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Chapter 151: Chapter 151: Not Daring To Disobey

After conveying the instruction, Xia Xishuang stayed in the Tianyun Clan, looking as if she was going to go to the front line together with the conscripted cultivators.

On the other hand, all the senior members of the Tianyun Clan went to the Clan Master’s hall.

Not only Xiao Wuyou, but also a group of the supreme elders were also very agitated.

“Human Decree! With this, it means that we are recognized as the leading clan of the State of Jin!” a Supreme Elder exclaimed while looking at the token with tears in his eyes.

On the other hand, Xiao Wuyou placed the token in front of the ancestor’s statue and bowed before saying in a respectful voice, “After thousands of years, the Tianyun Clan has finally received the Human Decree. Now that I have fulfilled your last wishes, Ancestor, I, Xiao Wuyou, have no regrets in this life!”

After saying that, You Ruoshui who was not far away from him, spat at him.

Xiao Wuyou chuckled sheepishly without saying a word.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen did not know what to think.

‘Is this human edict really so powerful? So much so that Master is moved to tears…’

Xiao Wuyou saw Chen Chen’s puzzled expression and explained with a smile, “Since ancient times, all clans that received the Human Decree would become a dominant party after the war as long as they did not completely perish, there has never been an exception.”

“The Human Decree also represents the recognition of the entire human race, the glory of which cannot be explained in just a few words.”

“You only need to know that it’s not easy for humans to stand tall in this world. Countless ancestors have shed blood for this… but since we have the Human Decree now, it seems that this time the war this time is very intense, and is not a small conflict.”

Xiao Wuyou was very impassioned but Chen Chen did not understand what he said entirely.

At the end, Xiao Wuyou directly handed that token to Chen Chen.

“Disciple, you brought the envoy of the Haoran Sword Clan back so you shall keep this token and conscript the experts of the clans.”

The State of Jin had experienced turmoil and now, only 27 of the 36 clans were left. Among the 27 clans, the Tianyun Clan and a few other clans are the strongest. However, the other clans may not be willing to listen to the orders of the Tianyun Clan.

Reason being, they did not have the right to do so and even the Wuxin Clan would have to think of a solution to rank the clans using a Ranking Battle.

However, with this token in hand, Chen Chen now felt a lot more confident.

Since his master asked him to go out and pretend to be powerful, how could he refuse?

Thinking of this, Chen Chen gladly agreed.

Before leaving, Chen Chen went to the courtyard of the main peak.

The morning glory and the Ochre Yellow Spirit greeted him enthusiastically but Hu Xian’er was nowhere to be found.

His said that after the war in the capital, Hu Xian’er left the Tianyun Clan while he was away, and told the elders of the clan that she had gone out to look for him. However, there were no news from her since then.

“Forget it, demons have their own lives and cannot be forced.”

Chen Chen sighed and left the courtyard of the main peak before going to the outer clan of the Tianqin Peak.

In the Tianqin Peak, Zhang Ji was immersed in cultivating the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique. When he saw Chen Chen, he got up abruptly with a look of excitement.

“Big Brother!”

“How’s the cultivation going?” Chen Chen asked with a smile, and then took out a few things from his storage ring.

Those were meant for Zhang Ji from Zhang Ji’s parents. They included things like roasted meat and salted fish. It was the first time Chen Chen used the storage ring to contain such things.

Of course, his parents also gave him a bunch of stuff.

“I feel that this cultivation method is very suitable for me, but to catch up with you… I doubt that’s possible.”

Zhang Ji was a little ashamed.

Chen Chen smiled without saying anything and simply pointed at the food. “I made a trip

back home. Your parents are doing well and they wanted me to give this to you. When it comes to cultivation, you can’t rush things.”

Looking at the salted fish and meat, Zhang Ji’s eyes were filled with a longing gaze and he soon put the items back into his storage ring.

Seeing the determination in his eyes, Chen Chen felt emotional.

Zhang Ji was destined to not always remain ordinary. At the thought of this, Chen Chen said softly, “Zhang Ji, dare to go with me to the battlefield of the two clans? Although it is dangerous there, the world is larger, which also means there are more opportunities.”

Hearing this, Zhang Ji trembled and muttered, “Brother… didn’t they say that only those above the Core Formation realm of cultivation can go? With my strength, I can’t even cross that flame mountain…”

Chen Chen this patted his shoulder and said, “With me around, you can swim across lava, what more cross the flame mountain range!”

“Brother… you…”

Zhang Ji was extremely touched. He did not know how dangerous the battle would be but he was certain that with his current strength, he would definitely be a huge burden. However, Chen Chen still wanted to take him along.

‘This kindness…’

Zhang Ji no longer knew what to say. He just felt that even if he slogged for a lifetime for Chen Chen, it would not be enough to repay him.

“No need to say more. We are like brothers in this life world. Get ready while I go out and run some errands. When I return, we will head to the battlefield together!”

Chen Chen left the Tianyun Clan.

The first stop was of course to go to the White Tiger Clan that was one of the eight northern clans.

Seeing the Human Decree in Chen Chen’s hand, Ye Wusheng immediately arranged the affairs of the clan, and then summoned all the elders with cultivation above the Golden Core to accompany him to the Tianyun Clan.

He went on to do the same in the Vermilion Bird Clan and Black Tortoise Clan, all of whom did the same. No one dared to hesitate.

He even went to a few clans that did not have a good relationship with the Tianyun Clan afterwards and they said the same thing.

Even the elders of the Wuxin Clan who were hiding in those clans also came out with pale faces and followed Chen Chen as he left.

By the time he reached the last clan, Chen Chen had several Nascent Soul realm and hundreds of Golden Core realm cultivators behind him!

At this moment he finally experienced what it meant to hold great power by virtue of the token, so much that no one dared to disobey him!

Chen Chen returned to the Tianyun Clan in high spirits and handed the Human Decree back to Xiao Wuyou.

Xiao Wuyou took the token and said something about burying the hatchet to calm them down.

The crowd looked at each other speechlessly. With the order, they had to stop all disputes even though they had just fought intense battles with each other previously. What else could they do?

Fortunately, the Tianyun Clan was a lot more reliable than the Wuxin Clan, and they were at least a little more humane.

After the mobilization, Xia Xishuang took out a sword-shaped giant boat from the storage ring, the crowd saw this spontaneously walked up.

This time, Chen Chen not only brought Zhang Ji, and even brought the morning glory and Ochre Yellow Spirit with him.

After everyone got on the giant boat, Xia Xishuang threw a brightly glowing Spirit Stone into a gap in the boat.

In the next second, the giant boat flew straight up into the sky and shot away at an astounding speed towards the distance, and only half an hour had passed when it reached the flaming mountain at the border of the State of Zhou!

The cultivators were all stunned. Only a few of them had ever left the two countries, so they had never seen such a magic treasure before.

With the speed of this huge boat, even a Nascent Soul realm powerhouse might not be able to catch up with it!

How big is the world outside? How many powerful magic treasures are there?

The fear in the hearts of the cultivators gradually disappeared and was replaced by anticipation. In particular, Ye Wusheng, Xiao Huang and other young powerhouses.

Cultivating immortality was difficult in the first place. Everyone had gone through hardship to reach their respective realms. If they were scared, it simply meant that the returns were insufficient.

Chen Chen was looking forward to it too. Previously, he had obtained one tracking opportunity and he could cover at least a third of the area of the State of Jin.

If he went to the outside world to track, he would spend half a year collecting opportunities.

What should he do? He only cultivated a total of a few months!

Thinking of this, Chen Chen actually felt miserable.

If others knew, he might be beaten to death on the sopot.

Just when he was thinking about how difficult the future was, another dragon boat shot up in the distance, and on the dragon boat stood all Chen Chen’s old acquaintances.

Zhou Feng, Zhou Shan, and the division masters of the various divisions, were all aboard. There were also three to four junior division masters among them.

When they met, they did not have much intention to talk and simply glared at each other angrily in a bid to kill each other with their gazes. However, Yuan Qingtian suddenly got agitated.

At this time, he was dressed in a black mourning robe and his eyes were swollen from crying. When he saw Chen Chen, he immediately flew into a rage and cursed loudly, “Chen Chen! To hell with you!”

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