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Chapter 117: Chapter 117: The Great Battle Is About To Begin

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Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng looked at each other for a while before nodding in unison.

Then Zhou Feng added, “We can go to the State of Jin, but we have to wait two days. After those two days, the 36 divisions of the demon clan will take some actions against the State of Jin. By then, both sides will be in a full-swing battle. If we wait till then to enter the State of Jin, it will be more stable.

“However, what are we even going to the State of Jin for?”

Chen Chen had a few plans in mind, but he couldn’t bring himself to say them because there were many key points he could only achieve by using the system. Hence, he gave a vague and perfunctory answer.

The three of them stopped in the territory of the second division.

The next day, news about the Tianyun Clan’s clan master Xiao Wuyou returning spread from the State of Jin.

Apart from that, even the successor of the Tianyun Clan, Chen Chen, seemed to be alive, having returned to the Tianyun Clan with serious injuries.

“Chen Chen is still alive!”

In the second division, Yuan Qingtian was huddled up in a corner with panic evident in his eyes, as if he was psychologically traumatized.

An Chen and An Ying, who were beside him, kept trying to comfort him but all to no avail.

At this point, they could only ask the two Nascent Soul realm cultivators, Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan, to come to them.

After taking a look at Yuan Qingtian, Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng helplessly shook their heads.

“The junior division master was overly agitated because of Chen Chen before his sea of consciousness collapsed, thus forming a strong obsession afterwards. His mental illness has to be healed, and I’m afraid the only way to do so is to defeat Chen Chen himself.”

“No! I won’t fight Chen Chen! He is a shameless jerk!” Yuan Qingtian roared hysterically, his eyes bloodshot.

A few moments later, Yuan Qingtian finally returned to normal, and the fear in his eyes had changed to determination.

Certain precious qualities in people are inherent. Even though he had lost all his memories and his mind turned into that of a child, his resilience and unyielding personality remained the same.

Since he had been in the Wuxin Clan for more than a decade, Yuan Qingtian was naturally a person with great perseverance, and such people were usually brave enough to face their own mental demons.

Seeing his appearance, An Chen and An Ying were extremely heartened.


However, at that moment, Yuan Qingtian suddenly fell to both knees and knelt down in front of Chen Chen.

“Senior Brother! If you can defeat me in one move, you’d certainly be able to defeat Chen Chen. Senior Brother, please let me stay by your side and learn some skills to overcome my mental demons!”

Chen Chen was absolutely speechless at the scene before him.

‘Are you planning to make me teach you before you defeat me? Fancy coming up with such an idea!’

However, An Chen and An Ying who were off to the side, were extremely agitated by what they saw.

They muttered, “It looks so similar! 20 years ago, Qingtian had also knelt like this in front of the old Clan Master and begged him to give him a chance to enter the secret realm! At that time, Qingtian held a grudge because of a family feud. He was extremely ordinary, but the Clan Master was impressed by him.

“In the end, he eventually obtained the Divine Concealment Technique in the secret realm… Not only did he manage to avenge his family, he even volunteered to go to the State of Jin.”

Chen Chen was speechless.

Seeing Chen Chen’s lack of reaction, An Chen and An Ying began to plead with him too.

“Junior division master, Qingtian is stepping onto his former path, and perhaps his mental age and mind may mature quickly. We don’t dare expect you to teach him the Body Refinement techniques, but we just hope that you will allow him to follow you. Please say yes, Junior division master!”

“Okay…” Chen Chen answered helplessly.

Yuan Qingtian’s Divine Concealment Technique was even more powerful than before, and his only weakness was when he attacked.

That also meant that if he kept holding back, no one would discover it.

For example, if one tried to be a peeping Tom, they would probably be able to watch for a long time, as long as they stayed still.

Such a skill would be of great use to him. Of course, Chen Chen would not use it for something as boring as being a peeping Tom.

“Thank you very much, Senior Brother! If you have any orders in the future, I will do my best to fulfill them as long as they are within my means!”

Yuan Qingtian was extremely excited. After the previous battle, a tall and invincible figure appeared in his fragile mind.

The figure was the masked Chen Chen!

Whenever he thought of that terrifying name, he would feel intimidated, but the fear within his heart would be dispelled the moment he thought about the golden light.

He felt a great sense of security now that Senior Brother had agreed to let him follow him.

Chen Chen smiled and gently patted Yuan Qingtian’s shoulder before saying solemnly, “I won’t take just anyone. Since I’ve agreed to let you follow me, I must be responsible for you. I hereby guarantee that as long as you work hard, you will definitely defeat that Chen Chen one day!”

“Thank you, Senior Brother!” Yuan Qingtian was moved to tears, thanking Chen Chen with great emotion.

The two of them looked at each other and stayed silent.

‘In the future, I’ll make him challenge me and then I’ll directly admit defeat. That’s not considered breaking the promise, right?’ Chen Chen thought in his heart, then looked away.

One day later, the remaining 30-odd divisions took action, except for the first and second divisions.

Apart from that, the State of Zhou imperial courts had sent one million troops to attack the territory of the State of Jin, occupying eight big cities within a day.

The eight cities were undoubtedly the territories of the clans that had defected to the Wuxin Clan.

Those clans immediately put themselves in danger, and the Wuxin Clan also began to get busy.

On this day, Chen Chen once again arrived at the border of the State of Zhou and the State of Jin.

Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng were accompanying him, alongside Yuan Qingtian, who was holding a windmill.

Looking at Yuan Qingtian, who had a sincere smile on his face, Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan were left speechless.

“Junior division master… Is this appropriate?”

“There’s nothing too inappropriate. He should have a happy childhood. To be honest, the fact that the second division told him all about his past experiences may not be good for his growth,” Chen Chen said casually, standing with his hands by his side.

“However… He’s a killer.”

“As the saying goes, without destruction, there cannot be construction. If we continue letting him develop according to his former development, he will still be the same Yuan Qingtian, and there will be no progress. It’s difficult for a person to get another shot at life after death, so he should seize this opportunity!”

Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan were silent. Ever since Chen Chen made Xiao Wuyou retreat, they discovered that Chen Chen was easily convinced and compromising. Besides, his words seemed reasonable and convincing, so much so that they couldn’t refute it.

“So where are we going now?” Zhou Feng asked.

“Let’s go to the Tianyun Clan. They are now alone, and the one that the Wuxin Clan wants to conquer. If we go to the Tianyun Clan, they will be wary of us. In this case, the Tianyun Clan would have to unite with the White Tiger clan and three other clans.”

Chen Chen’s answer was calm.

Of course, he was the only one who would know if he really thought so.

Hearing his words, Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng had an epiphany.

“You are so wise, Junior division master!”

For some reason, at this moment, some words appeared in their minds at the same time.

‘Competent and ambitious!’

‘Junior division master may be young, but he knows clearly what to do. Still, we don’t know what his real purpose for going to the State of Jin is…’

Regardless, they felt that Chen Chen genuinely wanted to go against the Wuxin Clan.

However, there was something they didn’t know.

At this moment, two huge black boats crossed the sky above the gate of the Tianyun Clan, emitting an unparalleled and terrifying pressure.

All the mountain peaks of the Tianyun Clan had activated their Mountain Protection Arrays, and the disciples in the arrays were glaring at the giant boats in the sky.

Next, an elder slowly walked out of the boat. His face was pale and beardless, and he looked extremely aloof.

“Tianyun Clan, listen up! You have half a day to gather all cultivators above the Foundation Establishment realm and have them follow me to the front line to fight against the demon clan. Otherwise, today will be the day that the Tianyun Clan is completely destroyed!”

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