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Chapter 134: Chapter 134: Dream On!


Chen Chen sneezed with a confused gaze.

His cultivation level was already at the Core Formation realm, so why would he sneeze? Is someone from the Wuxin Clan cursing him?

‘It seems that I have to be more careful in the future, such things as curses really exist.’

“Detection has shown that the host’s cultivation level has reached Core Formation and the tracking distance has been increased to 50 meters. In addition, you will be rewarded with one lucky tracking opportunity.”

At this moment, the system’s belated prompt suddenly sounded in Chen Chen’s mind.

“Fifty meters now? The tracking range has expanded greatly!”

Chen Chen was a little excited. Although the difference between 30 meters and 50 meters seemed to only be 20 meters, the actual tracking area has increased nearly thrice!

The surface area of a circle was equal to the square of Pi, something that he learned in his previous life.

“Activate Lucky Tracking opportunity! Tracking a person of the opposite sex who matches the host’s morals, values, and aesthetics.”

“Tracking the host’s favorite toy.”

“Tracking the cultivation method that best matches the host’s constitution.”

Hearing the prompts in his head, Chen Chen’s eyelids twitched.

Previously, the Lucky Tracking system said that he enjoyed eating clams of the boundless sea and he ended up feeling distracted for several days after that as he could not help but think about the taste of the mussel essence.

The system started sending prompts again.

‘Please don’t harm me again, otherwise, I’ll slip into obsession because of the system one day.”

“Lucky Tracking activated, tracking the most compatible refining material with the host within 50,000 kilometers.”

“There are long stretches of volcanoes in the west that span across 76,000 miles, and the 32nd volcano contains the most precious material for refining weapons, which is also the most compatible material for refining weapons for the host.”

“Tracking is completed.”

The system stopped sending prompts, and Chen Chen was left speechless for a long time.

He finally got what he wanted right when he needed it the most. Now, all he wanted was to get a personal treasure!

Ordinary refining materials could not catch his attention at all.

He managed to get plenty of treasures in the treasure vault of the Wuxin Clan but he didn’t like any of them.

What is a personal treasure? Personal treasures meant something that had to stay with him for a long time, or even for life.

How could such treasures be weak? Besides, elites like him particularly needed the best of such treasures! Only then would they be compatible with his identity!

“Omni Divine Gold? Sounds great, hehe!”

Chen Chen couldn’t help but giggle foolishly. At this moment, Xiao Wuyou suddenly interrupted his illusions.

“Disciple, do you really still want to go to the Demon Clan?”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s expression suddenly became solemn.

“Yes, Master, the Wuxin Clan has now suffered a huge damage and the Demon clan definitely wouldn’t miss this chance. If we don’t defect to the Demon clan, they will definitely target the Tianyun Clan instead. So, I had to go to the Demon clan to create some trouble and buy time for the Tianyun Clan.”

Xiao Wuyou was ashamed and remorseful to hear that. Chen Chen was stirring up trouble in order to create an opportunity for the weak Tianyun Clan to rise.

He could easily guess the danger contained in it.

Besides, as a master, there was very little help he could give his disciple. Yet, he accepted plenty of benefits from his disciple.

At this moment, he was actually a little envious of Bai Zhan again.

Bai Zhan at least had the opportunity to do his part as a master, and even lost his life to save Ye Wusheng.

On the other hand, he couldn’t do anything for Chen Chen.

Seeing that Xiao Wuyou was in low spirits, Chen Chen comforted, “Haha, Master, don’t think too much about it, this is a type of experience for me. I’m a diamond in the rough and my edges have to be smoothened. By the way, Master, are there any more masks of the specialties of your wife’s clan? Give me one more.”

Seeing that his disciple had finally asked him for something, Xiao Wuyou immediately perked up and his storage ring lit up too. Ten masks of the Youshui Clan reached Chen Chen’s hand too.

Looking at the pile of masks in his hand, Chen Chen was a bit speechless.

‘There’s just a difference between the way she treats her lover and her lover’s disciple.Back then, Master’s wife said that the mask she gave me is really precious.’

‘Yet, she gave Master so many. It’s almost as good as a wholesale manufacturer.’

At the thought of this, Chen Chen sighed and said, “Master, I shouldn’t have said much about such things but Master’s wife treats you pretty well. You shouldn’t be so indecisive…”

Hearing this, Xiao Wuyou’s face reddened and he shook his head. “I know that the Vermilion Bird Clan clan master is just having a one-sided crush on me. I will keep a distance from her in the future, but you must not tell my lover about this.”

“I know.”

The two of them looked at each other, and both saw the sincerity in each other’s eyes.

At this moment, a disciple of the White Tiger Clan walked in from outside and saluted Xiao Wuyou.

“Clan Master Xiao, there are two people outside the sect who are claiming to be the clan master and Saintess of the Qingling Clan, Qing Heng and Qing Qian. They would like to see you.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s expression changed and he hurriedly said, “Master, this is urgent, I have to go first!”

“Huh? Are they that urgent?” Xiao Wuyou asked in puzzlement.

“Yes! The matter should not be delayed!” Chen Chen exclaimed and turned around to leave but a moment later, he suddenly snapped back to his senses and left through the back door.

Looking at Chen Chen’s back, Xiao Wuyou was moved.

Although his disciple often got up to some nonsensical antics in the clan all day, he was often more eager than anyone else when the clan truly encountered a crisis…

Who else would become the clan master if not him?

After leaving the White Tiger Clan, Chen Chen put on a mask and turned into the appearance of Zhang Chen. When he reached the border of the State of Jin and State of Zhou, he put on the hideous copper mask again and once again turned into the junior division master of the first division of the Demon clan.

“Hehe, with my merits this time, the clan master should give me a chance to take the test and let me challenge the junior division masters of the other 35 divisions, right?”

Chen Chen thought gleefully as he flew. If he became the master of the 36 divisions of the Demon clan and the prince of the State of Zhou, then he would have much more room for operations.

However, when he arrived at the first division of the Demon Clan, he froze in shock.

It was because it was all black in the first division and their faces were full of sadness.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s heart sank.

“Is the Clan Master dead? No! Wait until I become the Young Clan Master before you die!”

Chen Chen subconsciously flew towards the place with the most people.

It didn’t take long for him to arrive above the large platform of the first division.

At this moment, there were thousands of people gathered on the big platform below, all of them were dressed in white.

In the middle of the platform, Yuan Qingtian was holding a huge portrait and staggering forward with tears in his eyes. With each step he took, he wailed and wept miserably.

“Senior Brother! You died so tragically! You didn’t even leave your corpse!”

“Senior Brother, although you died, the Demon clan will always remember your merits!”

As soon as he said those words, the thousands of people around began screaming loudly!

“Rest in peace, Senior Brother Zhang Chen! You’ll live in our hearts forever!”

With that cry, a bunch of Demon clan disciples walked out and tossed a few stones into the sky.

In an instant, a giant “Chen Chen” that was tens of meters in height appeared at the front of the platform.

Although this giant “Chen Chen” was wearing a mask, it could be seen from the curvature of his mouth and his sincere gaze that he was smiling very peacefully.

Afterwards, the large “Chen Chen” waved at the thousands of disciples of the Demon clan with a smile, seemingly bidding him goodbye.

After the crowd had enough of looking at it, the huge phantom began to float towards the west, drifting further and further away. However, his smile remained the same though there was some reluctance in his eyes.

Seeing this, Yuan Qingtian burst into tears and knelt on the ground. “Goodbye, Senior Brother!”

“Goodbye, Senior Brother!” the other Demon clan disciples chimed in.

Seeing this, Chen Chen’s face turned sullen.

‘What? You guys go to hell!’

Without hesitation, Chen Chen landed directly next to Yuan Qingtian and grabbed him up.

“Fool, I’m not dead! What are you crying for!?!”

Yuan Qingtian was already weeping uncontrollably at this point and he could no longer think straight. He muttered, “Huh? Was this done by the Puppet Division or the corpse refinement division? It looks so real! I’ll burn it later…”


Chen Chen slapped him on his face and barked, “Dream on, I’m living well!”

After saying that, he took a look at the exquisite portrait on the ground and started crushing it into bits with his foot.

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