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Chapter 136: Chapter 136: Second Only To One


Chen Chen exhaled a mouthful of turbid air and arrived at the center of the large platform.

In the Demon clan, he could only use his body refinement cultivation, just like how he could only rely on Qi training when he was in the White Tiger Clan.

In fact, after experiencing the previous Thunder Tribulation, his cultivation level was only a step away from reaching the Core Formation realm.

On the contrary, with the exception of Yuan Qingtian, most of the 35 junior division masters of the Demon clan were all half-step Golden Core cultivators who were worlds apart from him!

After thinking about it, he looked at the weirdos with a smirk and a glint in his eyes.

The latter likewise looked at him with burning gazes.

‘Look at his overbearing gaze. Is the junior division master of the body refinement division planning to take on 35 people all by himself!?!’

Frankly speaking, the crowd knew that the junior division master of the body refinement division had already reached the Core Formation realm, and no one was a match for him if it was a one-on-one battle.

There would still be uncertainties if it was a chain battle.

If he wanted to fight all 35 of them on his own, they wouldn’t mind letting this arrogant maniac know how strong the Demon clan was.

After they exchanged gazes, Chen Chen suddenly raised his voice. “You people!”

Hearing this, the junior division masters instantly tensed up while they gradually became more and more excited. They were all clamoring to fight him together.

“All of you! One by one! Do not cut in line!”

After saying these words, Chen Chen pointed at Yuan Qingtian.

“You! Little Yuan, you’ll be the first!”

The junior division masters all showed a look of disgust after hearing his words.

‘Why do they pretend to be dominating the world? Damn it, i rejoiced for nothing.’

Hearing his words, Yuan Qingtian stood solemnly on the platform and saluted Chen Chen. “Sorry to have offended you, Senior Brother.”

After saying that, Yuan Qingtian’s figure gradually disappeared.

Compared to when he lost in one move previously, his attacking power was increased by several times!

Hence, this time, he had set a small goal for himself, and that was to cause a little difficulty for his Senior Brother, preferably to make him suffer a minor injury!

After all, he had stepped into the Core Formation realm, and had a superior-grade Golden Core!

“System, where is Yuan Qingtian?”

“13 meters above, to the left!”



Yuan Qingtian was blasted away with a single punch of Chen Chen’s and he immediately landed outside the ring.

Yuan Qingtian was dumbfounded. Previously, he had at least made a move last time, but this time, before he even started to attack, Chen Chen had already sent him flying out of the ring.

‘Is Senior Brother that serious today?’

Chen Chen had a cold smile on his face. This was a serious matter and he could not afford to make any mistakes. He had to let them know today what being stable was really about!


“I’m from the wind illusions of the Illusion Division!”

The junior division master of the Illusion Division with introduced himself and suddenly a beam of light was emitted from his eyes.

In the next second, countless spirit stones, heavenly treasures, and all kinds of secret manuals and elixirs appeared in front of Chen Chen. There were also seventy to eighty Saintesses who were looking at themselves with admiration in their eyes.

“Impressive, he can actually sense what I’m thinking and shake my state of mind. Well, here comes the question. System, where is this guy?”

“Six meters to the right rear.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen once again punched in the direction of the system’s guidance and an alluring Saintess flew out, breaking the illusion. Feng Huan fell onto the ground with a swollen and bruised eye, thoroughly convinced by Chen Chen.

“I, Dongfang Dang of the Demons Division~”

The junior division master walked out and sauntered towards Chen Chen, the fabric on his body coming loose.

“Such an eyesore! Get lost!”


“Ah~ Senior Brother, why did you hit my chest?”

Dongfang Dang was defeated.

“Tie Xin from the Weapons Division! Senior Brother, please guide me! Immortal-Slaying Sword, take that!”

Clang clang clang!

Thirteen flying swords were blasted out, but they didn’t break Chen Chen’s defense. Instead, they scared Tie Xin into running away.

Chen Chen originally wanted to punch him, but he decided to bear with it as he thought of the fact that he would need the Weapons Division’s help with crafting his weapon using the Omni Divine Gold.

“Senior Brother, this is the deadly poison that I have concocted…”

“Huh? Sorry, I can’t break the golden body of Senior Brother, goodbye!”

“Senior Brother, these are some strong combat puppets that I have been working hard on for a long time. Each one of them has reached the peak of Foundation Establishment!”

“Huh? Senior Brother, don’t… don’t damage them! They’re expensive!”

“Senior Brother, hey, I’ll draw a villain to curse you!”

“Ahem,Senior Brother, how can you hit me when I’m old? Don’t you know to respect the elderly?”

“These few corpses… Forget it, these are my family and I can’t afford to let them be destroyed, I admit defeat!”

Minutes passed.

Only the little boy of the medicine division was left on the large platform.

Looking at Chen Chen’s hideous mask, the little boy trembled and was at a loss for words.

Chen Chen casually took out a packet of snacks from his arms and put it into his hands.

“Go, be good, this is not the place for you to be.”

“Woo! You scared me to death!” The little boy grabbed the snacks and ran away while bawling.

Seeing this, Chen Chen glanced at one of the junior division masters with a heartened smile.

“Is there anyone else who is not convinced?”

The weirdos were silent as none of them could accept the strike. How could they be indignant?

If all 35 of them took him on at once, there would still be a slight possibility of winning but if it were a one-on-one battle, they would only be defeated.

At the thought of this, they all knelt down on one knee in unison, thoroughly convinced.

“Greetings, Junior Clan Master!”

Previously, he was a junior division master but he was now the Junior Clan Master.

Previously, he was just the junior division master of the body refinement but he was now the Junior Clan Master of the entire Demon clan.

Chen Chen was pleased to see that everyone had subdued. From now on, he was above all others in the Demon clan.

More importantly, the person above him was still trapped and rendered immobile.

Just as he was being smug, Zhou Renlong’s voice echoed again throughout the first division.

“From today onwards, Zhang Chen is the Junior Clan Master of the State of Zhou Demon Clan, and he will lead Zhou Shan, Zhou Feng, the nine Nascent Soul realm cultivators of the ninth division, and the Golden core cultivators of the 36 divisions to the State of Zhou to completely eliminate the remaining villains of the Wuxin Clan!”

Hearing this news, all the people of the Demon Clan were motivated and excited.

After so many years of fighting with the Wuxin Clan, is everything finally going to come to an end?

At the same time, in the capital of the State of Jin.

The Wuxin Clan ancestor was kneeling in front of a communication token with a terrified expression.

“Did you say that my Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet has been destroyed?” said a gloomy voice that came from the communication token.

“I failed to perform my duties well! Please punish me, Lord!”

“Wastrel, I can’t be bothered to punish you. Let’s just forget about this matter. In the future, we’ll pretend that there is no such thing as a Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet. You and I don’t know each other either, do you understand?”

Hearing this, the Wuxin Clan elder did not relax and instead became even more flustered as he exclaimed, “Lord, the Wuxin Clan has been destroyed and is now in a time of crisis, I hope that you will lend us a helping hand on the account of our ties!”

After saying these words, the Wuxin Clan ancestor seemed to have lost all his energy as his entire body turned soft.

Heretical objects like the Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet were taboo for humans and even the imperial chancellor would be punished if he was found to be associated with such evil objects.

Besides, he was on tenterhooks when saying those words. If the lord decided to kill him, he would die.

However, he had no choice. If he didn’t ask for help, the Wuxin Clan would not be able to escape the end of the destruction.

“You… are you threatening me?” Someone began chuckling in the communication token.

The Wuxin Clan ancestor was drenched in sweat and his body trembled as he said, “I wouldn’t dare!”

“Have you told anyone about the Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet?”

“No! I can guarantee that even the Demon clan disciples who destroyed my clan do not know what the Yin Fiend Corpse Puppet is, let alone break its restrictions… If not for the explosion of the Spirit Meridians…”

“Hah, forget it, on the account that you and I have known each other for so many years, I will send someone over to deal with this matter, you take care of yourself.”

After saying this, that communication token exploded and turned into dust.

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