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Chapter 115: Chapter 115: You Want To Return To The State of Jin?

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When the crowd heard Chen Chen’s words, they subconsciously looked at him once again.

It had been a long time since the body refinement division had any disciples. Now that one had suddenly appeared, and was very confident too, it attracted everyone’s attention.

After all, out of the twenty-three clan masters of the demon clan, nineteen of them had been from the body refinement lineage!

It was because a powerful physical cultivator would be impenetrable and capable of suppressing 36 clans with his own power!

The fifth-generation clan master retreated back into the crowd after hearing those words, clearly agreeing to let Chen Chen go first.


Chen Chen didn’t stand on ceremony either, walking towards the stage in the middle and soon arriving in front of Yuan Qingtian.

Looking at the elite, who had been laughing maniacally in the King City of the State of Jin ten days ago and later fought him again in a battle of wits and bravery, Chen Chen was emotional.

However, he did not have any sympathy for him.

The path to immortality was very brutal and only the strongest could survive. If not for the fact that he had lacked the chance back then, he would have killed Yuan Qingtian right away.

“I heard from the people in the clan that defeating you is something I used to dream about. Although I’m not interested in that now, I will still do my best to make up for it.”

Yuan Qingtian looked at the masked Chen Chen with a serious expression before his figure started disappearing.

Sensing the surroundings, Chen Chen was quite surprised.

He didn’t know if it was because Yuan Qingtian was full of ambition or not, but there was no fluctuation in his divine concealment technique; it was as if it had completely integrated into heaven and earth.

Of course, Chen Chen would be able to find him using the system, but Chen Chen wasn’t willing to do so.

If he had to use the system to fight Yuan Qingtian even after staying in the secret realm for ten days, wouldn’t he be unworthy of being an elite?

Just as he was thinking about this, a wave of spiritual energy fluctuation came from behind him.

Sensing it, Chen Chen became depressed, but at the same time, he gained more of an understanding about his abilities.

He didn’t do anything, simply letting Yuan Qingtian smack him on his back.

The ethereality erupted and a powerful force emanated while Yuan Qingtian fully displayed his half-step Golden core power. However, he could not shake Chen Chen at all.

The surrounding group of junior division masters began to look solemn.

However, before they could see anything clearly, a ray of golden light emanated from Chen Chen’s body and Yuan Qingtian flew away like a broken kite.

Seeing this scene, even Zhou Feng’s expression changed, not to mention those of the junior division masters.

‘Is the Heaven Seizing Immortality Technique really that powerful? It doesn’t make sense. Isn’t that a body refinement technique that is known for its immortality?’

‘Why is the combat power so strong?’

Chen Chen ignored the looks of shock on the people around him and slowly walked down the ring, the golden light on his body gradually dimming.

When he walked in front of Zhou Feng, he suddenly turned his head to look at the junior division masters, saying, “Gentlemen, when I go to the State of Jin to achieve greater things, I hope you will get ready for my return. I will accept your test when I come back. Don’t let me down.’

After saying those words, Chen Chen silently left with Zhou Feng.

At that moment, some people finally began discussing what had just occurred.

“The body refining lineage has produced another elite. I like it.”

“I never wanted to be a clan master anyway. Following behind an impressive expert is what makes me feel safe.”

Chen Chen returned to the mountain where the secret realm was located, feeling a little nervous because Zhou Renlong had heard everything that he had said.

“You want to become the young master of my demon clan?” Zhou Renlong asked indifferently.

“Clan Master, I will have to take this path in order to destroy the Wuxin Clan!” Chen Chen said in a firm tone, filled with determination.

However, what he wanted most in his heart was to flee as soon as possible, returning to the Tianyun Clan to continue being the successor.

Of course, he also knew that it was just wishful thinking. Now that he had obtained the legacy of the Lord Immortal Fiendgod, how could he leave the demon clan so easily?

He could only do so if the demon clan were fools.

“You want to take this opportunity to return to the State of Jin,” Zhou Renlong said calmly but the atmosphere in the mountain had already started becoming oppressive.

Chen Chen felt his heart beating wildly. It was not that he was nervous. Rather, Zhou Renlong was emitting an extremely powerful blood energy that made him feel terrible.

“Could it be that you are thinking of running away with the legacy?” Zhou Renlong continued to question in a different tone, making Chen Chen feel as if the air had fallen silent.

Hearing his words, Chen Chen suppressed his discomfort and denied, “Clan Master, I don’t have an elixir field, and who else in this world will accept me except for the body refining lineage? In my eyes, the demon clan is my only way out, and the place where I will always serve in the future!”

As soon as he said that, the pressure in the mountain subsided and Zhou Renlong suddenly laughed.

“Haha! You don’t have to be so nervous. Even if you yearn to go back to the State of Jin in your heart, that’s normal. After all, it’s your hometown.

“However, you are right about something. The demon clan is the only way out for you, and I hope that you will always remember that. Well, your longing for the State of Jin is very simple to resolve. In the future, just conquer it.”

After saying that, Zhou Renlong stared straight at Chen Chen, who did not avoid his gaze, instead appearing very calm.

“Clan Master, other disciples may not be able to do it, but the Wuxin Clan destroyed my elixir field, so I definitely have to kill them!”

“Okay, I believe you.”

Zhou Renlong stopped looking at Chen Chen and once again restored his dejected and listless appearance, seemingly having dispelled his doubts.

The next moment, he looked into the darkness again.

“Zhou Shan, you come out too.

After he said that, another old man in black walked out. His cultivation level was above the Nascent Soul realm, similar to that of Zhou Feng’s.

“Starting from today, you and Zhou Feng are to ensure Zhang Chen’s safety at all times.”

Hearing those words, Chen Chen thought to himself that the clan master was a sly old fox!

On the surface, he trusted him, but he secretly sent two Nascent Soul realm cultivators to keep tabs on him!

‘I’m just a cultivator who may or may not be considered to be in the Core Formation realm. Must you make such a big deal out of it?!’

Zhou Renlong did not care how Chen Chen felt, continuing to speak, “Zhang Chen, I can understand that you want to go to the State of Jin to build a career and contribute to the demon clan, so as to fight for a chance for a test, but you’ve only been cultivating for a short while. You are still inexperienced. It won’t be too much for me to send two Nascent Soul realm cultivators to protect you, will it?”

“Of course not. With two Nascent Soul realm elders by my side, I’ll be better equipped! Thank you for your love, Clan Master!” Chen Chen exclaimed, going against his conscience.

With two Nascent Soul realm elders accompanying him, he would be safe, but that would also make it impossible for him to go back to the Tianyun Clan and be a successor.

“I knew you would say that, but before you go, you have to take Elder Zhou Feng and Elder Zhou Shan to do an important task. If you do well, you can go to the State of Jin.”

Zhou Renlong then frowned, seemingly having remembered something.

“Clan Master, feel free to tell me what it is, and I will do my best to complete it.”

Chen Chen stretched out a hand and assured him.

Seeing this, Zhou Renlong nodded slightly.

“Xiao Wuyou, the Clan Master of the Tianyun Clan, is now in the State of Zhou. Go help the second division find him, and then let Zhou Feng and Zhou Shan kick him out of the State of Zhou. Remember, you must not kill him. The Wuxin Clan will be upset. He must be alive, understand?”


Hearing his master’s name, Chen Chen’s eyes glistened.

He suddenly lowered his head to hide the gleam in his eyes, stating, “I understand!”

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