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Chapter 143: Chapter 143: Narrow Horizon

Chen Chen stood at the front, blocking the vast majority of the mighty pressure.

Shangguan Jian was a half-step Nascent Soul realm powerhouse whose strength should be similar to Xiao Wuyou before he stepped into the Nascent Soul realm.

When he recalled the first time that he saw Xiao Wuyou and his amazing feats, Chen Chen smiled.

He didn’t expect himself to have the courage to challenge such a strong person after only a few months had passed.

The only pity was that his master could not see this scene.

“I’ll take care of the front, you guys intervene and control them,” Chen Chen said to the group of junior division masters of the Demon Clan while staring at Shangguan Jian, whose aura was completely at its peak.

Hearing his words, they retreated conscientiously while getting ready for a battle.

Yuan Qingtian vanished into the void while Feng Huan began to cast illusory tricks. On the other hand, Shen Lin of the corpse refinement division had four white, crystalline, jade-like corpses, which had auras that were almost at the Golden Core realm. Yang Mo of the Puppet Division even released more than ten peculiar things of irregular size.

Seeing how serious they were, Shangguan Jian could not help but burst into laughter.

“He really- You really don’t know any better.”

After muttering to himself, Shangguan Jian stomped his feet and a golden halo immediately appeared above his head.

As the halo flashed, eight rays of light darted out and flew towards the eight people.

Seeing that the golden light was about to blast them, a few puppets suddenly blocked them.

Clang, clang, clang!

After a series of violent sounds, the group of Demon clan junior division masters were shaken to the point of falling onto the ground, but no one was killed or injured.

However, there were puppet fragments all over the ground.

“Yang Mo, you’re surprisingly generous today. You gave up half of your assets all at once,” Dongfang Dang said, shock in his eyes as he looked at the puppet fragments in front of him.

In the past, he would never dare to imagine attacking a half-step Nascent Soul realm cultivator. He would have probably died or gotten seriously injured when the personal treasure blasted him.

Yang Mo couldn’t help but retreat continuously with an indifferent gaze as he said sinisterly, “Since the Junior Clan Master wants to kill a half-step Nascent Soul realm cultivator, I can’t drag him down.”

Hearing the words of Yang Mo, who was behind him, Chen Chen had a look of bewilderment, but his gaze soon turned cold and without delay, he dashed towards Shangguan Jian.

He knew that he could not let this guy use his personal treasure for a few more rounds. Otherwise, the junior division masters probably wouldn’t be able to hold up any longer.

“Yeah, he gave up his sex Foundation Establishment realm puppets just like that.” Shangguan Jian said calmly while the golden ring on top of his head revolved violently and shot seven rays of light at Chen Chen!

“Come!” Chen Chen hollered, instantly maximizing the Nine Revolutions Golden Body, hence remaining still even though the six rays of light had bombarded him. However, the seventh ray of golden light was abnormally powerful and shocked his organs to the point of trembling, while an extremely uncomfortable feeling instantly filled his whole body.

“Shangguan Jian, I will fight you to death!”

The junior division master of the Witchcraft Division glared at Shangguan Jian and one of the few strands of hair on his head suddenly fell. He then stretched out his fist and slammed it into his crotch!


There were loud sounds!

“Senior… I’ve tried my best!”

After saying that, the junior division master of the Witchcraft Division lay on the ground and rolled around, but he was soon pulled back by the spiritual power threads controlling the puppet.

At the same time, Shangguan Jian’s legs quivered violently, and although he was initially unfazed by the changes, his face suddenly turned blue-purple. He gritted his teeth and cursed, “Evil demon… Heretical path!”

However, before he finished speaking, Yuan Qingtian, who was in the sky behind him, suddenly appeared and a dagger was thrust into his neck.

Shangguan Jian subconsciously tried to dodge it, only to realize that his legs had been dragged violently by the two corpses, which were continuously gnawing at his protective spiritual energy like crazy demons.

“Get lost!”

Shangguan Jian roared in anger while his spiritual energy emanated, blasting the corpses far away. However, Yuan Qingtian who was behind him, suddenly vanished.

‘It’s a phantom!’ Shangguan Jian secretly cursed, subconsciously reaching out to block him.

As expected, there was a dagger poking out of the void directly in front of him.

The dagger was rather amazing as it directly broke through the protective spiritual energy of his body. It created an inconspicuous wound on his hand.

In an instant, an indescribable poison began to spread in his body.


Shangguan Jian’s face turned pale as he casually sent Yuan Qingtian flying hundreds of meters away with a single strike of his palm. After that, he quickly pulled out a dozen pills from his storage ring and swallowed them.


The poison in his body had just been suppressed when Chen Chen’s fist blasted him in the back. Even though he was a half-step Nascent Soul realm cultivator, he was shaken by that punch.

“I underestimated you little punks,” Shangguan Jian stabilized his body and said with a stern expression.

Chen Chen was rather shocked too, as the thirty-odd people were really something. Fortunately, he was not arrogant enough to fight all 35 of them alone back then. Otherwise, he would have to suffer some losses.

Of course, the internal clan sparring sessions were not the same as this life-and-death struggle, as Yuan Qingtian definitely wouldn’t use his dagger. The junior division master of the Witchcraft Division wouldn’t harm his precious person either.

“What little punk? We are the future clan masters of the Demon Clan, it is your honor to fight us,” Chen Chen said with a proud smile.

The junior division master’s eyes also lit up when he heard that, and his battle intent got more and more intense.

If they could kill this half-step Nascent Soul realm today, it would bring great prestige to the Demon clan.

In particular, the junior division masters hadn’t reached the Nascent Soul realm yet! They probably wouldn’t be that arrogant!

It was getting dark.

On the other hand, in the capital of the State of Jin, a plainly dressed figure avoided the gazes of the experts of the Demon clan and entered the Royal Palace of State of Jin.

Somewhere in the main hall of the royal palace, the Wuxin Clan ancestor was doubting his life when a Golden Core realm elder suddenly walked in.

“Old Ancestor, there is a person outside who claims to be a disciple of Jiang Wang and wants to meet you.”

Hearing this, the Wuxin Clan ancestor quickly stood up, looking both expectant and frightened.

After a long time, he asked while shivering, “What is the… Cultivation level of the visitor?”

“He looks very young and has a cultivation level higher than mine, but he should not have entered the Nascent Soul realm,” the Golden Core realm elder said with a complicated expression.

“He’s so young but his status of cultivation is so high. There is no such existence within the two nations.

“Yet to reach the Nascent Soul realm… Yet to reach the Nascent Soul realm!” the Wuxin Clan ancestor muttered, gradually looking less worried.

“Let him come in.”


The Golden Core realm elder answered, turned around, and left. Soon, he walked in with a young man who looked sullen and was wearing a hemp robe, a long sword in his hand.

“Are you from the Wuxin Clan?” the young man asked indifferently.

“Exactly. May I ask how Lord Jiang Wang is doing lately?” the Wuxin Clan ancestor asked respectfully.

After all, this was the disciple of that king who was not only the chancellor of the Great Xia Dynasty but also an existence that had been crowned king.

“My master is doing well. My name is Jiang Ran and I’m here to convey the decree by the order of my master,” the young man said while taking out a scroll-like object.

Seeing this, the Wuxin Clan ancestor hurriedly fell to his knees and prepared to listen carefully.

The young man slowly unveiled the scroll and said word by word, “Wuxin, you threatened me! You should be punished!”

The Wuxin Clan ancestor was horrified and immediately stood up. However, a powerful sword energy suddenly darted out of the scroll at that moment.

The area where the sword energy was present caused the spiritual energy on the Wuxin Clan ancestor’s body to collapse, and in an instant, the Wuxin Clan ancestor froze.


A few moments later, the Wuxin Clan ancestor lay down on the ground while his entire body split in two. Even the Nascent Soul in his body was the same.

The Wuxin Clan ancestor, who was at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm and the strongest expert in the State of Jin, could not resist it at all.

“You… You!” The Golden Core realm elder next to him looked at the corpse of the Wuxin Clan ancestor, stunned and left speechless.

The young man looked at him while the sword on his back was suddenly unsheathed. The sound of the sword filled the air as the Golden Core realm elder’s head fell to the ground.

Looking at the two corpses on the ground, the young man’s face was expressionless, as if nothing had happened.

“You have such a narrow horizon. How amusing. Okay, after killing one more person, I can leave this dirty place.”

After saying that, the young man slowly walked out of the palace and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

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