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Chapter 135: Chapter 135: Junior Division Master’s Test

Looking at the crushed portrait, Yuan Qingtian was stunned for a moment but his eyes were soon filled with indescribable misery, as if he had lost the most precious item.

However in the next second, he abruptly snapped back to his senses and leaped up from the ground to look at Chen Chen, his gaze filled with astonishment and uncertainty.

“Senior Brother! Are you really Senior Brother? You’re not a puppet or a walking corpse?”

“Bullshit! Can puppets and walking corpses have 1% of my temperament?” Chen Chen chided before taking off his mask to reveal his face.

Looking at the handsome face that was exactly the same as the one he remembered, Yuan Qingtian subconsciously wanted to cry again, but was intimidated by Chen Chen’s menacing glare.

“Senior Brother, it doesn’t make sense. That explosion was massive and I almost died even though I hid hundreds of meters into the ground. How could you not die? You don’t have a digger anyway.”

Yuan Qingtian wiped his tears with a look of confusion.

“What? I didn’t die, and you’re still not happy? Can I be the same as you?”

Chen Chen was speechless. If not for the fact that Yuan Qingtian was initially beaten into a fool by him, he would have definitely taught him a hard lesson.

“Senior Brother… It’s really Senior Brother!”

Before Yuan Qingtian finished his words, Chen Chen felt a powerful force coming from afar, and he flew up into the sky and then towards the distance.

At the same time, a voice echoed throughout the first division of the Demon Clan.

“The funeral is cancelled! In the future, my Demon Clan must not hold these nonsensical rituals again!”


With a muffled sound, Chen Chen landed in front of Zhou Renlong.

Looking at the shackles on Zhou Renlong’s body, Chen Chen couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat that covered his forehead.

Fortunately, Zhou Renlong was being shackled to locks. Otherwise, the State of Jin would have nothing to do.

It was no wonder that the Wuxin Clan was not very enthusiastic about fighting the Demon Clan. The strength of this Essence Soul realm powerhouse was so strong that they couldn’t completely overthrow the Demon Clan no matter how hard they tried. Hence, it was better to rectify the internal problems.

“The Clan Master has unparalleled powers, I truly admire you!”

Chen Chen saw Zhou Renlong’s expressionless face and subconsciously decided to bootlick him.

“Why aren’t you dead?” Zhou Renlong asked indifferently.

“Actually, I almost died, my whole body was almost shattered at that time, but the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique suddenly worked, and together with my special constitution, I actually came back to life.”

Chen Chen explained, giving the reason that he had long thought about.

He had also read the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique dictates and during the early stages of practicing this technique would allow him to be revived and as he advanced, the higher the probability of resurrection. As long as his body had the indestructible essence, he would be able to continue to resurrect. With every resurrection, he would become stronger.

“You’re so lucky that it’s shocking,” Zhou Renlong said with a glint in his eyes, seemingly thinking about something.

“It’s all thanks to the blessings of Lord Fiendgod!” Chen Chen said, staring piously at the menacing statue of the Fiendgod.

Upon hearing this, Zhou Renlong smiled and said softly, “You did very well this time. Tell me, what reward do you want? Spirit Stones? Or what?”

Hearing this, Clan Master smiled awkwardly and said somewhat coyly, “If possible, of course I’d hope that you can give me a chance… to take the test.”

“You want to become the young clan master of the Demon clan and the prince of the State of Zhou?” Zhou Renlong asked with an insincere smile. Clan Master could not help but feel his scalp turn numb.

‘This Essence Soul realm powerhouse is really too terrifying. He’s not on the same level as the Nascent Soul realm at all. When he speaks, his tone seems to be full of a powerful deterrence. Others can’t help but be fearful.’

However, Chen Chen wasn’t a wimp either. His gaze immediately became menacing and he said in a stern voice, “Clan Master! I want to revitalize the Demon Clan! I also want to get rid of these shackles for you, Clan Master!”

Hearing his words, Zhou Renlong was stunned and his body immediately started shuddering again. In the end, he chuckled loudly, sending a chill down the spines of everyone.

“Zhang Chen, you want to remove these shackles for me? Haha, do you know, who put these shackles on me?”

Chen Chen did not know the answer. His gaze was calm and he looked like he wasn’t going to succumb. At this moment, he had the courage of fighting the heavens!

“I don’t care who he is! Even if he is Heaven, so what!?! We diabolic cultivators have to break the chains of heaven and earth with our own will! We are beyond the world!”

“If I don’t even fear Heaven, why would I fear humans? Clan Master, you are the most powerful person in the world. I feel sorry for you because you are trapped here, so from the moment I saw you on the first day, I made a great wish in my heart that I will get rid of these shackles for you sooner or later!”

Zhou Renlong looked into Chen Chen’s eyes for a long time without saying a word. Meanwhile, he sighed continuously in his heart.

‘He’s a natural diabolic cultivator, if only he’s a native of the State of Zhou.’

After a long time, Zhou Renlong sighed and said, “I can give you a chance. I can make you the Junior Clan Master of the Demon clan, but not the Prince of the State of Zhou. After all, you are not a native of the State of Zhou.”

“The people of the State of Zhou have always hated the State of Jin. If you become the crown prince, I am afraid that the State of Zhou will be in chaos.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen exclaimed in disbelief, “Isn’t the State of Zhou unified? Changing the system for me would be too excessive, I find it inappropriate!”

Zhou Renlong sneered, “Change the system? It’s not to such an extent. After all, the Junior Clan Master is not the same as the Clan Master. What if you die after a while? To be frank, I’ve been the Clan Master for 200 years and two Junior Clan Masters have already died so far. You might be the third.”

Chen Chen’s face was extremely sullen but fortunately, he still had the mask to cover his expression.

He had brought the mask out from the secret realm and it was also a treasure so he reckoned that Zhou Renlong probably couldn’t see through it.

‘Damn it, I want to unshackle you but you want me to die! How can there be such a revengeful person in this world!?! I’ll put you in a cage in the future! I’ll lock you up!’

Despite thinking so in his heart, Chen Chen’s tone was very sincere as he said, “Clan Master, you are right. I definitely work hard to gain the recognition of the people of the State of Zhou.”

“It’s good that you understand. Hehe, the junior division master of the other 35 divisions happen to have come to your funeral. There is no need for me to summon them, if you want to be tested by them, then go ahead.”

As soon as Zhou Renlong said that, he looked outside and his voice echoed throughout the entire Demon clan.

“I, Zhang Chen, the disciple of the body refinement division of the Demon clan, accept the test for the Junior Clan Master. Everyone else, please get ready.”

A few moments later, Chen Chen once again arrived on the big platform.

At this time, all the pieces of black fabric were removed. The hall also disappeared without a trace. The occasional joss paper floating in the distance was the only proof that a funeral was held here.

All the sadness that they felt previously was gone as they started looking cold and aloof again.

The Junior division master Yuan Qingtian of the Darkness Division.

The junior division master of the Division of Illusion.

The demon division’s master Dongfang Dang.

The 35 junior division masters were all assembled on the platform and looking at Chen Chen with extremely cold gazes.

It was as if they weren’t the ones who had been crying an hour ago.

“The Demon clan… are too pragmatic!”

Chen Chen looked at the fifty-odd weirdos. He wanted to cry but there were no tears.

The corpse refinement division and the Puppet Division had already pulled out the corpses and the corpses were drooling endlessly.

Seeing Chen Chen approaching, Dongfang Dang began shaking the strips of cloth on his body, revealing a terrifying vibe.

Chen Chen subconsciously looked away from his face.

“Senior Brother, come closer!”

However, an old man on the other side came over at this time.

“What are you doing?” Chen Chen asked.

The old man also did not answer, but took out a magnifying glass to scrutinize Chen Chen before pulling out seven or eight cursed effigies from his arms. They all looked like Chen Chen.

“Damn it!”

Chen Chen cursed and hurriedly fled far from the old man.

However, the old man was relentless and refused to give in. He simply laid on the ground and crawled behind Chen Chen while looking for things like hair strands, making Chen Chen so frightened that he hurriedly picked up in his tracks.

“Senior Brother, this is the Demon clan’s grand event, don’t blame me for being merciless later!”

When Yuan Qingtian saw Chen Chen, he also had a solemn expression at this moment. His Core Formation aura was unreserved too.

Looking at this group of fancy guys, Chen Chen took a deep breath.

If he wanted to become the junior Clan Master of the Demon Clan, he had to defeat these thirty-five people in a row today!

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