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Chapter 129: Chapter 129: True Power!

With the sound of the Thunder Tribulation, Chen Chen instantly slipped into darkness and was blasted seven or eight meters away!

Before he landed on the ground entirely, Chen Chen’s body shivered in the air and he did a 360-degree backflip before landing smoothly on the ground.

At this moment, his injuries had also been healed completely by a powerful vitality.


There were various Thunder Tribulations in the sky and Chen Chen was in so much pain that he had already turned numb and was too lazy to say anything else. However, he kept changing his position.

One moment, he used his left hand to catch the thunder and in the next, he used his right hand. Every now and then, he would perform a handstand, followed by a push-up, looking as if he was working out.

He couldn’t help it because he had to hurry up and shun the thunder. He couldn’t tolerate it either.

Five minutes passed.

Chen Chen’s face was pale. At this moment, he had already completed a series of movements that seemed like a full gymnastics routine. He was struck all over his body, except his private area, and the energy in his body had been depleted greatly.

However, the great tribulation in the sky still showed no intention of dissipating, as if it would not stop until Chen Chen died!

“I’m not going to reach the Nascent Soul realm, must you do that?”

Chen Chen cursed in his heart. He had seen his master, Xiao Wuyou, transcending the Nascent Soul tribulation which was powerful but definitely shorter than this as Xiao Wuyou managed to pass it after being struck less than 20 times.

The great tribulation above his head was continuous and even a peak Golden Core realm cultivator would be in anguish after suffering dozens to hundreds of them.

If he did not have an Indestructible Body and so many heavenly treasures, he would probably not be able to withstand more than ten thunderbolts.

“If I had let Master transcend this tribulation back then, I would have become the clan master of the Tianyun Clan by now.”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, and at the same time, he turned his gaze to the wrecked Wuxin Clan.

He couldn’t help it as he had to save himself!

Soon, a Wuxin Clan elder who was meditating and healing hundreds of meters away caught his attention.

In the next second, he flew directly to that elder.

“Elder, let me ask you something, where is the place where your Wuxin Clan… uh, our Wuxin Clan stores our heavenly treasures?”

Upon hearing his words, the Wuxin Clan elder opened his eyes and looked at the heavy Tribulation Clouds above his head. Badly frightened, he leaped up and barked furiously, “You’re the wretched jinx who caused the foundation of the Wuxin Clan to be ruined!”


Without the loud rumble of the thunder, the Wuxin Clan elder blacked out and his eyes began to glass over.

The impact just now had already caused serious injuries to him, and the aftershock of the Thunder Tribulation caused him to slip into a near-death state.

Seeing this, Chen Chen shook him with all his might and called out loudly, “Elder, don’t die, reply me first. Just give me a general direction!”


The Wuxin Clan elder who was of the Golden Core realm, collapsed and died.

Chen Chen fell silent and put away the elder’s storage ring. Looking at its empty interior, he wiped his tears of sorrow.

The elder had previously gotten injured and finished all the heavenly treasures meant for healing, in the storage ring.

“System, where is the treasure vault nearby?”

During the buildup of the Thunder Tribulation, Chen Chen was shuttling through the sky above the ruins of the Wuxin Clan but he still couldn’t find the treasure vault.

However, it wasn’t long before he saw another Wuxin Clan elder.

This elder’s clothing was far superior in quality to that of the previous elder.His cultivation level was at least in the late stage of the Golden Core realm!

As soon as he saw that elder, Chen Chen’s eyes lit up and he immediately greeted him.

“Don’t you come over!”

Watching the Tribulation Cloud in the sky flying towards him, that elder was scared out of his wits and immediately yelled angrily.

However, Chen Chen simply did not care and arrived directly in front of him.

“Elder, the Wuxin Clan is now in chaos and other places are fine, but the treasure vault must stay intact. Please tell me where it is, I will go and guard it!”

“You jinx!”

Before the elder finished, Chen Chen put his hand on his shoulder.

Tribulation Clouds rolled in the sky, and it seemed that another thunderstorm was about to fall.

The elder’s eyes were filled with extreme horror and his mind was about to collapse. He frantically exclaimed, “I don’t know where the exact location is… but I know that it should be in the north. Don’t touch me! Hurry up and leave!”

“Thank you very much!”

Chen Chen thanked him and quickly flew towards the north while continuously asking the system in his mind if there was a treasure vault nearby.

However, after a moment, he stopped asking, because he had already seen the place he was looking for.

It was also a ruin where the restrictions had already been destroyed, and there were a few Golden Core realm elders who were guarding it nervously.

“That Wuxin Clan elder just now is an honest person!”

Secretly in awe, Chen Chen hurriedly flew towards the treasure vault.

“It’s been hard on you, elders. I’m here to borrow something!”

After Chen Chen landed, he casually greeted them and went to the ruins. At this moment, the power of the Thunder Tribulation had already condensed in the sky and several thunderbolts descended one after another. They blasted his body and the surrounding people were blown away too.

Chen Chen spat out a large mouthful of blood, and then collapsed onto the ground.

However, he still struggled to crawl towards the bottom of the ruins.

“System, is there a highly valuable object nearby?”

“There are mid-grade Spirit Stones five meters below…”

“There are Dharmic treasures five meters below…”

“There are heavenly treasures five meters below…”

“There are elixirs five meters below…”

“Five meters below, there are…”

Looking at the endless prompts that were popping up nonstop, Chen Chen eagerly took out a bottle of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite and chugged it.

After the tribulation today, he chugged dmore than half of the Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite that he had and apart from those that were used as antidotes for poison, he used up all the other heavenly treasures too. If he didn’t get any other treasures, he would be at a huge loss.


The thunder rolled around, and there would be occasionally screams coming from several people. There were also angry roars and the sounds of explosions.

That made Chen Chen feel like he was in a battlefield of war.

However, the prompts that kept popping up in his head gave him endless motivation to crawl towards the treasure vault like a dead soldier going forward!


A few moments later, Chen Chen fell directly into some pit.

He turned around to take a look, only to see that he was surrounded by countless Spirit Stones that were cut neatly. Besides, he was also lying in the middle of a pile of Spirit Stones!

Chen Chen inhaled sharply.

Spiritual energy erupted from Chen Chen’s body and seven storage rings darted out of his body. Countless Spirit Stones then surged into his storage rings.

“There are millions of Spirit Stones and 100,000 middle-grade Spirit Stones!”

While exclaiming, Chen Chen filled his storage rings with the Spirit Stones and he soon collected all of them.

At this moment, Chen Chen was covered in torn and tattered clothes. However, he leaped into the pit according to the system’s prompt, as if it was no big deal at all.

His ring was filled with all sorts of spiritual weapons, Dharmic treasures, and precious ores!

‘I’ll take all of them away!’

That was all Chen Chen could think about. He even took away hundreds of storage rings from the treasure vault!

The next pit contained thousands of bottles of elixirs!

‘No matter what elixirs are in there, I’ll take everything away!’

The next pit contained nearly 10,000 heavenly treasures!

‘I shall not be polite, I’ll take them all away!’

‘I’m going to take away all these spiritual artifacts, Dharmic treasures, secret manuals and everything!’

Fifteen minutes later…

Under the ruins, Chen Chen who was dressed in golden armor and looked like a heavenly god descending on earth, slowly stepped out with a profound gaze in his eyes and the loneliness of an expert.

Thunderous clouds were still gathering in the sky.

Sensing the fluctuations in the sky, Chen Chen smirked and looked sideways at the Tribulation Clouds before reaching a hand out to humph in disdain!


The gilded hand was dazzling and emitting a bright light. If one looked at it closely, they would realize that there were at least ten storage rings on each finger! It was as if he was wearing a metal glove!

Seeing this, the thunderous clouds in the sky paused for a moment, and then dissipated with a loud bang.

Chen Chen withdrew his hand in satisfaction and held up the necklace of storage rings that was hung around his neck. His eyes were filled with the grandeur of being contemptuous of everything in the world.

“Hah, this is real power!”

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