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Chapter 144: Chapter 144: Unexpected Situation

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Four hours later, the sky was completely dark.

Before the gate of the Qingmu Clan, Shangguan Jian looked completely sullen. He finally knew what it meant for numerous ants to kill an elephant.

The unknown toxins in his body had accumulated, causing the flow of his spiritual power to stagnate, meaning only 50% or 60% of his strength could be exerted.

In front of him, the puppet manipulator used spiritual threads to connect more than 30 people, which could pull people back in critical moments.

Of course, the most powerful one was the kid in the mask who was almost immortal. The impact of the attack he suffered was enough to kill dozens of Core Formation cultivators.

However, not only did he not die, he also gave a large number of pills and treasures to others. His wealth was simply incredible.

“Junior Clan Master, I will leave the Wind-Breaking Cone behind. How about you guys just let me go?”

Although everyone was injured, their wolf-like eyes made Shangguan Jian feel scared. At this moment, he finally admitted to himself that he was scared.

“There’s no need to say anything more at this point,” Chen Chen took a deep breath and said coldly. The battle had already consumed a large amount of his resources. If he let Shangguan Jian off, who would compensate him for those losses?

Shangguan Jian’s gaze became ferocious the moment he heard that. Without uttering a word, he flew towards the sky. When the badly mangled corpses appeared at his feet once again, he tugged at his feet.

A corpse fiendish aura surged into his head, blurring his consciousness.

At this point, he was no longer in his full glory, like he was at the beginning. There were all kinds of negative effects taking a toll on his body.

Apart from that, there was an old man in the distance, lying on the ground and poking the villain incessantly. Although it couldn’t do much damage to him, certain sensitive parts were affected, and the flow of his spiritual power was interrupted.

Another hour passed.

Yuan Qingtian’s dagger ruthlessly pierced into Shangguan Jian’s body from behind.

Shangguan Jian’s body froze, and Chen Chen immediately rushed in front of him to smash his head with a single punch. Apart from that, the others also delivered a fatal blow to his head.

In just a few moments, Shangguan Jian was beaten up into a pulp.

Once Shangguan Jian died, everyone laid down on the ground and panted heavily, relieved. Although they were tired, their eyes were bright and glistening.

Today, a group of young people who had not reached the Core Formation realm actually killed a Clan Master level powerhouse! That news was already enough to shock everyone in the Demon Clan!

Chen Chen picked up Shangguan Jian’s storage ring, and in a flash, countless supplies appeared in front of them.

Shangguan Jian had not only taken the things from his own clan, but also looted several other smaller clans. Needless to say, he was extremely rich and his wealth was far beyond the losses born by the people.

Chen Chen put the white Wind-Breaking Cone into the storage ring and then said, “Yang Mo, you suffered the biggest loss today. Take it first.”

Yang Mo was the Junior Clan Master of the Puppet Division. Today, all the puppets vanished, and his strength was probably reduced by 80%.

“Junior Clan Master, let’s wait until we return to the Demon clan. I have to set my mood now.”

Yang Mo’s legs were broken, and he was lying on the ground, looking up at the starry sky with a smug gaze in his eyes while seemingly thinking about something.

The others were about the same. Only Shen Lin, the junior division master of the corpse refinement division, was sitting there and channeling corpse energy to the broken corpses in order to heal their bodies.

“Do you need my help?” Chen Chen leaned over and asked.

“No, this corpse can only be repaired by the corpse qi of the corpse refinement division. Hehehe!” Shen Lin said while giggling.

On the other hand, Chen Chen had long noticed that the gaze of the corpses and his own were somewhat similar.

Previously, during the Junior Clan Master’s test, Shen Lin had once said that the corpses were his family. At that time, Chen Chen thought that he was just joking, but it seemed that he was serious.

“It’s hard on these oddballs too.”

Looking at the pain and misery in Shen Lin’s eyes, Chen Chen did not believe the junior division master in front of him would kill his family and refine them into walking corpses.

He reckoned that they must have been met with some mishap.

“Forget it, I’ll stop calling them oddballs from now one,” Clan Master said, making up his mind as he looked at the junior division masters, who were lying on the ground.

During that battle, none of the thirty-odd people had any slip-ups occur or tried to run. They all sacrificed themselves and went all out. Hence, they were all unscathed.

Such teammates deserved his respect.

After resting for about two hours, the Demon clan’s several Golden Core realm powerhouses also returned. Their opponents were either dead or had already fled. Thus, Chen Chen did not have the intention to continue chasing. He simply ordered them to return to the capital of the State of Jin.

During the journey, the people laughed and talked, as if their differences had been resolved because of this battle. At the same time, a group of junior division masters also genuinely acknowledged Chen Chen as their leader from the bottom of their hearts.

By the time they returned to the capital, it was already daybreak.

The great array of the palace was still shining with a dense spiritual light, and Chen Chen handed the Wind-Breaking Cone to the Puppet Division master.

The master of the Puppet Division looked at his disciple, who was bragging with a group of Golden Core realm cultivators in the distance, and sighed deeply. He then picked up the Wind-Breaking Cone and stabbed it into one of the weakest points of the spiritual power formation below.

In an instant, the spiritual light began to fade.

The cultivators of the Wuxin Clan in the formation were shocked to see the scene and immediately began to replenish the Spirit Stones.

That tug-of-war lasted for three days.

Three days later, the spiritual formation shattered, and the entire palace was completely exposed to the sight of the Demon clan.

However, Chen Chen’s face was very solemn.

Initially, he thought that the Wuxin Clan ancestor would show his face and surrender on the way to break the array, but to his surprise, the Wuxin Clan ancestor never reappeared until the array was broken.

Could it be that the Wuxin Clan ancestor really wanted to die with his group of people?

Once the spiritual power array broke, six or seven figures flew out of the palace, all of whom were the Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the Wuxin Clan.

The Demon clan members had long expected to see that scene. The formation formed by the hundreds of Golden Core cultivators sealed the entire place, making it impossible for the Nascent Soul powerhouses to dash out.

Taking advantage of this time lag, the nine Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the Demon Clan all struck. In no time, they grabbed a Nascent Soul realm cultivator and stood in front of Chen Chen.

“Where is the Wuxin Clan ancestor?” Chen Chen asked in a cold voice while looking at this Nascent Soul realm expert.

He had just seen all those figures and none of them were the Wuxin Clan ancestor. The means and solutions that the Demon clan prepared to use against the Wuxin Clan ancestor were not used at all.

“The ancestor… He has fallen,” the Nascent Soul realm cultivator replied with a miserable expression.

“What?!” Chen Chen asked in disbelief.

The Wuxin Clan ancestor had fallen.

‘Could it be that he had gained great enlightenment and committed suicide? Otherwise, who else could kill him within this palace?’

“How did he die?”

“I don’t know. When we found him, the old ancestor had his Nascent Soul severed but he seemed to have met someone before he died, and that person is now missing.”

Chen Chen took a deep breath, his gaze becoming grave and solemn.

This was a situation that he had never expected.

In the next moment, he suddenly realized something and roared, “Capture all the Wuxin Clan cultivators in the palace; I want them alive! Don’t kill a single person!”

As soon as he said that, the junior division master of the corpse refinement division walked over from afar with an eunuch.

“Senior Brother, this person would like to see you.”

The eunuch couldn’t help but tremble as he looked at Chen Chen’s hideous mask, but after a moment, he gathered the courage to pull out a storage ring from his shoe and hand it to Chen Chen.

“Lord…This was given to me by the Wuxin Clan ancestor a few days ago. He told me to give it to you if something happened to him. He also hopes that you and the Clan Master of the Demon Clan will keep your promises.”

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