servants siege Wang Suqin and the sound of arms clashing pour into spectators’ ears.


The villagers, looking at the scene, can only conclude that they are currently living in a dream.

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