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Chapter 133: Chapter 133: Rest In Peace, Senior Brother!

Ye Wusheng stayed silent and the Tiger Spirit Chain Armor began to flicker with light. Since he was a child, he had already been wearing it and the aura of the Tiger Spirit Chain Armor had almost fused with his.

Hence, compared to the Dharmic treasures that most Golden Core realm cultivators usually used, the Tiger Spirit Chain Armor was far more powerful, thus giving him the confidence that he could trump all cultivators that he fought as long as they were not in the mid-stage of the Golden core realm!

On the other hand, when Chen Chen saw Ye Wusheng’s treasure, he was filled with envy too.

He did not have any treasures that could be fused into his body and summoned at any time.

There were quite a few miscellaneous treasures in his storage ring, but there was no point in taking them out.

After casually putting away the flaming longsword in his hand, Chen Chen took a deep breath, and his fist faintly turned colorful.

In the distance, there was already a faint white tiger shadow roaring behind Ye Wusheng while a menacingly murderous aura swept around.

In the next moment, Ye Wusheng let out a long whistle and attacked Chen Chen with a thunderous force, while the white tiger behind him leaped up and kept its mouth wide open!

He had gone all out with his first strike, which contained too many things!

His master’s expectations, the hopes that the clan pinned on him, his unwavering willpower, and etc…

“Ye Wusheng has just stepped into the Golden Core realm, but he already has this kind of strength… he’s worthy of being the disciple that Senior Brother Bai had to save even though he had to die.

The Vermilion Bird Clan master sighed with some worries in his eyes.

The Black Tortoise clan master patted Xuan Hong’s head, as if to say “Look at him, now look at yourself. You should be ashamed.”

Even Xiao Wuyou frowned. The difference between having treasures and not was too large. With one’s life treasure, an early-stage Core Formation realm cultivator would be able to fight a cultivator in the middle of the Core Formation realm who did not have a life treasure.

‘Can my disciple really beat Ye Wusheng?’

To be honest, he had not seen much of Chen Chen’s fights against others. When he learned that Chen Chen had helped the Tianyun Clan advance from the last to the second place among the 36 clans,he was surprised for a long time.


Just when the crowd was pondering, a loud sound was issued from the ring, followed by the surging of a large wave of spiritual energy. Everything soon became calm again afterwards.

Everyone saw Chen Chen’s fist landing on Ye Wusheng’s stomach while Ye Wusheng’s fist was still a finger away from Chen Chen’s face.

At this point both of them were not moving, and only after a long time did they hear Ye Wusheng whispering.

“Chen Chen, you… which grade is your Golden Core?”

“I don’t know, it should be just a little bit more powerful than the first grade.” Chen Chen withdrew his fist and seriously replied.

At this juncture, the Tiger Spirit Chain Armor on Ye Wusheng’s body had gradually begun to recede and with a look of being in pain and misery, he fell onto the ground.

Looking at the turquoise blue sky above his head, Ye Wusheng muttered with his eyes glassed over, “Chen Chen has advanced past the first-grade Golden Core… Yet, after so much hard work, I’ve only formed the third-grade Golden Core.”

Recalling the various kinds of suffering he had endured throughout his childhood because of the Tiger Spirit Chain Armor before he reached the Golden Core realm, he began to feel overjoyed.

Ye Wusheng closed his eyes with some tears in them.

Everything was gone.

He thought that his time had come but to his surprise, it was only the beginning of his nightmare. ‘Why did I give up so much and suffer so much hardship, only to be worlds apart from Chen Chen?”

“Ye Wusheng, don’t be discouraged. In fact, you are still quite impressive. You’re a true elite of the State of Jin!”

After comforting him insincerely, Chen Chen leaped off the ring.

The surrounding crowd also came back to their senses at this moment. They had never expected this scene at all.

The more the Vermilion Bird Clan clan master looked at Chen Chen, the more she liked him as she was in great awe of his ability to defeat Ye Wusheng with a single punch.

Even a cultivator in the mid Golden Core realm may not be able to do so, wouldn’t that mean that Chen Chen’s strength was at least comparable to the late Golden Core realm?

He had just stepped into the Golden core realm but his strength was already that of the late Golden core. She had never heard of such an elite in the world!

However, there was one thing that made her displeased.

‘Xiao Huang gave this token of love to that kid but it doesn’t seem that he had given her anything. I don’t see Xiao Huang owning any additional treasures.’

Thinking of this, she felt rather indignant.

When Chen Chen walked to her, she simply extended her hand and said indifferently, “After all, we are a family now. Don’t you have anything to express?”

“Huh? A family?” Chen Chen was confused. Although they wanted to unite the four clans, he felt that it wasn’t enough for them to be considered a family.

“Why else do you think I’m speaking up for your Tianyun Clan!” The Vermilion Bird Clan master’s face turned sullen when he saw Chen Chen feigning ignorance.

Hearing this, Xiao Wuyou’s face reddened. ‘The Vermilion Bird Clan clan master is too brazen with her words. Not only did she just give me a hint just now, she’s asking my disciple for something.’

‘Am I that charming? Was I not aloof enough towards her just now? Did I not make my refusal obvious enough?’

‘Also, how did she know that my disciple is well-off?’

Seeing how eager his master was, Chen Chen immediately understood something. He didn’t expect his master to flirt with other women despite being in a stable relationship.

‘He’s horrible! I can’t be such a person!’

‘However, the stronger the three clans are, the better.The Vermilion Bird Clan clan master was quite nice to me just now.’

‘Forget it, in this case, I’ll acknowledge her as Master’s second wife. I might need her in the future.’

Thinking of this, Chen Chen fumbled about in the storage ring, and he soon took out the dusty Earthly Flame Heavenly Heart Lotus that had been sealed for a long time.

It was a flame treasure that would be extremely helpful to Nascent Soul realm powerhouses but Chen Chen had been leaving it aside in the storage ring because he didn’t cultivate any fire cultivation methods.

Upon sight of the Earthly Flame Heavenly Heart Lotus, the Vermilion Bird Clan clan master’s pupil’s constricted and they were filled with disbelief.

She was just asking for a token, but she didn’t expect Chen Chen to take out such a powerful heavenly treasure!

That made her feel surprised and flattered.

“This… this is too…”

“It’s no big deal, don’t stand on ceremony, we are a family,” Chen Chen said with a smile as he casually tossed the Earthly Flame Heavenly Heart Lotus at her.

The Vermilion Bird Clan clan master looked at the Earthly Flame Heavenly Heart Lotus in her hand, and then at her disciple Xiao Huang, who was beside her. There was some reluctance in her eyes.

The gift was too precious and she couldn’t turn it down. In that case, she could only…

With that thought, she channeled her spiritual power and sent a voice transmission to Xiao Huang. “Disciple, you can stay at the Tianyun Clan but remember, you are always the future clan master of the Vermilion Bird Clan. One day, you will still have to return to the Vermilion Bird Clan and succeed the clan.”

“One more thing, if you have a child with Chen Chen in the future, remember to bring him or her to the Vermilion Bird Clan. Both you and Chen Chen’s abilities and aptitude are incredible, I believe your child will be an impressive elite too. I can’t let the Tianyun Clan get that advantage…”

Hearing her words, Xiao Huang’s face turned extremely flushed.

‘What is Master thinking!?! If others hear me, how can I face others in the future?’

The White Tiger Clan’s power struggle came to an end.

The first division of the State of Zhou Demon Clan.

Zhou Renlong was speechless and his hands were shaking when he saw what was going on.

The Wuxin Clan’s spirit meridian and their thousand-year foundation were destroyed all at once!

It was all the doing of the new disciple of the Demon clan who had only joined less than a month ago.

“What kind of grudge is this? Isn’t there a ten-year period? Why does he have to fight so hard?”

Zhou Renlong’s mood was extremely complicated. On one hand, the Wuxin Clan’s suffering made him overjoyed but he also found it a pity that the disciple had fallen.

“Clan Master! Senior Brother resolutely decided to stay in the spirit meridian in order to deal the Wuxin Clan a fatal blow! I think he deserves an honorable burial! We should let everyone in the Demon Clan know of Senior Brother’s fame!”

Yuan Qingtian knelt not far away and was already sobbing while talking.

At this moment, his mind was filled with his brother’s voice and smile, as well as the scene where he tossed the digger at him and told him to hurry up and leave.

That scene gave him a deep impression that even vaguely exceeded his obsession with Chen Chen.

“Okay, I know. Let the Puppet Division make a few flesh bodies for Zhang Chen and place them beside the Fiendgod statue. Let him enjoy the offerings of the people of the State of Zhou.”

“It’s a pity that someone of such good potential died young. Is Heaven going to exterminate the body refinement lineage?”

At this point, Zhou Renlong could not help but be sorrowful. Recalling the fact that he had suspected Zhang Chen previously, he felt guilty because he had projected his own small shortcomings onto Zhang Chen and judged him.

If he could turn back time, he would definitely accept Zhang Chen as his disciple…

Hearing Zhou Renlong’s words, Yuan Qingtian felt bitter. He turned around and kowtowed nine times in the direction of the Wuxin Clan. Sobbing, he exclaimed, “Senior Brother, rest in peace! In my life, you’ll be the only Senior Brother I acknowledge!”

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