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Chapter 137: Chapter 137: Demon Clan’s Secret

The members of the 36 divisions of the Demon clan began to assemble, while Chen Chen returned to Zhou Renlong.

Zhou Renlong looked at Chen Chen without any expression.

He was not surprised that Chen Chen was able to defeat the junior division masters of the other 35 clans.

After a long time, Zhou Renlong said indifferently, “Now that you have become a senior member of the Demon Clan, and the Demon Clan has recognized your loyalty, there are some things I should tell you, such as the origin of this chain on my body.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen concentrated his attention and was all ears. He wanted to see which big shot could shackle the Demon Clan Master who was at the Essence Soul realm.

“More than ten years ago, there was some friction between the humans and the demons. As a human kingdom, the State of Zhou naturally had to send cultivators to provide aid.”

However, that year, I reached a critical juncture of cultivation, so I stayed at the Demon clan and only sent three of my disciples with some other members to go to their rescue.”

“Those three disciples of mine had cultivation levels that were higher than yours and the strongest of them even reached the early Nascent Soul realm. He was also the Junior Clan Master of the Demon clan at the time, as well as the crown prince of the State of Zhou.”

At this point, there was some misery in Zhou Renlong’s eyes.

Hearing his words, Chen Chen understood that the three of them must not have returned, otherwise how could he be the only member in the body refinement division?

“Just like what you’re thinking, the disciples of the Demon clan who rushed to the front line had all died in the battle. That’s not all. Even the members of the first division who had tagged along with those two Nascent Soul realm cultivators never returned.”

“On the contrary, all the members of the Wuxin Clan returned to the State of Jin unscathed. I was naturally displeased.”

“I happened to have broken through the Essence Soul realm at that time, so I went to Great Xia alone to investigate the cause of death of my disciples.”

“I was eventually told that my eldest disciple was executed because he was cowardly in battle and caused major losses to the human race, while the rest of them all died in battle at the border.”

“Where is Great Xia?” Chen Chen asked curiously.

Although he had heard his master Xiao Wuyou say before that there was a greater world beyond the two nations, this was the first time he heard of Great Xia.

“Hah, Great Xia is one of the four imperial dynasties of the human race. The royal family is the descendant of the human emperor who is the first elite of the human race.”

“The entire human race has seventy-two kingdoms and four imperial dynasties. The State of Zhou and the State of Jin belong to the seventy-two autonomous kingdoms. During a clan war, the State of Zhou and the State of Jin would be under the management of Great Xia.”

Hearing Zhou Renlong’s explanation, Chen Chen nodded.

‘The world is really huge and the human race alone is so large. There might be other races too!’

“I think the disciples of the Demon clan will never shy away from war, let alone that Senior Brother!”Chen Chen said with a solemn expression.

He was not lying.

The Demon clan had always enjoyed going to war and they were fearless too. Who would believe that the Junior Clan Master of the Demon clan would be cowardly?

Now that Chen Chen was the Junior Clan Master, he would even dare to curse at Heaven, let alone fight fellow humans.

He definitely wouldn’t be timid.

Zhou Renlong nodded slightly and muttered, “After that, I secretly went to investigate that battle, and I indeed discovered something strange but before I could find out the truth, the Great Xia Dynasty charged me with the crime of failing to educate my disciple and I was punished to face the wall here for a hundred years.”

“So it was arranged by the big shots above, no wonder…”

Thoughts raced through Chen Chen’s mind as he thought about the process of this matter.

Clearly, the State of Zhou Demon Clan had been accused.

If that did not happen, what would the outcome be in the end?

Zhou Renlong had already stepped into the Essence Soul realm, and the outcome of the battle between the State of Zhou and the State of Jin was no longer uncertain. As long as the battle between the two clans subsided, the Wuxin Clan would have nothing to do.

Could it be that the Wuxin Clan has something to do with us?

The more Chen Chen thought about it, the more he thought it was possible because the timing was too coincidental. The Great Xia did not get benefits from the Demon clan and the only questionable thing was, what gave the Wuxin Clan such energy?

“Zhang Chen, if you go to the State of Jin this time and meet the ancestor of the Wuxin Clan, tell him that I will forgive him and let the Wuxin Clan off as long as he tells the truth if what happened more than ten years ago is related to him.”

Before Chen Chen could continue, Zhou Renlong spoke up with his eyes full of fatigue. Clearly, the matter had already become his obsession and hence, he was willing to let his enemy off this time to find out the truth.

Chen Chen solemnly agreed, and was quite happy deep down.

The Demon clan had already been beaten up badly and that was an absolutely advantageous situation for the Tianyun Clan.

That way, the Tianyun Clan could develop for a long time.

However, after thinking about it, Chen Chen’s mood became more somber again.

If the Wuxin Clan can make the Great Xia’s senior executives frame the Demon clan once, they could definitely do it again.

He was now the Junior Clan Master of the Demon clan and if the Wuxin Clan was really the one getting up to those tricks back then, they might target him this time! After all, he was a large part of the reason that the Wuxin Clan was now in such a miserable state.

“This situation is really hard to handle. The Clan Master’s status and cultivation level are high so the Wuxin Clan might be wary but I’m just a nobody… No, I must become stronger and get the Omni Divine Gold as soon as possible.”

Chen Chen secretly made up his mind.

Although tens of thousands of kilometers seemed like a great distance, it meant nothing to Core Formation cultivators as it would take only a day’s flight.

Besides, the Demon clan cultivators needed two days to assemble. Thus, he reckoned that he should be able to catch up a little.

After leaving the mountain space of Zhou Renlong, Chen Chen hurriedly found the junior division master of the Weapons Division, Tie Xin.

At this moment, Tie Xin was boasting to the others and bragging that he was one of the only two people who did not get beaten up badly by Chen Chen just now. Before they could finish, they were pulled away by Chen Chen.

“Tie Xin, I’d like to ask you about one thing.What is the Omni Divine Gold?”

Upon hearing the Omni Divine Gold, Tie Xin suddenly became agitated and he answered.

He answered, “The Omni Divine Gold is ranked among the top ten refining materials in this world, it is a divine material that we alchemists can only dream of! Rumor has it that the body of Omni Divine Gold is not really strong, nor is it particularly spiritual, but it has a terrifying characteristic, which is to transform all gold into itself!”

“When it accumulates to a certain amount, it can devour other materials, plunder the characteristics of other materials, and then fuse those characteristics with itself. The more it devours, the stronger it becomes! The Omni Divine Gold got its name from that characteristic.”

After hearing this introduction, Chen was speechless.

The system would never go wrong. Was there any other material in this world that was more suitable for refining weapons for a tycoon like him?

At the thought of this, he couldn’t help but feel a little furious. He asked, “What does the Omni Divine Gold look like? Are there any points to note if I want to find it?”

Hearing this, Tie Xin scratched his head and said, “I can’t quite describe what it looks like but it’s one of the ten precious refining materials, none of which we have seen in the Weapons Division. The Omni Divine Gold is the most difficult material to find, because this thing can change its form freely. Hence, it might have turned into magma and rolled around in the ground. It may also be attached to some metal ore, unknown to man.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen nodded slightly and then patted Tie Xin on his shoulder. “Tell your master to bring a few more people when he comes to the Demon clan. By the way, tell him to bring his tools too. When he comes, I want to ask him to help me forge a personal treasure. As for the reward, I won’t disappoint you.”

After saying these words, Chen Chen darted towards the west.

“Junior Clan Master, aren’t you going to attend the celebration banquet?”

Tie Xin asked.

“No, I will make up for it later!”

After saying that, Chen Chen had already reached the sky.

His predestined divine material was waiting for him tens of thousands of miles away, how could he have the time to attend a celebration banquet?

‘Hehe, the Omni Divine Gold… is indeed a good thing.’

At the thought of this, Chen Chen’s smile gradually widened.

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