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Chapter 154: Chapter 154: Super Storage Equipment

Chen Chen flew 500 kilometers to the south and soon saw the so-called ancient battlefield.

The place was too conspicuous and there were pits and ditches everywhere. The fiendish aura in the air was so dense, it was almost visible to the naked eye. Many powerhouses of the two clans had died here a few thousand years ago.

At the entrance of the ancient battlefield, there was a large stone monument, on which there were some words.

“Throughout 12,450 years, the human race has gone through four battles and the demons have broken through the line of defense of the Great Wall. A total of one Void Refinement realm, 34 Essence Soul realm, 120 Nascent Soul realm, and 9,500 Core Formation realm and Foundation Establishment realm cultivators have fallen and been defeated by the demonic allies.”

The short paragraph was just a chunk of information that was full of pathos.

Chen Chen’s mood became a little somber, and with a heavy heart, he descended in front of the giant monument.

Next to the huge monument, there was a storage ring controlled by a peculiar restriction. There was also a phrase formed by spiritual light behind the void.

“The ancestors have fallen and there is a great opportunity. Please pay 100 Spirit Stones to express your sincerity.”

Looking at this sentence, Chen Chen placed a thousand Spirit Stones into it without hesitation.

He was not testing his luck, and he would feel bad if he gave a hundred Spirit Stones.

As soon as he entered, a fiendish aura surged towards his head but it had a small impact on a Core Formation realm cultivator.

Chen Chen looked far away and saw a few scattered figures.

There was someone holding a rabbit and sniffing around, as well as someone lying on the ground and digging a hole.

In addition, there were also a few sullen and withdrawn diabolic cultivators, seated cross-legged and cultivating using the fiendish aura.

Chen Chen was not surprised.

In addition to the Haoran Sword Clan and the Jade Tripod Alchemy Clan, there were also two other clans, namely the Seven Lethal Demon Clan.

Hence, at the human frontier, the practice of diabolism was allowed and their status was not much worse than that of those in Qi training.

In fact, on the battlefield, diabolic cultivators could be more powerful than Qi cultivators.

“System, what is the most valuable thing in a 50-meter radius?”

“The fragments of the crumbling treasure of the Nascent Soul realm cultivator eight meters underground.”

“The Soul-Breaking Herb cultivated by the fiendish aura on the left.”

“The internal elixir of the Great Rhinoceros Demon 12 meters underground.”

Chen Chen walked through the ancient battlefield while continuously asking the system questions.

Soon, a large number of system prompts appeared in his mind.

Chen Chen did not want to take them all away. Some items were not high in value and did not mean much to him. Hence, he decided to save them for those who really needed them.

The ancient battlefield had a 50-kilometer radius and Chen Chen grabbed the items while flying. By the time he was done, only half a day had passed.

He only took a few dozen things.

Among them, there were two Essence Soul realm demon pills and a dozen worn out storage rings that used to belong to cultivators.

The rest were extremely high-quality remnants of magic treasures, which used to belong to a cultivator whose cultivation level was probably above the Nascent Soul realm.

After scouring so many things, Chen Chen was very satisfied.

The incredibly high value of the two Essence Soul realm demon pills alone were far beyond the entrance fee he paid.

As for the storage rings, he was in no hurry to open them.

Zhang Ji was also in the sixteenth city and he felt that it would be better to leave it to Zhang Ji to open the storage rings.

Just as Chen Chen was preparing to leave the ancient battlefield, the system gave another prompt.

“There is super storage equipment thirty-two meters underground.”

Hearing this prompt, Chen Chen was shocked.

He had never heard of super storage equipment before, and he wondered if it was just a storage ring with lots of storage space.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but be delighted.

To be honest, it wasn’t a pleasant sight to take out more than ten storage rings every now and then, as it would make him look like a tacky upstart, thus lowering his class.

If he had super storage equipment, he wouldn’t have to use so many storage rings in the future.

With that thought in mind, Chen Chen stopped hesitating and immediately started digging deeper.

A few moments later, Chen Chen came to the palace hall.

There was another hideous, bird-egg-sized stone in Chen Chen’s hand.

Looking at the stone, Chen Chen was a bit speechless.

‘This is the super storage equipment? The exterior is so filthy, even spiritual power can’t enter it!’

Chen Chen was left with no choice but to take out some spiritual spring water from the storage ring in order to clean the stone.

Soon, the ugly stone revealed its true appearance!

It now looked slightly less ugly…

However, Chen Chen’s spiritual power was finally able to probe in, allowing him to see the interior.

There was no massive space, nor a ground of treasures. There was only a broken ruin.

However, Chen Chen was astonished!

There were not only buildings in the stone but also some land that was covered in tall grass, beside which there was an artificial mountain with dried up spiritual spring water below.

If one looked at it carefully, they would realize that the artificial mountains were inscribed with some kind of formation, and there seemed to be a depression meant for a Spirit Stone to be set upon it.

As soon as Chen Chen saw the depression, he took out a Spirit Stone and moved it onto the depression using spiritual power.

In an instant, the artificial mountain lit up and faint spiritual energy was released, making the entire space dynamic.

Chen Chen’s expression changed again and again.

Storage rings came in different sizes and could be used to store inanimate objects, while spiritual beast hide bags could be used to store living objects, though the space was extremely small and demonic beasts would usually only go inside to sleep.

It was Chen Chen’s first time seeing storage equipment with such a large space, even coming equipped with a house and plants.

“Treasure! This is a legitimate treasure!”

Chen Chen made a quick judgment, and with a single thought in mind, he emptied all the ruins in the room, among which a decaying plaque caught his attention.

“Little Carefree Immortal Palace!”

Chen Chen was speechless when he saw the name.

However, out of respect for seniors, Chen Chen still bowed to the ruins that poured out.

“Senior, the fact that I can take your things today shows that you and I are tied together by fate. You can rest assured that your treasure will be used to its fullest potential in my hands!”

After saying these words, Chen Chen suddenly blushed and became embarrassed.

In the next moment, he took out the spiritual beast hide bag, sensing that Lao Hei was still sleeping and snoring inside, before saying with some embarrassment, “Senior, I did not intentionally raise a pig in your treasure. This pig is… Somewhat extraordinary.”

Before Lao Hei could react, he was thrown into the Little Carefree Immortal Palace by Chen Chen.

“Lao Hei, I will give you some spirit wood later, use it to rebuild a big house for me!”

Lao Hei woke up in a daze and was about to go back to sleep when it suddenly heard Chen Chen speak.

“I am now staying in a place where everyone is looking for demons to kill. The restaurants here specialize in selling pigs. If you don’t work, I will have to sell you to the restaurant.”

After Chen Chen finished, he showed the Essence Soul realm demonic elixirs, frightening Lao Hei to the point of standing upright and not daring to move.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen was quite satisfied. He then placed the morning glory and the Ochre Yellow Spirit into it.

He had to be gentler with them.

“Little morning glory, help me clean up the weeds. Little Yellow, help me loosen the soil and turn it into spirit soil!”

As soon as he spoke, the two little guys went to work. Compared to the spiritual beast hide bag, this new place was simply heaven! They seemed overjoyed.

While there was still some time, Chen Chen hurriedly flew towards the supply point.

He had to buy some things. Otherwise, he would seem like a reckless young man full of angst.

He casually bought some cultivation elixirs, spirit wood, spirit soil, and other decorative items before getting ready to return to the sixteenth city.

They were strictly prohibited from leaving for more than a day. If the rule was broken, he would have to face a severe punishment.

Just as he flew into the sky and was about to leave, a conversation between two people not that far away reached his ears.

“Have you heard? The twelfth city, which has the highest mortality rate and is the most dangerous place, is now guarded!”

“I can put my mind at ease, then. At least we weren’t arranged to go. By the way, which unlucky person is going to guard the twelfth city? Which clan is he from?”

“It seems to be a vassal state called the State of Zhou, which is populated by diabolic cultivators.”

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