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Chapter 121: Chapter 121: First Cooperation

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The sounds of killing were incessant on the battlefield.

Flying high midair, Chen Chen was shocked when he saw the scene below him from afar.

It was the border between the State of Zhou and State of Jin, but also the border between the sixth division of the demon clan and the Qingling Clan.

There was a total of at least 100,000 people in the army and thousands of mortal cultivators.

Black clouds rolled over the soldiers of the poison division and the ground below was devoid of grass.

The Qingling Clan’s army was located in the range of the drizzling rain, and the raindrops that fell onto the ordinary soldiers would help to expel the poison and heal their wounds.

Besides, with the reinforcements of the cultivators from the Wuxin Clan, the demon clan’s army was no match for the Qingling Clan.

The sixth division of the Demon clan had early-stage Nascent Soul realm cultivators, but the Wuxin Clan sent two Nascent Soul realm experts to aid the Qingling Clan.

Sensing the fluctuations in the sky, Chen Chen sighed in his heart, ‘The Wuxin Clan really has a lot of Nascent Soul realm experts!’

Compared to the first division of the demon clan, the Wuxin Clan had a lot more Nascent Soul realm experts, but the other divisions of the demon clan had Nascent Soul realm experts too. However, the other clans of the 36 clans did not have any.

That created a certain balance.

Seeing that the army of the Poison Division was about to be defeated, dozens of old men suddenly appeared.

They did not go forward to fight, instead beginning to dance on the spot while muttering something incessantly. After chanting for about ten seconds, the old men took out various paper effigies from their arms and began stabbing them.

While doing so, they cursed incessantly once again!

In the end, the people of the Qingling Clan army started screaming and shrieking. Soon, many of them died, and the spiritual rain from the sky had no effect on them.

“These are the reinforcements from the Witchcraft Division of the demon clan.”

Chen Chen clucked his tongue against the roof of his tongue. It was his first time seeing someone stabbing paper effigies to kill the enemy.

At the same time, Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng began helping the junior division master and the battle situation was soon stabilized.

Soon, the reinforcements from the third Division of Illusion of the demon clan also arrived.

The White Tiger Clan, the Vermilion Bird Clan, and the other clans did not resist the demon clan at all. Hence, the clans could not provide a lot of manpower to support the other clans.

The Qingling Clan’s army quickly began to retreat in defeat, and soon, they had retreated into the city where they opened the Great City Array.

“Senior Brother, should we join the battle?”

In the void, Yuan Qingtian was eager to fight.

“This is not our battlefield,” Chen Chen replied, then went back to the campground of the poison division.

Soon, they received a lot of information.

By the time he came back, Chen Chen’s eyes were glistening.

“Qingtian, let’s go to the Qingling Clan.”

“Huh?! Wouldn’t that be courting death?” Yuan Qingtian asked in astonishment.

“You can hide in stealth. What are you afraid of?”

Chen Chen cursed, wishing he could pull Yuan Qingtian away. From afar, he looked helpless when he saw the scene.

The junior division master refused to let him tag along too, as he said that he was an obvious target and would affect the operation.

‘However, what exactly is the junior division master trying to do? Will it be unsafe?’

Before he could figure it out, Chen Chen had already brought Yuan Qingtian away.

The Qingling mountain was a place where the spirits were beautiful.

Chen Chen sneaked a glance in the distance, feeling astonished.

The ethereality of the grass and woods was rich, and from afar, they were lush and green. It was simply the holy land of wood cultivation!

Of course, this was mainly attributed to the large number of medicinal fields in Qingling Mountain. As a clan whose main cultivation focus was healing and detoxification, medicinal fields were mandatory.

Yuan Qingtian showed up at this time and informed Chen Chen, “Brother, I’ll go take a look. The Qingling Mountain has now opened the Great Mountain Protection Arrays, which can’t be broken without the attack power of the Nascent Soul realm. Apart from that, I saw a number of disciples formulating some spiritual medicine inside and streaming out of the mountain. At the mountain entrance, there are at least two peak Core Formation realm powerhouses on guard at all times. They’re continuously moving out of the mountain.”

He had just gone to find some insider information and managed to come to such a conclusion.

Chen Chen nodded after coming to a realization.

That spiritual rain at the front line was not for nothing. Not only did it require the combination of cultivation methods, it also required the consumption of a large amount of spiritual medicine.

On the other hand, the Qingling Clan was a supportive ground.

If a Nascent Soul realm cultivator came to attack, the effort it would take him to break through the Mountain Protection Arrays would be enough for the Nascent Soul cultivator of the Wuxin Clan to provide aid.

As for the cultivators below the Nascent Soul realm, they simply could not break the Mountain Protection Arrays, and if they wanted to enter the Qingling Clan, they could only do so by breaking through the mountain.

However, the mountain gate was strictly guarded, so how could the cultivators below the Nascent Soul realm break through?

Hence, strictly speaking, the protection of the Qingling Clan was impeccable.

Chen Chen pondered on it for a while before saying softly, “No hurry, we will act later.”

Late at night, the moon was clear, and the stars were scarce.

Chen Chen and Yuan Qingtian sneakily arrived at a corner of Qingling Mountain.

“Senior Brother… There are arrays blocking it here…”

“Stop talking! Watch my moves!” Chen Chen hollered, summoning Green Bean from the spiritual beast hide bag. He then pointed at the light screen in front of him.

Green Bean looked at Chen Chen, appearing as if he understood.

“Break the array, do you understand?” Chen Chen instructed.

Green Bean’s beady eyes were filled with epiphany as it opened its small mouth, after which a black stream of water was smashed against the light curtain.


With a loud explosion, the light curtain began trembling!

“Oh dear!”


Chen Chen and Yuan Qingtian panicked!

He carried Green Bean and quickly ran away, soon vanishing out of sight.

At the same time, a few Qingling Clan disciples hurriedly appeared at the spot where the array formation was attacked. They began checking it very carefully, extremely wary of their surroundings.

A moment later, Chen Chen brought Yuan Qingtian to the other side of the Qingling Mountain.

“Green Bean, I’m giving you another chance. You must be gentle! Don’t be rough! If you use those brutal means again, I’ll have to cook a pot of soup tomorrow for nourishment.”

Fortunately, the surface area that Green Bean had attacked was small. Otherwise, the entire Qingling Clan would have sounded their alarm.

Feeling wronged, Green Bean slowly crawled towards the array, struggling to reach its claw out before placing it on the light curtain.

Soon, a mysterious rune appeared, which continuously began to evolve. About a minute later, the changes suddenly stopped, and the rune fused with the array formation.

In an instant, there was a hole in the array formation.

“This tortoise is so powerful!” Yuan Qingtian’s eyes were filled with shock. Although he did not yell, his expression revealed his astonishment.

Chen Chen smiled but did not say anything. He only dared to reveal these means in front of Yuan Qingtian. If Zhou Shan was there too, he definitely wouldn’t dare to use the Green Bean.

“Go in,” Chen Chen instructed, then took the lead in climbing into Qingling Mountain through the cave’s entrance. Immediately afterwards, an extremely dense wood spiritual energy surged into his body and made him feel refreshed.

They happened to be in a medicinal field, which was full of Clear Spirit Herb.

The Clear Spirit Herb was an antidote to poison. Chen Chen used to have a 10,000-year-old Clear Spirit Herb, but he gave it away to Yuan Qingtian during a battle.

“Senior Brother… Are we going to take the Spirit Medicine away?”

Seeing the Clear Spirit Herb, Yuan Qingtian stammered. He was uneasy because it was the first time he had seen such a good thing.

Chen Chen saw him going on the wrong track and hurriedly pulled him back.

“What use are these kinds of mass-produced spiritual herbs? Besides, we’re big shots of the Demon clan. How can we commit theft?”

Looking at Chen Chen’s lips, Yuan Qingtian was extremely reluctant and indignant. There were so many Clear Spirit Herbs. How many snacks and toys could he exchange it for?

Just when he wanted to secretly pick one and put it in his arms, he heard some people having a conversation from afar.

“Saintess, there was a change in the array in the north earlier, and the Great Elder suspects that there are snitches, so he especially asked us to come over to check if the spiritual medicine has been tampered with.”

“Okay, go ahead. This battle is important, and the spiritual medicine must be intact. There was once an official who turned out to be a mole. He poisoned our spiritual medicine, and it resulted in a huge loss.”

Hearing this conversation, Chen Chen’s heart dropped, and he thought, ‘What a coincidence!’

He didn’t expect to run into the Saintess of the Qingling Clan here!

He had met that Saintess before, when she had kept a low profile in King City. She didn’t take part in the battle at all and was ranked 30th among the elites.

It couldn’t be helped. She hadn’t learned how to fight, and it was already an impressive feat to be able to come in 30th place.

“What should we do?” Yuan Qingtian’s figure gradually fused with the void. There was some joy in his eyes, but he simply hinted to Chen Chen by mouthing the words.

Seeing the two getting closer and closer, Chen Chen mustered the courage and answered, “Steal… No, take them all away!”

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