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Chapter 155: 155: No Touching
“The twelfth city… It turned out the Demon clan went there… Ah, poor child,” Chen Chen sighed with a somewhat complicated mood.

Recalling the years he had spent in the Demon clan, he admitted that he still had some feelings for the Demon Clan, and if the Demon Clan really encountered difficulties, he would certainly help if he could.

Without caring about anything else, Chen Chen flew towards the 16th city with plenty of items.

Before he reached the city, he already saw a lot of people waiting.

As soon as he landed in the city, a group of people immediately gathered around him, looking extremely enthusiastic.

The “reckless young man,” Chen Chen, had been gone for a long time and they had been waiting for him.

“Chen Chen, do you know how many Spirit Stones are needed to purchase a pill for increasing one’s cultivation level to the Core Formation realm?”

“Have you seen any spiritual gold that can increase the level of treasures to the Nascent Soul realm?”

“Are there many people in the supply point? Are there any special treasures meant for warding off demons?”

Chen Chen smiled when he saw the sly, old foxes who were grinning at him.

“Don’t worry, I went around and asked all the questions that I should have inside.”

Everyone smiled radiantly. They did not expect there to be such a selfless and kindhearted person!

However, Chen Chen’s next sentence made them freeze in shock.

“Not only did I ask around, I also bought some samples. Everyone, take a look. These are cultivation enhancement elixirs for the Core Formation realm, which are priced at 3,000 medium-grade Spirit Stones each.

“This one, on the other hand, is an elixir to enhance the status of cultivation to the Nascent Soul realm. They cost 6,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones.”

Soon, Chen Chen laid the treasures out and the smiles of the people present stiffened.

Chen Chen then said with a straight face, “Everyone, you can take a look, but not touch them! Although they are not worth many Spirit Stones, I am a bit of a clean freak. So, please understand.”

‘Showoff! What a showoff!’ everyone cursed in their hearts. They had painstakingly saved up but could only afford one elixir. Yet, the successor of the Tianyun Clan laid numerous elixirs across the table and made them watch!

‘You’re already a Core Formation realm cultivator, why do you need pills to advance to the Nascent Soul realm? I’ve never seen such a wastrel!’

If it wasn’t for the Haoran Sword Clan’s successor, who said that internal fighting was strictly forbidden, they might have found a way to rob him!

“Master, this elixir to enhance the status of cultivation to the Nascent Soul realm is for you. It’s not worth many Spirit Stones but it’s a token of my appreciation. Please accept it, Master,” Chen Chen added.

The others were envious and jealous, but they could only watch and drool for a while before resentfully going to the corner.

In fact, the inner elixirs of demons were sold at extremely high prices in the supply points, especially the Core Formation ones. The higher the value, the more cost-effective it would be to exchange them for pills and various supplies.

It was a disguised way to encourage the cultivators to kill the demons. After all, it was not mandatory to turn in all the battle spoils reaped from the battlefield, and whoever kills the demon would get the inner elixir.

Late at night on that day.

Chen Chen was supervising Lao Hei, who was building a house in the Little Carefree Immortal Palace, when a certain transmission token that gave off an aroma suddenly lit up.

“There is a big war at the front line, and a large number of demons are about to charge towards the Great Wall defense line. The Jin Nation has just encountered a civil war and is not strong enough. Remember to make more preparations, and never take it lightly.”

Seeing this paragraph, Chen Chen smiled, then replied aloofly, “Thank you.”

A few moments later, another transmission token, which was specially designed to receive information and orders from the front line, also lit up.

“The demons are about to charge towards the Great Wall defense line. All departments, get ready and stay on guard.”

Compared to the paragraph above, this one was much more concise and less humane.

After receiving this order, the Sixteenth City soon lit up, and the camp behind the city began to get ready for action. In just a minute or two, thousands of low-ranking cultivators in armor were done assembling and had climbed up the city wall.

In the darkness of the night, the miasma outside the sixteenth city suddenly became extremely intense, completely obscuring the moon, which was not that bright.

The pairs of green eyes in the shadows had also vanished completely.

Looking at the crowd of curious and expectant State of Jin cultivators, Chen Chen reminded them loudly, “Gentlemen, my State of Jin has just had a civil war, and compared to several nearby cities, we are the weakest.

“If we go to war later, remember not to retreat. The demons can communicate with each other. If a city retreats, the demons in other places will flock to the city. I believe you don’t need me to tell you what will happen in the end.”

Hearing this, the crowd immediately started looking curious and a few Core Formation cultivators hurriedly took out the outer armor and put it on.

They knew that they were no match for the other cities.

In fact, not to mention other cities, even the Demon clan was far stronger than them.

The Demon Clan had nine Nascent Soul realm cultivators, most of whom were in the mid-stage. On the other hand, from the State of Jin cultivators, only six were in the Nascent Soul realm, four of whom had just entered the Nascent Soul realm not long ago.

Seeing that the crowd had listened to his words, Chen Chen was slightly relieved, but his expression was still grave.

The sixteenth city was indeed very weak. It was probably not even half as good as the other cities.

However, the upper echelons simply did not care about this, nor did they have the time to do so. Their only job was to guard the line of defense.

The miasma was getting thicker and thicker, and a gust of demonic vibe bombarded the city walls.

At this moment, hundreds of streams of light appeared in the distant sky, flying straight towards the city walls. The earth began to tremble slightly, as if there were thousands of horses present!

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s pupils suddenly constricted!

Recalling the term “all the fishes in the net,” used by the golden-armored general, he was so exasperated that he wanted to curse out loud!

‘You call this fish in the net? How sparse must the net be!?! Even sharks and whales have slipped in! There’s no point in fighting!’

Chen Chen spat out some fragrance, but there was suddenly a honk from the Great Wall!

Immediately afterwards, the endless stretch of the wall suddenly lit up with the light of the formation. Before Chen Chen could react, a thin spiritual power barrier appeared over the wall.

The strength of the spiritual power barrier was far less than the clan’s protective array, but it was still enough to delay any Nascent Soul realm demons for a few moments.

Even more impressive was that the barrier was massive and boundless, perfectly connected to the Great Wall like a vertical canopy above the second line of defense.

Looking at the light of the spiritual power that lit up half the world, Chen Chen was somehow shocked.

He also felt the massive power of a community!

The array spanned across at least thousands of kilometers, consuming a terrifying number of Spirit Stones every moment. He probably might not be able to sustain it for long.

That golden-armored general walked up to Xiao Wuyou and said, “Senior, you and others are responsible for dealing with those high-level demons in the sky, and we are responsible for clearing the low-level demons on the ground.”

Immediately afterwards, he brought a thousand low-level cultivators away from the city wall array.

They got into groups of five, with each group consisting of one Foundation Establishment and four Qi Refinement realm cultivators, all who got into a formation.

The 200 groups then formed a large formation and stood under the city walls like a huge fortress.

Since the miasma had begun surging, the sounds of the earth quaking became louder and louder. The golden-armored general fiercely waved his spear and pointed it forward.

“Prepare to fight the enemy!”

As soon as he said that, thousands of low-ranking demonic beasts revealed themselves in the rolling miasma!

Under the light of the formation, the large and small demonic beasts looked extremely hideous, their scarlet eyes filled with raging killing intent. Faced with thousands of low-ranking cultivators, these demonic beasts did not hesitate at all, rushing into the formation!

At the same time, in the sky, a massive fireball blasted towards the direction of the 16th city like a small sun.

Under the light of the fireball, even a few Nascent Soul realm cultivators looked slightly pale

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