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Chapter 116: Chapter 116: Master And Disciple Meet

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After leaving that mountain, Chen Chen sighed in his heart.

Chasing Xiao Wuyou out was Zhou Renlong’s test for him.

If he was involved with the Wuxin Clan, he would definitely mess up from this time and prevent Xiao Wuyou from returning to the State of Jin, which would be in the interest of the Wuxin Clan.

However, Zhou Renlong would never have thought that this disciple he picked up from the State of Jin was not only unrelated to the Wuxin Clan, and was instead from the Tianyun Clan.

In a certain sense, there was an alignment of interests with the demon clan.

“Zhang Chen, the Clan Master may not trust you now but it hasn’t reached the extent that two Nascent Soul realm powerhouses will have to follow you around. To tell you the truth, Zhou Shan and I are the only Nascent Soul realm cultivators and the clan master has sent us to follow you, mostly because he’s worried about your safety.”

Zhou Feng said relaxedly when he noticed that Chen Chen’s footsteps were getting heavy.

Chen Chen paused and said softly, “Is there any great enemy of the body refining lineage? Otherwise, is there a need for this?”

“We do have a big enemy, you have to be careful when you go out,” Zhou Shan interjected.

Chen Chen was speechless. He had really fallen into a trap.

Arriving at the territory of the second division of the demon clan, Chen Chen and the duo were warmly received.

The ones in charge of the second division were Elders An Ying and An Chen, the two peak Golden core realm elders.

With their abilities, they would never be able to deal with Xiao Wuyou who was in the Nascent Soul realm so they were extremely vexed.

However, Yuan Qingtian had no qualms at all. After returning, he had been facing a corner of the wall and muttering to himself about something.

Chen Chen vaguely heard his name and his eyelids twitched. He then looked at An Chen and An Ying before asking, “Where is Xiao Wuyou?”

Elder An Chen took out a map and placed it in front of Chen Chen.

“There are sixteen cities in my Dark Division’s territory. He has already appeared in 15 of them. In each city, he would kill a few demon clan disciples to vent his anger.”

“To be honest, the junior division master became like that because of Chen Chen and if Chen Chen falls, we’d definitely be pleased but the death of Chen Chen may not be our doing. By coming to our division to vent his anger, he’s obviously disregarding us, if the senior division master is still around…”

At the mention of that, Elder An Chen felt sorrowful and he was on the verge of tears.

Since when had the second division of the demon clan ever been angered that way?

The Wuxin Clan was definitely upset after the battle in the city but the second division had suffered heavy losses too.

Hearing this, Chen Chen’s eyes became cold and he patted An Chen hard on the shoulder before saying seriously, “Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint anyone who has shed blood for the demon clan! If Xiao Wuyou doesn’t retreat, he can forget about going back again!”

An Chen knelt down on one knee, sobbing.

“Thank you, Junior division master!”

Hearing the way he was addressed, Chen Chen felt a little awkward.

‘I’m not a junior division master at all. I’m the only disciple in the body refinement division anyway, there’s no point in that.’

“I shouldn’t delay any further. I’ll take Elders Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng to the last city now.”

Chen Chen stood up, looking stern and brave.

“Thank you, junior division master!” An Chen and An Ying bowed at the same time.

Without another word, Chen Chen turned around and left, leaving his back to them.

“System, is Xiao Wuyou nearby?”

Chen Chen continuously asked the system when he arrived above the Black Clouds City.

If an expert who was in the middle of the Nascent Soul realm wanted to hide, it’d be hard to find him, even for Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng.

However, Chen Chen was different. He had the system with him and as long as he flew back and forth in the Black Clouds City at low altitude while constantly asking the system, he would definitely find Xiao Wuyou so long as the latter was in the city.

After two hours, the system finally gave a different answer.

“28 meters below.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen immediately stopped.

There was a tavern below that was not upscale at all but it was crowded with customers and among them, there was a middle-aged man in white who was seated alone at a table sluggishly and drinking wine quietly, without the slightest spiritual energy fluctuation.

‘He looks just like an ordinary person.’

“Master is really in this city!”

Chen Chen was touched.

An Chen and An Ying did not understand Xiao Wuyou’s purpose for running around but as his disciple, Chen Chen definitely did.

Xiao Wuyou may be venting his anger on the surface but in fact, Xiao Wuyou had guessed that Chen Chen was trapped in the demon clan, so he went to all the big cities in the Dark State to look for him.

He also told the public that Chen Chen had accidentally died, for the sake of protecting Chen Chen.

Otherwise, if he claimed that Chen Chen had gone missing, and the demon clan suddenly had a new elite, the intelligent Zhou Renlong would definitely guess that it had something to do with the missing Tianyun Clan disciple.

With some investigation, he would be able to find the clue and by then, Chen Chen would be in trouble.

“Master has such good intentions..”

Looking at the despondent back, Chen Chen had mixed feelings and was suddenly speechless.

Although his master hadn’t taught him much, he was very nice to Chen Chen and during such a critical moment, he even came out to look for him.

Xiao Wuyou’s senses were acute and at this moment, his body froze. He turned around and saw Chen Chen who was hanging high in the air, wearing a hideous mask.

The two of them made eye contact silently.

One’s face and figure might change but the gaze in their eyes never would.

There was some shock and dismay in Xiao Wuyou’s eyes but he quickly concealed it with an icy cold gaze.

“Demon clan member! You ought to die!”

He hollered sternly and then stabbed Chen Chen with the thunderbolt sword.

There was instant chaos in the bustling street as the ordinary people of the city scattered in all directions.


Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan suddenly appeared from nowhere and blocked the thunderous sword.

“Xiao Wuyou, you actually attacked a junior, so much for being the head of a clan!”

Zhou Feng said coldly.

Chen Chen, on the other hand, quickly retreated before saying coldly, “Clan master Xiao, there are many mortals in this city, do you dare to go outside the city for a battle?”

Hearing his words, Xiao Wuyou laughed out loud and said, “You two are in the middle of the Nascent Soul realm and you have the audacity to challenge me to a fight outside. Kid, you actually can think of that!”

Hearing this, Chen Chen was speechless.

Life is like a show and it all depends on acting skills. Xiao Wuyou may be dull but during critical moments, his acting chops were wonderful.

While speaking, Xiao Wuyou’s thunderbolt sword darted towards Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan.

Since they were in the city, Zhou Shan and Zhou Feng dared not use their full strength, so they had to deal with it carefully lest they scared others.

Xiao Wuyou also has no intention of forcing the two of them so they simply fought perfunctorily.

Chen Chen watched the battle from afar and said loudly, “Clan master Xiao, now that the State of Jin is in turmoil and the Tianyun Clan is in danger, why not go back and preside over the clan!?!”

“The death of my disciple has made me furious and I can’t let go of this anger!” Xiao Wuyou hollered.

“The dead cannot be revived but the Tianyun Clan has a long legacy. Clan Master Xiao, can you bear to let the legacy of the Tianyun Clan cease? BEsides, the junior division master of the second division of my demon clan, Yuan Qingtian, also had his sea of consciousness destroyed by your disciple Chen Chen. If we really settle scores, we should deal with you first!”

Xiao Wuyou no longer said anything.

Seeing this, Chen Chen continued, “Clan Master Xiao, if you insist on making trouble for the demon clan, don

Xiao Wuyou’s body began to freeze.

Chen Chen struck while the iron was hot. “If Clan Master Xiao is willing to go, we are willing to make an effort to hold back the Wuxin Clan and buy time for the Tianyun Clan, White Tiger Clan, Vermilion Bird Clan, and the other clans!”

Hearing this, Xiao Wuyou suddenly lost his temper and hollered, “You want the Tianyun Clan to work with the demon clan!?!”

“Let me tell you, even if the Tianyun Clan is annihilated, we will never have anything to do with the demon clan!”

Chen Chen laughed and shook his head. “Why would the demon clan cooperate with you? We just want to attack the Wuxin Clan recently. Clan Master Xiao, what you do has nothing to do with the demon clan. Ah, I accidentally exposed important information. Clan Master Xiao, just pretend you didn’t hear it.”


Xiao Wuyou humphed coldly and left with his sword, soon disappearing in the distance.

Seeing this, Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan both retreated and looked at Chen Chen in bewilderment.

“Junior division master, I didn’t expect you to not only have excellent body refining talent, you’re so good at talking too.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen originally wanted to brag, but remembering his identity, his gaze turned icy cold again.

“Eloquence is not a big deal, please don’t take it to heart, Seniors. However, keeping the Wuxin Clan in check is indeed an urgent matter for the demon clan right now, so please, Seniors, follow me to State of Jin.”

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