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Chapter 122: Chapter 122: Is This Hell?

Yuan Qingtian’s face suddenly stiffened.

‘What’s the point of abducting this woman? You can’t eat her, and she takes up so much space.’

However, he did not dare question Senior Brother’s decision, and soon hid in the void.

Chen Chen restrained his aura.

The cultivation level of the successor of the Qingling Clan was only at the late stage of Foundation Establishment and she wasn’t good at battles either. If she really fought someone, she would not even be able to defeat You Lanxin.

However, in the face of such an opponent, he, a Core Formation realm elite, actually had to launch a sneak attack…

‘Ah!’ Chen Chen sighed.

At that moment, the female disciple and the Qingling Clan’s successor separated and went into the medicinal field to check on the Clear Spirit Herb.

Seeing this, the successor of the Qingling Clan turned around and walked away while muttering to herself incessantly, her eyes full of sorrow.

“When will the war end?”

As soon as she finished saying that, a figure jumped out of the grass and covered her mouth.

Looking at the black figure that had suddenly appeared in front of her, the eyes of the successor of the Qingling clan were filled with endless horror!

However, before she could make her next move, Yuan Qingtian suddenly appeared behind her and smacked his hand against her neck, knocking her unconscious.

After knocking out the Saintess, who was the successor of the Qingling Clan, the two of them carefully dragged her into the depths of the dense forest.

The female disciple, who was examining the Clear Spirit Herb in the medicinal field, didn’t even notice what was going on around her, still scrutinizing and examining the Clear Spirit Herb on her own.

In the dense forest, Yuan Qingtian looked at the unconscious Qingling Clan successor with a chagrined expression.

He reckoned that he should start searching for the treasure vault of the Qingling Clan, take away all of the treasures, and then put them away into his storage ring!

Now, he was carrying a burden with him, one which he could not shove into his storage ring either. What could he do then?

‘What was Senior Brother thinking?’ he wondered.

“You know nothing! The successor of the Qingling clan is the daughter of the Qingling Clan’s clan master. If you abduct her, the Qingling Clan will be wary.”

Chen Chen had been expecting better from him.

Yuan Qingtian pouted and muttered, “Should we wake her up and ask here where the treasure trove is?”

“All you can think about is the treasure vault, huh? Can you buck up and be more sensible? How can people of our status steal things?” Chen Chen looked at Qing Qian and added softly, “We’re stealing a person… Not a thing.”

Of course, deep down, Chen Chen had another idea.

They could definitely take things from the treasure vault but taking things from the Qingling Clan’s treasure vault would be quite a waste.

If the Qingling clan’s treasure vault was robbed, it would result in major losses that would alarm the other clans and cause them to keep their guards up high. That would make it difficult for them to rob the other treasure vaults.

Hence, they had to choose a large clan to steal from. The best would be the Wuxin Clan; only then would they not be at a loss.

“Okay, I will follow your instructions, Senior Brother. What should we do next? Should we poison the medicinal herb fields of the Qingling Clan or kill a few of them before setting it on fire,” Yuan Qingtian asked softly, rather fearful Chen Chen.

After thinking about it for a while, Chen Chen said, “I think we should flee. We’re just going to test the waters today. Abducting the Saintess is enough. I’m scared I’ll have more worries added to my plate if we stay any longer.

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, Yuan Qingtian tried to carry the successor of the Qingling Clan, who was on the ground, but was stopped by Chen Chen.

Yuan Qingtian was bewildered, thinking, ‘Shouldn’t I be doing this since I’m his junior brother?’

Chen Chen said righteously, “Qingtian, I’m from the body refinement division, I should be doing the dirty work since I’m your Senior Brother.”

Before Yuan Qingtian could react, Chen Chen had already picked up the successor of the Qingling clan and carried her on his back.

The next moment, a pleasant fragrance wafted up his nose. Apart from that, he also felt a portion of his back feel tender to touch as a sense of comfort filled him.

Chen Chen took a deep breath, reflecting, ‘Yuan Qingtian’s psychological age is too young. It won’t be good for him to know too much. It’d be safer for me to bear with this temptation.’

At the thought of this, Chen Chen quickened his place and walked towards the boundary of the Qingling Clan.

Soon, the two of them broke the Mountain Protection Arrays and escaped the territory of the Qingling Clan.

Looking at the Saintess of the Qingling Clan behind Chen Chen, Yuan Qingtian didn’t dare believe his eyes.

They had actually barged into one of the 36 clans, abducted a successor, and even succeeded in escaping!

“Do you know what to say when we go back?”

Chen Chen carried Qing Qian on his back and flew up into the sky, all while speaking to Yuan Qingtian in the dark with a serious expression.

“I know. We’ll just say that we caught her along the way,” Yuan Qingtian answered decisively.

It couldn’t be helped, because if he didn’t say so, Chen Chen wouldn’t take him along in the future.

“It’s good that you know. If you let it slip, you’ll go back to the second division on your own!”

After chatting with each other along the way, they soon reached the base camp of the Poison Division.

In the camp, the members of the various divisions were discussing their plans while the head of the Poison Division was sitting at the side, quietly listening to Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng.

The Nascent Soul realm cultivators usually spent their time cultivating, and thus were not actually very good at attacking cities.

“How about we transfer some siege equipment over from the Puppet Division? To be honest, after the people of the Heartless Clan entered the city, the city protection array has been solidified more than several times over, and a forceful attack will result in heavy losses!” one of the Core Formation realm cultivators of the Demon clan said.

“We can, but the weapons and equipment of the Puppet Division are too large; they can’t even fit into the storage ring. We’ll cause too much noise when transporting them. We might even get robbed along the way.”

“What should we do then? I heard that the Wuxin Clan is planning to attack the White Tiger Clan and the Vermilion Bird Clan. The Clan Masters who have been affiliated with the Wuxin Clan have also broken through to the Nascent Soul realm. We can’t procrastinate any longer. We have to put pressure on the Wuxin Clan to deploy more Nascent Soul realm powerhouses and come over.”

In fact, the State of Zhou now had the upper hand in the war against the State of Jin and many divisions had already occupied five or six cities.

The Wuxin Clan did not care about this and gathered most of its forces to guard a few key clans, one of which was the Qingling Clan.

The rest of the forces dealt with the White Tiger Clan, Vermilion Bird Clan, Xuanwu Clan, the Tianyun Clan, and other clans that were determined to resist.

They were obviously thinking of driving the demon clan out of the State of Jin after gaining victory.

At the same time, they could also use the Demon clan to wipe out the 36 clans of the State of Jin.

While the crowd was thinking hard, Chen Chen walked in with the successor of the Qingling Clan on his back.

Everyone looked at Chen Chen, the junior division master of the body refinement division, with the utmost respect. However, they were confused about the appearance of the woman with him.

‘Does this junior division master have some special fetish? However, he can’t bring her to the large base camp either!’

“Junior division master, who is this?” Zhou Feng stood up and asked in bewilderment, pointing to the Qingling Clan successor, who was clad in green.

At this moment, Chen Chen’s gaze had become calm and he replied indifferently, “I met this woman before. She’s the successor of the Qingling Clan and the daughter of the Qingling Clan master. I met her on the way and kidnapped her.”

“What?!” the crowd gasped in shock.

‘The Junior division master only went out for a short while, yet he returned with the successor of another clan. Am I dreaming?’

‘If this is really the Saintess of the Qingling Clan, I’ll have 108 ways to put Qing Heng in his place!’

Seeing the crowd look gradually evil, Chen Chen humphed disdainfully in his heart.

He certainly would not let the Demon clan win too easily, but he honestly never thought of letting them defeat the State of Jin either.

That Demon clan could not accommodate the Tianyun Clan.

His ideal outcome would be the destruction of the Wuxin Clan, and the Tianyun Clan taking the place of the Wuxin Clan to unify the 36 clans. That way, the balance of the State of Zhou and State of Jin would be restored once again.

He would have a foothold in both sides and thus become the biggest winner.

However, it would be extremely difficult to do that.


While they were all stuck in their own thoughts, the Qingling clan’s successor, Qing Qian, slowly opened her eyes, only to see a bunch of strange people.

There were men with hideous masks and half-rotten corpses. Some were old men who were so aged that they were only skin and bones, while others were strange women wearing only strips of cloth.

Looking at the group of people, Qing Qian was on the verge of tears, her eyes full of helplessness. At this moment, she was overwhelmed with fear.

“Where am I? Is this hell?”

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