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Chapter 138: Chapter 138: Alchemy

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At the western border of the State of Zhou, there was an endless stretch of flame mountains which would deter any mortals who saw them. In fact, even some cultivators did not dare to approach.

Due to the fact that smoke was rolling over the flame mountains, the air was growing thin and those with low cultivation levels got lost easily.

If they did not leave the flame mountains, their spiritual power would be unable to resist the burning gas and they would eventually die.

“There is a Black Fire Ore at the bottom left, Black Fire Ore +1

“There’s a Mystic Star Iron Ore at the rear of the right, Mystic Star Iron Ore +1”

Using the system, Chen Chen had already collected a great deal of ore when he arrived at the flame mountain range. In his opinion, they were food rations for the future Omni Divine Gold.

Looking at the Flame Mountain Range, Chen Chen cringed, and after some hesitation, took out the phoenix feather robe that the Vermilion Bird Clan clan master had given him.

Although this clothing was a bit too fancy, the flame had a strong resistance to the power.

After putting on the phoenix feather robe, the burning sensation was reduced greatly.

Chen Chen could not help but sigh in his heart, ‘There’s no harm for me if Master has more lovers. At most, he’ll be branded as scum.


Chen Chen chuckled twice and began to look for the 32nd volcano.

Although the flame mountain range was covered in blazing flames, the spiritual energy was scarce, and it was not a holy land for cultivators to practice fire cultivation methods.

Even Chen Chen, who had the Innate Spirit Body, found it hard to replenish his spiritual power with that of the air. Most of the time, he relied on the spiritual power that was stored within his body.

Soon, he found the 32nd volcano.

The volcano was only a hundred meters high, but the entire mountain was dark red, looking like a massive furnace that had a terrifyingly high temperature!

“System, where is the Omni Divine Gold?”

“48 meters in front of you!”

Hearing the system’s answer, Chen was speechless. Forty-eight meters in front of him was where the volcanic mountain was. If he went there, he would definitely die!

The Omni Divine Gold obviously had no intention to let others pick it up, and even if one wanted to get it, they would have to pass through this extreme environment.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen sighed as a look of determination came over his eyes.

As the new Junior Clan Master of the Demon clan, it obviously wasn’t difficult for him.

“System, tell me, which side has a lower temperature than the rest?”

“Thirty meters to your left.”

Hearing the system’s answer, Chen Chen gritted his teeth and his body gradually emitted a golden glow.

He was at the third level of the Nine Revolutions Golden Body, and with such a powerful robe, he was certain that he’d be able to defeat this tiny volcano!

Ten minutes passed.

A figure covered in fire shot out from the crater and flew towards the east without saying a single word.

In the next second, the entire volcano cracked, and a terrifying flame crocodile that was a hundred meters long and with a mouth nearly 50 meters long emerged from the lava with a huge roar.

Hearing the sound behind him, Chen Chen did not dare to turn around at all.

It was too terrifying, and the flame crocodile was at least at the Nascent Soul realm. If not for the fact that he had taken out a few heavenly treasures from his storage ring to deceive it, Chen Chen probably would have died there.

Fortunately, he managed to get the Omni Divine Gold.

Sensing the cubical, purple object that was emitting a light in his storage ring, Chen Chen was satisfied.

Just like him, the Omni Divine Gold was rather straightforward.

Not only did it not hide, it didn’t mutate into a strange form either. It was simply sitting on the top of that crocodile’s head, as if it was telling others to just take it.

“No wonder it’s my treasure. I like this personality. From now on, you shall follow me. I’ll take you with me to explore the universe,” Chen Chen smiled and said to the Omni Divine Gold in the storage ring.

The Omni Divine Gold barely reacted, but a moment later, it turned over and looked sluggish.

It had already been two days when he returned to the first division of the Demon clan. After tonight, he would leave for the State of Jin.

Chen Chen was not eager to look for the division master of the Weapons Division, and instead went to look for Zhou Renlong to inform him about the Omni Divine Gold, as well as his plans to forge his personal treasure.

Zhou Renlong, who paid the price of being trapped there for a hundred years to find out the cause of death of several disciples more than a decade ago, was obviously a man of principle. He reckoned that Zhou Renlong wouldn’t snatch his things away.

Besides, as the Clan Master, Zhou Renlong ought to give some response to his request for a personal treasure.

The truth was similar to what he thought. After hearing him mention the Omni Divine Gold, Zhou Renlong’s eyes suddenly glistened, and he tossed a storage ring at Chen Chen.

“The environment in the Demon clan is harsh and we lack heavenly treasures, but we have a lot of materials and tools for refining. Here’s my collection that I have had for decades. There are also the magic treasures that I looted after killing someone in the past. Take them all.

“I hope you do not let these divine materials go to waste. Not everyone in this world can find their desired personal treasure.”

Chen Chen took the storage ring, looked at the mountain of refining materials inside, and couldn’t help but feel touched.

‘This Essence Soul realm cultivator is pretty rich! His wealth is almost a tenth of mine.’

After thanking him, Chen Chen was ready to leave but Zhou Renlong thought of something else.

Turning to Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan, who were not far away, he said, “You guys go with him to look for Tie Kuang, the master of the Weapons Division, to prevent accidents.”

Upon hearing his words, Chen Chen’s heart sank.

‘Prevent accidents? What do you mean? Is the Weapons Division master going to rob me?’

However, now that Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng were following him, there was nothing for him to worry about.

The three of them arrived at the residence of the Weapons Division master and Chen Chen briefly explained his purpose for coming.

When Tie Kuang heard the words Omni Divine Gold, he didn’t have much of a reaction, but Chen Chen felt that his bald head glistened, though he was unsure if he was hallucinating or not.

When Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng saw Tie Kuang’s lack of reaction, their faces turned grim and they kept their eyes fixed on Tie Kuang, not daring to move an inch.

“Division Master Tie, the first division also has a special refining pavilion. You’d better go there with us,” Zhou Feng said at this moment.

Tie Kuang nodded, not bringing up any objections. Soon, they arrived at the alchemy pavilion of the first division.

There was some kind of special array formation arranged there, and the fire spiritual energy was extremely dense. In addition to that, there was a huge molten gold furnace that covered an enormous area.

Seeing this molten gold furnace, Tie Kuang smiled and then pointed his finger outwards, after which a surging flame began to appear in the furnace.

At the same time, a strange pot-like object appeared above the molten gold furnace. The mouth of the pot was slightly tilted, and the boiling liquid metal fell into the furnace like flowing water.

“This pot… It is a personal treasure.”

Sensing the fluctuations, Chen Chen felt a little speechless. It was his first time seeing someone create such a personal treasure.

“Kid, stop looking and put the Omni Divine Gold into it,” Tie Kuang said indifferently when he saw that the furnace seemed to be turning into lava.

At this moment, Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan also became more and more nervous as they stood beside Tie Kuang, looking as if they would strike at any moment.

“What the hell are you guys up to? You’re making me panic!”

Looking at the three nervous Nascent Soul realm powerhouses, Chen Chen cursed angrily in his heart, ‘You’re just refining a treasure, must you do this!?!’

Nonetheless, he took out the Omni Divine Gold from his storage ring and placed it inside his furnace.

Soon, a strange scene occurred. The divine light in the magma quickly converged towards the Omni Divine Gold and soon, a massive amount of scrap material appeared at the edge of the furnace. Clearly, the residue of the Omni Divine Gold had been absorbed.

“Indeed, it is the Omni Divine Gold!”

Tie Kuang murmured, his storage ring lighting up while endless refining materials and magic treasures flew out. It didn’t take long for them to fill the furnace to the brim!


Chen Chen’s eyes were full of disbelief.

The refining materials that the Clan Master had given him were probably not inferior to what Zhou Renlong had given him.

‘This person is so generous? There can’t be something fishy, right?’

While he was thinking about that, the light of the Omni Divine Gold glistened again, and the entire furnace tumbled violently. A moment later, the treasures and refining materials turned into black soot and residue.

The Omni Divine Gold, which was initially purple in color, had already turned orange and was emitting a fluctuation that would make one’s heart throb!

“Kid, you have some treasures too, right? Put them all in. If you miss this opportunity, it won’t be so easy for the Omni Divine Gold to devour other materials again in the future, because then it would already be indestructible, and no one within the State of Zhou nor the State of Jin can refine it!”

Tie Kuang’s tone was calm, but his bald head became shinier!


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