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Chapter 120: Chapter 120: Black Tortoise Breaks The Restrictions


With a loud sound, a Core Formation cultivator was cut by a sword, causing him to vomit blood and fall backwards.

In the void, Yuan Qingtian appeared and said with some embarrassment, “Senior Brother, my strength is limited. One strike can, at most, injure a Core Formation cultivator.”

“That’s enough, you’re already in a pretty good place to be able to do that.”

Chen Chen was very generous with his praise.

The fact that he could injure a Core Formation cultivator was already rather impressive under the sneak attack from Yuan Qingtian, who was a half-step Core Formation cultivator. After all, there was a huge difference between a Core Formation cultivator and a non-Core Formation cultivator.

“Yuan Qingtian!”

The other two Core Formation cultivators immediately retreated, a wary gaze in their eyes.

He was a famous regicide, a great enemy of the Wuxin Clan, and they had never thought that he would be hiding nearby all this time!

“Alright, let’s leave the rest to Senior Brother,” Chen Chen yawned, while Yuan Qingtian nodded and once again hid in the void.

The two remaining Core Formation cultivators could not detect Yuan Qingtian’s traces and were thus shocked and afraid. Under such circumstances, how could he be Chen Chen’s match?

Seven minutes later, the three Core Formation cultivators were beaten to the point where only their Golden Core was left.

Looking at the golden core in his hand, Chen Chen secretly estimated his strength.

In terms of body refinement, he had just reached the third level of the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique, which was equivalent to the early Core Formation cultivation.

However, the Nine Revolutions Golden Body Technique was rather impressive, and Chen Chen had a special constitution. Hence, at the early-stage of the Core Formation realm of body refinement, he would be able to fight a cultivator at the mid-stage of the Core Formation realm.

In terms of Qi training, his current cultivation level was at the late Foundation Establishment realm and he was about to reach the pinnacle. Due to his Innate Spirit Body and his Level-21 Foundation Establishment cultivation level, it should not be difficult for him to defeat the half-step Core Formation cultivator.

If he went all out, he should be able to defeat a mid-stage Core Formation cultivator with a combination of body refinement and Qi training.

However, unless it was a last resort, he would never execute both techniques at the same time. Otherwise, it would expose his identity.

Moreover, the assumption was that they all had no treasures.

“Senior Brother, what you said to me before is very true. The struggle never ends as long as you are alive! I’ve been enlightened!” Yuan Qingtian muttered softly off to the side.

Chen Chen was speechless, wondering, ‘Did I say that to him? I said it to Zhang Ji!’

“I just don’t know why, but that one in the wheelchair looks so detestable to me. Do you know him, Senior Brother?”

“No, he’s probably just passing by.”

After saying that, Chen Chen silently took out the spiritual beast hide bag from the storage ring.

Before he left the first division of the demon clan, Zhou Renlong had given him a storage ring, so when he arrived at the second division of the demon clan, he openly used the storage ring.

However, the spiritual beast hide bag was too conspicuous, so he hadn’t dared to take it out.

He carefully opened the spiritual beast hide bag and peeked inside, only to see a pair of beady, green eyes staring back at him.


Chen Chen was startled, then went back to take a careful look. Just as he had expected, there was a hole in the shell of the Black Tortoise egg, allowing him to see the tortoise’s head through it.

It was staring at Chen Chen pitifully.

To be precise, it was looking at the few golden pills in his hands.

“You want to eat this?”

Chen Chen tossed the golden pills into the spiritual beast hide bag and the turtle’s head snapped out, swallowing a pill.


With a crisp sound, the Black Tortoise’s eggshell cracked open and a palm-sized tortoise emerged, jumping right onto Chen Chen’s palm!

The tortoise’s body was an emerald color, making it look very similar to ordinary turtles. It would move its beady eyes from time to time and looked rather silly.

However, Chen Chen knew that the tortoise was extraordinary because although it was palm-sized, it weighed hundreds of kilograms!

“Forget it! I’ll call you Green Bean,” Chen Chen said with a smile as he looked at the tortoise.


The tortoise opened its mouth and let out an inexplicable cry as a response.

Yuan Qingtian, who was at the side, was not surprised by the strange scene. During this period of time, Chen Chen would take items like windmills out from his storage ring for the tortoise to play with. Hence, there was nothing strange about a tortoise.

Chen Chen silently placed Green Bean back into the spiritual beast hide bag.

Rumor had it that the Black Tortoises had the strength of the Core Formation realm at birth, but Chen Chen was wondering if it was really true.

However, Green Bean had just been born, and Chen Chen didn’t intend to use it for fighting.

Be it humans or beasts, childhood was generally a carefree period of time.


At that moment, a soft sound came out from the spiritual beast hide bag, and immediately afterwards, Green Bean crawled out of the mouth of the spirit beast bag by itself!

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

There were restrictions on the spiritual beast hide bag. Usually, the beasts in the bag wouldn’t be able to escape once the opening was closed.

The only exception was when the strength of the demon beast inside was too overpowering, shattering the spiritual beast hide bag right away.

However, there were no signs of damage on the spiritual beast hide bag, causing Chen Chen to be puzzled. He had put Green Bean back into the bag and sealed it, hadn’t he?

Soon, the light of Dao runes was emitted from the spiritual beast hide bag, and the restrictions were broken. Green Bean then poked its head out.

“This seems… To be an inherent divine ability?”

Chen Chen was secretly stunned, and it took him a long time for him to understand.

Rumor had it that some powerful demonic beasts have their own natural divine ability. It seemed that Green Bean’s divine ability was breaking restrictions!

Thinking about this, Chen Chen’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, a bold idea surfacing in his mind. He subconsciously looked towards Yuan Qingtian, who was checking their spoils of battle.

‘The stealth monster, the restriction-breaking monster, and I, the tracking monster… This is a trinity of theft!

‘Damn! What am I thinking? As the junior division master of the first division of the demon clan and the successor of the Tianyun Clan, how can I be a thief? I must not do such a disgraceful thing!’

Shaking his head vigorously, Chen Chen dispelled the messy thoughts in his mind and viciously educated Green Bean.

Finally Green Bean was placed back into the spiritual beast hide bag and no longer revealed its head. Instead, it obediently went to bed.

“Senior Brother, these three Core Formation cultivators have a total of 10,000 Spirit Stones and there are some random treasures here too. They’re all for you!”

Looking at Yuan Qingtian’s naive expression, Chen Chen’s smile gradually turned evil for some reason.

In the past, he did not think much about it, but now it seemed that he had to fool Yuan Qingtian, the expert at stealth, much more in the future.

Just when all kinds of thoughts were popping up in his head, Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan flew straight towards them from afar.

“Junior division master, I’m relieved that you’re okay!”

“The two Nascent Soul cultivators of the Wuxin Clan have escaped. We couldn’t stop them, but they couldn’t bring their flying boat away either. Moreover, the Tianyun Clan also captured a lot of Wuxin Clan disciples, and this time, the Tianyun Clan can only be enemies with the Wuxin Clan!”

Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng looked at Chen Chen with deep admiration.

In their opinion, all of this was achieved thanks to the wisdom of the junior division master. If they had not rushed over in time, the Tianyun Clan would probably have been defeated, having surrendered to the Wuxin Clan.

However, now that the Wuxin Clan had suffered heavy losses, there would be no chance for the Tianyun Clan to surrender in the future, even if they wanted to.

“It’s just a trivial matter. What the Wuxin Clan wants to do most urgently at this time is to rely on their strength to unify the 36 clans; we simply can’t let them do what they want.”

As soon as Chen Chen said that, Zhou Feng, who was at the side, suddenly took out his communication token. After taking a look, his expression turned sullen.

“Junior division master, the Wuxin Clan has sent a large number of people to assist the Qingling Clan, and now the sixth division of the demon clan is declining. We have sent a request to the first division.

“The first division only has two Nascent Soul realm cultivators, and they are Zhou Shan and me. I have to go and give aid to the sixth division!”

“Qingling Clan…” Chen Chen said, seemingly deep in thought.

Among the 36 clans, the Qingling Clan was ranked in sixth place and the cultivators were not good at fighting. However, they were good at detoxification, and hence, were the main force against the sixth division of the demon clan.

Such an ability was very frightening on the battlefield, so the Wuxin Clan relied heavily on the Qingling Clan, whom they had always taken good care of.

The Qingling Clan had also been on the side of the Wuxin Clan since the beginning, so it was expected that the latter would send a large number of people to help the Qingling Clan.

“Junior division master, the situation is urgent. I’ll get going! Zhou Shan, you must protect the Junior division master and cooperate with him!”

When Zhou Feng saw that Chen Chen did not speak, he bade them goodbye and flew up into the sky.

At this moment, Chen Chen abruptly snapped back to his senses and shouted, “Wait up! I’ll go too!”

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