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Chapter 128: Chapter 128: Here Comes The Medicine!

Chapter 128: Here Comes The Medicine!


With the sound of a violent explosion, Chen Chen’s entire body was struck onto the Spirit Stone wall while the colorful light on his body instantly disappeared without a trace.

Before he could stand up, another thunderbolt fell and landed on top of his head.

Chen Chen spat out a mouthful of black smoke, and his eyes became somewhat glassed over.

“This is so… damned. God is jealous of my extraordinariness and he wants to kill me!”

Chen Chen wailed in his heart and logically speaking, his Body Refinement had already reached the level of the Core Formation. An ordinary Golden Core Tribulation would do nothing for him.

‘But what tribulation is this?’

‘Two shots is enough to almost kill me! Besides, I already have some resistance towards thunder because I learned the Nine Revolutions Golden Body technique.’

If the Tribulation Thunder landed on the head of an ordinary mid-stage Golden Core realm cultivator, he would probably be turned into ashes!

However, a more frightening scene appeared in front of Chen Chen.

Seemingly having been affected by the Thunder Tribulation, a rift appeared in the middle of the Earth Spirit Crystal and an extremely violent spiritual energy began to surge out from within, causing the entire spiritual mist to tremble!

Chen Chen’s pupils suddenly constricted and he turned his head to look at Yuan Qingtian who was still in a trance. He hollered, “Go! Hurry up and go! Go through the ground! Leave the Wuxin Clan, the farther the better! If you spout any nonsense, I’ll beat you to death!”

After saying those words, Chen Chen directly pulled out the digger and tossed it at Yuan Qingtian.

Yuan Qingtian saw tears in his eyes and he wanted to speak but he was finally held back.

Soon, he slipped into the ground silently.

Immediately afterwards, another Thunder Tribulation landed from the sky. This time, the Earth Spirit Crystal shattered and endless spiritual energy gushed out at the same time!

The massive amount of spiritual energy began surging out in all directions and the wall of Spirit Stones began shattering soon. Besides, the broken wall began producing more spiritual energy, which was integrated into the spiritual energy frenzy.

The earth began to tremble, and in the big hole where the Thunder Tribulation had struck, spiritual energy erupted like lava pouring out of a volcano!

With a loud boom, the Wuxin Palace was directly pushed up into the sky by hundreds of meters!

Looking at the Wuxin Palace in the sky and feeling the violent tremor under their feet, several Golden Core realm elders of the Wuxin Clan all turned pale. In the Wuxin Clan, their statuses were only at the upper-middle level. At this point, they had no idea what was happening underground!

“What do we do?”

“How do I know? Hurry up! Quickly inform the old ancestor!”

The two Golden Core realm elders took out their tokens while trembling and at this moment, a figure was blasted thousands of meters away by the spiritual energy!

Along the way, more than ten buildings collapsed because of the collision!

As the figure moved, the Tribulation Clouds in the sky also began to move.

Upon sight of the clouds, it suddenly dawned on the two Golden Core peak elders that there was someone transcending the tribulation in the underground spirit meridian of Wuxin Clan!

From the looks of it, he reckoned that it was at least a Nascent Soul realm tribulation which had caused a tremor to the Spirit Meridian of the Wuxin Clan!

It was intense!

With that thought in mind, the two looked at each other and saw the fear and horror in each other’s eyes.

The eruption of a Spirit Meridian was a groundbreaking disaster!

Without hesitation, the two flew into the sky and quickly moved away from the Wuxin Palace!

On the other hand, Chen Chen was lying on the ruins of a courtyard. At this moment, he was extremely miserable.

The inner armor that he had just cheated the Weapons Division out of had crumbled and even half of his body had been blown into pieces.

A group of Wuxin Clan disciples in the distance looked at the person who flew all the way over with astonishment in their eyes.

‘What kind of a person is this? He flew so far and half of his body has crumbled too but he’s still moving?’

Looking at the group of Wuxin Clan disciples, Chen Chen stretched out his intact hand with difficulty, combed his messy hair with his fingers, and then forced a handsome smile. “Leakages do happen at night… there’s a downpour. Sorry to have embarrassed myself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the strength of the Indestructible Body began to show its effects as the half of Chen Chen’s body began to recover at an alarming rate!

The jaws of the Wuxin Clan disciples were about to fall off but in the next second, they couldn’t watch any longer.

It was because the entire underground of the Wuxin Clan began to shake as if a magnitude 10 earthquake had occurred!


A shocking explosion sounded!

With the location of Wuxin Palace as the center, the earth was blown up to the sky in a circle of hundreds of meters, followed by an unparalleled powerful shockwave that began to spread.

The palace-like buildings of the Wuxin Clan collapsed one after another like dominoes, and the sky was filled with a huge mess.

There were furniture and humans, as well as bricks made of Spirit Stones. However, no matter what, they crumbled like paper in the violent collision, flying all over the place.

Seeing the shock wave coming toward him, Chen Chen muttered with a bitter expression, “Heaven is jealous of geniuses!”

As soon as he said that, the collision sent him flying up into the sky and he collided with the miscellaneous objects in the air.

At the same time, two thunderbolts fell from the sky, accurately targeting him and blasting on his body.

A few minutes later.

The shockwave dissipated, and the entire Wuxin Clan had been reduced to ruins while everyone wailed.

Somewhere in the ruins, a hand reached out and a bolt of lighting fell from the sky, instantly electrocuting the hand and making it retract.

However, in the next second, a golden figure popped out of the ruins and cursed, pointing his finger to the sky. “I’ve been out for several months, and I have never suffered such a huge loss!”


Another bolt of thunder lightning, blasting the figure into the ruins again.

In the ruins, Chen Chen drank a mouthful of Heavenly Spirit Bell Stalagmite and his battered body once again began to recover.

“Hehe, the only one who can beat me like this is you, Heaven. I have really met my match this time.”


“Ahem… Since Heaven won’t have me, I must defy Heaven!”


“Although the world is vast, this journey is bumpy and life is hard! I have… I will let Heaven know…that I won’t concede defeat!”

Boom boom boom!

“Heaven, spare my life!”

Boom boom boom!

“I was wrong!”

Chen Chen landed on the ruins face first, and was crushed by the Thunder Tribulation in the sky. He was not being pompous but he was in a lot of pain. He was just trying to vent his emotions and ease the pain.

After a wave of Thunder Tribulation, the Tribulation Clouds paused for a moment.


A gentle breeze blew by, blowing Chen Chen’s somewhat disheveled hair.

Although his face was pressed into the ground, the corners of Chen Chen’s mouth were slightly curled up, forming an unruly smile.

“Good, very good, you forced me to do this so don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

As soon as he said hat, Chen Chen smacked the ground and sprung up. Standing in the ruins, the storage ring in front of his chest immediately lit up.

In the light, four more storage rings darted out!

Chen Chen looked at the four storage rings with a solemn gaze.

The first storage ring contained heavenly treasures for healing and recovery.

The second storage ring contained heavenly treasures for dispelling toxins.

The third storage ring contained heavenly treasures for cultivation, refinement, and restoring spiritual energy.

The fourth storage ring contained heavenly treasures that were poisonous or harmful.

Looking at the four storage rings, Chen Chen looked up to the sky and shouted, “Here comes the medicine!”

Bang! Bang!

With two muffled sounds, the first three storage rings burst open at the same time!

Hundreds of heavenly treasures of all colors flew out!

10,000-year-old red ginseng, 10,000-year-old purple ganoderma, 10,000-year-old Fallopia multiflora, 10,000-year-old Ochre Spirit essence…

A series of heavenly treasures started revolving around Chen Chen under the manipulation of spiritual energy.

Seeing this, Chen Chen took a deep breath and swallowed all the treasures.

All of a sudden, countless heaven and earth essence, terrifying vitality, and rich spiritual energy surged into his body, making his body expand by several times!

Seeing that the Tribulation Clouds in the sky were still condensing Thunder Tribulations, Chen Chen looked up and hollered, “Come on! Fight me!”

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