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Chapter 158: Chapter 158: Successor, It’s Hard on You!

Two hours later, the canopy that spanned across miles gradually became dimmer.

By this time, the State of Jin cultivators had grown completely relaxed; it seemed that the battles in the other cities had also ended.

Since it was the first time they fought against the demons, everyone naturally gathered together.

“The demons are indeed very powerful. Those in the Nascent Soul realm have personal treasures that are high in spirituality.”

“Luckily I killed a Core Formation realm demon cultivator this time and got his inner elixir. That should be enough for me to buy some elixirs to increase my cultivation level.”


As soon as the Golden Core realm cultivator finished speaking, a bellow came from the door.

Everyone looked over, only to see Chen Chen and Xiao Wuyou walking over with cold expressions. At that moment, they looked as if they were about to face a huge disaster and hence, all the cultivators present couldn’t help but tense up.

‘What happened?’

Before the people could ask, Chen Chen took the initiative and answered, “The defense of the Sixteenth City is too weak and those demons are only here to try their luck. If they attack for real next time, we definitely won’t be able to resist their attack. In fact, if they really attack next time, we wouldn’t have a chance of defending. In fact, if I hadn’t exposed my strength today, we wouldn’t have been able to defend against them at all.”

Everyone fell silent.

That was indeed the truth. However, it seemed a bit exaggerated if the formation they got into was just meant for testing.

“Successor, what should we do then? Why don’t we go to the supply point to purchase some pills that are meant for increasing one’s cultivation level?” A Golden Core realm cultivator suggested.

Chen Chen nodded resolutely and said in a low voice, “It’s too slow, the demons might come to attack again a second time. By then, you probably still wouldn’t have finished taking the elixirs. We need a Great Protective Array and some City-Guarding Spirit Cannons!”

“Huh?” The onlookers’ jaws dropped in shock as Chen Chen patiently explained his thoughts.

Each person in the audience was extremely astonished. According to Chen Chen’s plan, they wouldn’t be able to defend, even if they were to go bankrupt…

They were obviously unwilling.

To be honest, most people in the group were acting selfishly. They definitely felt that it would be a loss to use their own money for something that was to be shared by the public.

Chen Chen was not surprised by their reaction at all but the gaze in his eyes was becoming sadder and sadder as he muttered, “Zhang Ji, if you see elites like me among the demons, what would be the first thought that arises in your mind?”

Hearing his words, Zhang Ji said austerely, “This demon will become a huge problem for the human race if he doesn’t die!”

Although he did not participate in the battle, he had given significant mental support.

Chen Chen nodded in satisfaction. ‘Zhang Ji is getting smarter.’

People like Zhang Ji whose lives were destined, would have to grow slowly and clearly, as he was growing now.

Although he was satisfied, Chen Chen looked conflicted.

“Everyone, you know why I said I exposed my power just now, right? Actually, I wanted to keep my strengths hidden lest the demons come and attack us…”

Hearing these remarks, the audiences’ hearts tensed up because after putting themselves in their shoes, they realized that they would have also had the same thoughts as Zhang Ji.

He managed to kill a Nascent Soul realm cultivator at the Golden Core realm, so it wouldn’t be reasonable if he didn’t take charge of making arrangements next time.

However, everyone knew that Chen Chen was not to be blamed either. If they did not try hard, they would not be able to guard this time, let alone the next.

When their hearts began to waver, the two Golden Core realm cultivators appeared again but this time, they seemed even more flustered and frightened!

They were even injured!

“Clan Master… I went to the Fifteenth City to check on the situation… The demons that attacked the city are extremely strong and powerful. There are more than 15 Nascent Soul realm cultivators, I couldn’t even count them all in one glance!”

The wounded Golden Core realm cultivator’s heart was palpitating in fear as he exclaimed, “The Seventeenth City is even more intense. I merely took a glance at it from afar and I happened to see a Nascent Soul realm demon self-detonating. I was wounded by the aftershock even though I was thousands of meters away!”

Hearing this, Xiao Wuyou’s face turned slightly pale as he muttered, “Among the demons that attacked the Sixteenth City today, eight are in the Nascent Soul realm. It’s truly a blessing… Seems like they’re really just here to test the waters this time.”

Hearing these words, all the State of Jin cultivators who were present seemed rather hopeless. A few female cultivators even had tears in their reddened eyes as they were on the verge of crying.

At this moment, they felt that they were not present to defend the city, but to send themselves onto the path towards death.

Chen Chen sighed in his heart when he saw their reaction. His master and the other two Golden Core cultivators deserved credit.

“Chen Chen, what should we do then? Even though we want to follow your plan, we don’t have that many Spirit Stones…”

Ye Wusheng frowned slightly, feeling conflicted.

Chen Chen took a deep breath, his expression becoming more and more sullen. The gaze in his eyes was full of drivenness and ambition.

“Um… I’m friends with the Haoran Sword Clan envoy and if you don’t mind… maybe we can borrow some Spirit Stones. However, I can’t be the only guarantor, all of us need to work together.”

Chen Chen stammered incoherently in a vexed manner, as if he was going to sell himself out.

“Chen Chen, get straight to the point, what do you need us to do!?” Ye Wusheng questioned.

Without uttering another word, Chen Chen took out a bunch of personal indentures from his storage ring.

“Everyone, please sign this. In the future, these can be redeemed with 5,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones each.”

Looking at the indentures, the State of Jin cultivators felt their eyelids twitch.

5,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones!

It was not a small amount. Even if they were to do well in the State of Jin, most of them would not have more than 2,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones.

If they suddenly got into debt, when would they be able to redeem themselves?

While the crowd was hesitating, several cultivators outside carried a stretcher in through the door where the golden-armored general was still convulsing and spitting foam.

Chen Chen saw this and immediately rushed forward. He then muttered, “General… we’ve been hard on you! The State of Jin has let you down!”

After he spoke, he turned his head to look at the State of Jin cultivators with a grief-stricken expression.

“This general… has been with us for less than two days and we still don’t know his name yet, but we’ve already been beaten up into such a state!”

“Our allies have come over to help us despite the danger and hardships but what about us? We can’t even keep them safe. To be honest, this is a huge disgrace to the State of Jin! If word about this gets out, I would be too embarrassed to call myself a State of Jin cultivator.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the golden-armored general convulsed even more as he glared daggers at Chen Chen.

‘Damn it! I look like this all because you didn’t attack sooner! Now, you dragged me here to watch you shed crocodile tears. What’s the point?’

Upon sight of the miserable appearance of the golden-armored general, the State of Jin cultivators became extremely ashamed as they blushed continuously.

‘But the indenture is really…’

Chen Chen stood up and placed the White Tiger Clan token that he had obtained previously, in Ye Wusheng’s hand intently.

Ye Wusheng took the token and stayed silent for a long time before coming to a sudden realization. He then exclaimed, “I’ll sign this indenture! If I can’t even guarantee the safety of my own life and the lives of my allies, what’s the use of having this body!”

After he spoke, Ye Wusheng bit his finger and wrote his name on the indenture with his own blood, leaving behind his unique aura.

However, immediately after signing it, he felt that there was something wrong.

‘How did I sell myself again after doing something for Chen Chen and fulfilling the original promise?’

Before he could figure it out, everyone else in the room was influenced by his emotions as they grabbed the indentures.

“Clan Master Ye is right! If the safety of your own life and those of your allies cannot be guaranteed, what is the use of having this body?”

A moment later, Chen Chen put away the indentures and walked out with a glum expression but as soon as he did, he almost burst into laughter because he couldn’t contain it.

However, looking at his back, the cultivators of the State of Jin felt their hearts grow heavy.

Only God knew how low the successor of the Tianyun Clan would have to stoop this time… He was a prestigious elite and yet, he had to make such a huge sacrifice for the Sixteenth City. The other cultivators felt rather frustrated and troubled.

Watching him leave, a Golden Core cultivator could not help but say loudly, “Successor! I’ll always remember your kindness!”

Each person expressed their thoughts.

“Successor! We’ve been hard on you! If we get to redeem ourselves one day, we’ll repay you!”

“Successor! Bon voyage!”

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