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Chapter 142: Chapter 142: Meeting Again On A Narrow Path

Upon hearing that, they couldn’t help but be agitated.

Dongfang Dang of thea Demons Division even pinched his fingers and said in a tender voice, “Junior Clan Master, are we really going to kill a half-step Nascent Soul realm powerhouse? But they haven’t gone through Core Formation.”

“You’re a girl, don’t be so violent all the time. Try not to attack unless you really must,” Chen Chen answered without much thought.

After saying that, he instantly regretted it. When he heard the tender voice, he subconsciously thought that it belonged to a woman, but he forgot about Dongfang Dang.

As expected, in the next second, the people behind him suddenly fell silent, and immediately afterwards, Dongfang Dang started sobbing.

“Junior Clan Master, you’re the first person to call me a girl. As long as you’re willing, I can…”

Hearing this, Chen Chen could not bring himself to continue listening, so he sped up and scrambled hundreds of meters away.

A long time passed.

Chen Chen suddenly led the crowd to descend, and at this moment, the residence of the Divine Blade Clan appeared in front of them.

“Qingtian, go and check out the situation in the Divine Blade Clan. Don’t alarm them.”

“Yes!” Yuan Qingtian nodded, leaving.

After about ten minutes, his figure reappeared in the void.

“Senior Brother, the Clan Master of the Divine Blade Clan, Shangguan Jian, is not in the clan. I heard from one of the disciples that he took four Golden Core elders to attack the Qingmu Clan.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

The Qingmu Clan was also one of the 36 sects, but it had very little presence. It was ranked at the bottom of the 36 clans and was not related to the Divine Blade Clan.

‘Why does Shangguan Jian want to attack the Qingmu Clan?’

“Senior Brother, apart from the Qingmu Clan, Shangguan Jian also destroyed a small clan the day before yesterday and brought back a lot of items.”

At that moment, Chen Chen came to a sudden realization.

Their huge backer, the Wuxin Clan, was severely damaged and Shangguan Jian obviously didn’t want to stay in the State of Jin anymore. He was clearly getting ready to pack up and leave.

Such a person was truly shameless.

“Senior Brother, how about raiding his home?”

Yuan Qingtian’s smile gradually became lewd and Chen Chen looked at him in disdain.

For some reason, the assassin was getting sneakier and sneakier, which was not a good sign.

“How many people are left in the Divine Blade Clan?”

“There are not many people left, just two or three. We can go in and exterminate them in a minute.”

Chen Chen smiled and pondered over this for a while before saying, “Let’s go to the Qingmu Clan. If nothing goes wrong, Shangguan Jian should have taken everything he could with him. Even if he hasn’t, the Wind-Breaking Cone must be with him now. Our top priority for now is to get the Wind-Breaking Cone.”

Yuan Qingtian lowered his head in shame after hearing that.

‘Senior Brother is indeed experienced and righteous. He will never be blinded by interests or waver because of benefits.’

That point alone was enough for him to continue learning for a long time.

Since they had made up their minds, they ignored the Divine Blade Clan and headed straight to the Qingmu Clan.

The Qingmu Clan was 2,500 to 3,000 kilometers away from the Divine Blade Clan. Fortunately, the few Core Formation powerhouses in the group were not weak and had treasures with them. Hence, they did not fall too far behind while carrying the junior division masters.

The trip took four hours.

When they arrived at the Qingmu Clan, they were greeted with the sight of the collapsed clan and a field of corpses.

It looked extremely miserable.

“Senior Brother, the odor of blood is everywhere. These people must have died just a short while ago. The murderer should still be in there,” Shen Lin, the junior division master of the corpse refinement division, said with great certainty as he sniffed about.

Chen Chen nodded. Although the junior division masters had low cultivation levels, they were all experts in their respective fields.

Just as he was about to go in to check out the situation, five incoming people flew down from the mountain.

The two parties looked at each other, seeing the caution in each other’s eyes.

Chen Chen looked at the bearded, sullen-faced, middle-aged man who was the leader and asked, “Are you Shangguan Jian, the master of the Divine Blade Clan?”

Shangguan Jian looked at the group of people in front of him and panicked, but after sensing the cultivation level of those people, he looked a lot less nervous.

“What are the people from the Demon Clan doing here in the Qingmu Clan? Are they looking for trouble with the Wuxin Clan? Do they want to wipe out all 36 clans of State of Jin?”

“What are you talking about? Didn’t you just kill the people of the Qingmu Clan?” Yuan Qingtian scolded.

“I killed them? Are you kidding? The Qingmu Clan was clearly destroyed by the Demon Clan,” Shangguan Jian laughed coldly, ignoring the fact that his body was still stained with blood.

The crowd was dumbfounded and speechless. People who were shameless to this extent were really rare.

Chen Chen ignored them and said, “Shangguan Jian, I don’t have time to waste with you. Hand over the Wind-Breaking Cone and I’ll let you go.”

“Hah! Interesting…”

Shangguan Jian’s smile became increasingly cold and sinister. The Wind-Breaking Cone was the weapon that gave him an edge in robbing the weaker clans. The Demon clan member asked for his treasure right away.

‘Is this a joke?

‘If there were Nascent Soul realm powerhouses among them, that’d be fine, but there are only a few Core Formation cultivators and a bunch of peak Foundation Establishment cultivators.

‘With this kind of strength, what right does he have to order me, a half-step Nascent Soul realm, around?’

“Clan Master, this group of people are all the junior division masters of the Demon Clan. I have seen many of them. Their wealth is not what the ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivators can compare to.”

A Core Formation cultivator behind Shangguan Jian laughed grimly.

Another person followed and agreed, “Good, kill them. We will directly leave the State of Jin and go elsewhere to get away with it. I think that the Demon clan will not be able to find us.”

As soon as he said that, tension arose and an invisible might collided in the air, causing the surrounding leaves to rustle in the wind.

“Then… Do it!” Shangguan Jian suddenly looked menacing as he struck a Golden Core realm cultivator with his palm.

It was a full-blown strike that caused several weak junior division masters to be blasted backwards by dozens of steps.

Bang! There was a thunderous explosion!

A golden figure shielded the Golden Core realm cultivator.

When the aftershock subsided, Chen Chen spat out a mouthful of blood and the powerful vitality in his body began to repair his injuries.

The power of the half-step Nascent Soul realm was really not something he could resist. If he tried to forcibly endure it, his body would inevitably be injured.

“Junior Clan Master… You!”

The Golden Core cultivator was flattered and shocked. Just now, he was ready to get injured, but who would have thought that the junior division master would take the blow for him!

“No harm done! You guys go deal with a few others. Leave it to us youngsters to deal with Shangguan Jian.”




The four Demon clan Golden Core realm who came with Chen Chen acknowledged his orders, then stared at the four people behind Shangguan Jian.

Looking at Chen Chen, who did not fall even after taking a blow from him, Shangguan Jian looked astonished. However, that was all.

After hearing Chen Chen’s arrangements, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

He initially thought that the few Golden Core cultivators would gang up against him while the youngsters went and pestered his four subordinates.

However, the masked man actually led a group of rascals to deal with him.

‘Do you really think that a half-step Nascent Soul realm cultivator is not an expert?

‘Young men are young men after all. They don’t know any better.’

After he stopped laughing, the spiritual pressure in his body suppressed the Demon clan experts like a tsunami. He then pointed at Chen Chen and said in a menacing voice, “Today, I will let you know that the clan master is not to be trifled with!”

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